BIBS Infobyte: Sep 29, 2017

Whole School:   We extend our warmest holiday greetings to the Beanstalk community and wish you all a very happy family reunion on the Mid-Autumn Festival and a very relaxing and safe Chinese National Day holiday!   We will see you all again on October 9th, 2017!   Upper East Side Campus:   International School Library Month– UES […]

BIBS Infobyte: Sep 22, 2017

Whole School:   Dear all, we congratulate all our students, parents and teachers for another excellent and focused week in the new school year.  We also look forward to embracing our Mid-Autumn culture week ahead and exploring with you the origin and the cultural significance of this traditional Chinese festival.  Have a great weekend and […]

BIBS Infobyte: Sep 15, 2017

Whole School: Dear all please find the school updates below for your reference.  We wish all of you a very relaxing weekend! Upper East Side Campus: Fire Drill- The week before last, UES executed a fire drill, all students, teachers, support staff, parents and visitors evacuated the building quickly and quietly; then congregated in the designated […]

BIBS Infobyte: Sep 8, 2017

 Whole School: We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our BIBS teachers all the best for Sunday 10th September, the celebrated Teachers’ Day in China, and thank you for being extraordinary, dedicated, compassionate, and inspirational.  We wish you all a great weekend! Upper East Side Campus: G1 Parent Tea and Coffee Meeting– This […]

BIBS Infobyte: Sep 1, 2017

  Whole School: We would like to congratulate all students, parents and teachers for another excellent, energized and focused week accomplished in the new school year.  It is wonderful to see such a spirit of togetherness and enthusiasm at our school.  You have earned yourselves some good rest this coming weekend.  We look forward to […]

BIBS Infobyte: Aug 25, 2017

Whole School: Congratulations to all students, teachers, staff and parents for another week of excellent work at BIBS! It is exciting to see all students settling down socially and academically in the past week.  We would like all parents to stay abreast of all school updates and take all possible meetings and events to gain […]

BIBS Infobyte: Aug 18, 2017

Whole School: Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year and congratulations to your completion of the orientation week! It is exciting to see all students and teachers refreshed, renewed and ready to get back to some serious learning and work.  Let’s check it out what’s happening within the first week of the new school year at […]

BIBS Infobyte: Jun 16, 2017

Whole School: Dear all, we thank all teachers, students and parents for another week of excellent support and active involvement in vibrant school activities.  It is time again to share with you the following weekly updates from our campuses in Beijing. We wish you and your families a very relaxing weekend. Upper East Side Campus: […]

BIBS Infobyte: Jun 2, 2017

Whole School: This week has been a short but equally vibrant and busy one at BIBS. It’s the time of year when students are preparing for their end of year exams.  As witnesses of the students’ tremendous hard work over the past school year, we look forward confidently to seeing their achievements.  In the meantime, […]

BIBS Infobyte: May 26, 2017

Whole School: 2017 Dragon Boat Festival is coming next week.  It is that time of the year to spare a thought for the Chinese poet and statesman Qu Yuan and his poetic and spiritual legacy while we munch some tasty Zong Zi with friends and family and get a chance to watch a Dragon boat […]

BIBS Infobyte: May 19, 2017

Whole School: Thank you all for your commitment, constructive comments, and constant support for BIBS.  It has been a total joy to see all our students engaging in our productive learning and exploring of the world around us.  We also cordially invite you and your family to join us at tomorrow’s BIBS 2017 Family Fun […]

BIBS Infobyte: May 12, 2017

Whole School: We congratulate our students for their incredible efforts this week in every BIBS academic, athletic and social activity they got involved.  We are so proud of you! Please make sure that you all refresh and renew over this coming weekend.  We look forward to embracing another week of excellence and fun with you […]