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BIBS Infobyte: Apr 21, 2017

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Whole School: Dear all, we thank all teachers, students and parents for another week of excellent support and active involvement in all our school activities.  We would like to share with the following weekly updates from our campuses in Beijing. We hope you and your families enjoy a relaxing weekend.    Upper East Side Campus: […]

BIBS Infobyte: Apr 14, 2017

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Whole School:  Dear all, we are pleased to see all our students returning to school this week fully energies after a wonderful Spring Break.  We would like to share with the following weekly updates from our campuses in Beijing.  We also look forward to having you at our Shunyi Campus for the BIBS revival of […]

BIBS Infobyte: Mar 31, 2017


Whole School: Dear parents, we congratulate our students for an excellent half-term.  Our school closes for the Spring Break on Friday 31st March following the ASA’s. We will reopen on April 10th, Monday.  We wish our students a fun, healthy, safe and reading Spring Break.  See you all in April! Upper East Side Campus: Wow! […]

BIBS Infobyte: Mar 24, 2017


Whole School: Dear parents, we are just one more week to go before the Spring Break holiday from April 1st to 9th, 2017.  We will have the exciting UES Campus Spring Show this coming Saturday and another dynamic week of activities next week.  We do hope that you enjoy the show and have a great […]

BIBS Infobyte: Mar 10, 2017


Whole School: Dear parents, we thank you for your great support through another busy and dynamic week at Beanstalk.  We are keen to share with you all the following exciting school updates and forthcoming events with you.  Kindly also note that parents would need to make arrangements for your children as we will be having […]

BIBS Infobyte: Mar 3, 2017


Whole School: There is always plenty to report for another typical Beanstalk week which is active with preparations and rehearsals, tournaments, and learning activities. We hope that you get ready for a warm and sunny weekend.  Now without further ado, we give you all the updates from our campuses! Upper East Side Campus: 1. WeChat, […]

BIBS Infobyte: Feb 24, 2017


Whole School: We thank our students, parents and teachers for another active week of excellent hard work and endeavor to excel in all aspects of school life.  Have a good weekend and we will see you all next week. Upper East Side Campus: 1.School Uniform- Parents and students are reminded that BIBS is a uniform […]

BIBS Infobyte: Jan 13, 2017


Whole School: As we bid goodbye to a week of blue sky and warm winter sunshine, let’s also get ready for a round of end-of-term activities next week including the parent and teacher meetings as well as for the preparations of celebrations at various campuses for the Chinese New Year.  See you all next week! […]

BIBS Infobyte: Feb 17, 2017


Whole School: A very warm welcome back to everyone.  We are happy to see that our students are getting back into the school routine after the winter break with a positive attitude.  We look forward to another excellent semester of learning at Beanstalk.  Have a nice weekend and see you all next week. Upper East […]

BIBS Infobyte: Jan 24, 2017


Whole School: We wish you all a safe, joyful and fruitful winter holidays.  Do enjoy the Chinese New Year with your family and friends.  We look forward to seeing you all back at Beanstalk in mid-February! Upper East Side Campus: 1、Donations Welcome: Chinese New Year is a time when we often get given or buy […]

BIBS Infobyte: Jan 20, 2017


Whole School: Here we are in the final week of the first semester.  We would like to congratulate all our students for great efforts to be the best they can be on all fronts in the past several months!  We also would like to thank our wonderful teachers and administrative staff as well as parents […]

BIBS Infobyte: Jan 6, 2017


Whole School: Dear all, welcome back to BIBS and a Happy New Year to all of you.  We would like to wish our students good luck in their examinations this week.  We also advise you to take protective measures and reduce outdoor activities in the recent smog attack in town.  But do rest assured that […]