Parental Reading Aloud at BIBS

BIBS encourages and celebrates the love of reading among its students through all our campuses. Bringing parent volunteers into the classroom to read aloud books to students is one magic wand that BIBS employs to turn reluctant readers into engaged ones. This is one of the many endeavors BIBS makes in the new school year […]

BIBS Speaker Series: Positive Discipline for Happy and Successful Children

Coming Up: Speaker: Ms. Dodie Blomberg M.Ed, Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, Adler Trained Coach from Arizona, USA. Topic: “Positive Discipline”-Joint Efforts of Schools and Parents Make Happy and Successful Children Date: September 8, Thursday, 2016 Time: 13:30-16:00 Venue: Auditorium, 2nd Floor, BIBS UES Campus Address: No.6 North East 4th Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing […]

Kindergarten Readiness (Part I)

Entering a kindergarten marks the first step into a formal education for a child and it may bring many changes in a child’s life and the life of their family.  As soon as a child reaches the age of two which is an acceptable age to register for an international kindergarten in China, his or […]

BIBS Chengdu Campus Officially Opens

BIBS Chengdu Campus is now officially open. BIBS is all ready to hear your understanding and expectations and care for the overall development of your children. We sincerely invite you to be a member of the loving and caring BIBS family and together we will make our education dreams come true! BIBS commits to build […]

PTA Library Volunteers – You are wanted!

At BIBS, we believe that a child’s progress and development is best achieved within a community built upon a solid partnership between home and school. The dedication of our parents is the strong cornerstone for the partnership and makes BIBS an even greater place. The Shunyi Campus library volunteers are one of these wonderful parent […]

BIBS Speaker Series:Getting to Know BSA and Its Summit Bechtel Reserve

Have you ever wondered what kind of an organization the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is? What does a boy scout or a girl scout learn from his or her scouting activities and how does it contribute to their personal development? Why do Americans take so much pride in their childhood scouting experience? For Chinese […]

The Beanstalk Education Group Sprouts in Nanjing

On May 12, 2016, the Beanstalk Education Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Pukou District Education Commission in Nanjing to officially launch BIBS Nanjing Campus and therefore bringing a unique education option for the local community in Nanjing, capital of the affluent and modern Jiangsu Province. Nanjing has long been a major cultural, educational, […]

CB viewpoints:Confirming BIBS’ focus on learning

[Editor’s Note] April has been another busy month for BIBS. Last week, we hosted two WASC visitors at both BIBS UES and Shunyi campuses. In addition, we will have two members of the IB verification team at UES on April 28-29. You may ask, “What benefits does seeking accreditation from bodies such as WASC and […]

Traveling With a Snail

I was planning to take Elijah for a long journey. I listed five pages of precautions and possible scenarios to prevent any mishaps from occurring. It should be a 100% safe, I thought, but I know in my heart that the only uncertainty of every family trip is my little mischievous, slow snail.   Elijah […]

It’s Almost Show Time! UES Musical Production-Mar 26

After relaxing holiday, the new term has come. After two weeks, our quiet campus has returned to its vitality with children’s lovely faces and loads of laughter. March in Beijing is showing its typical vicissitude – warm some days and then cold winter comes back with force. If you observe carefully, you will see the […]

BIBS Women Receive Special TCM & TCL Reward

Tuesday, March 8th marked this year’s International Women’s Day. Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS) Shunyi Campus partnered with Beijing New Century Harmony Clinic and provided high quality medical services including free massages and Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) services for all female BIBS staff and PTA members—to show great appreciation for their many contributions to our […]

Announcement to Shunyi Parents

March 5th, 2016 尊敬的各位家长朋友们: 草长莺飞二月天,拂堤杨柳醉春烟。在这春融万物的时节,青苗教育集团陪伴着成长的孩子们一起不断发展,生机勃勃。这个春天,春桃报喜,青苗教育集团再次补充高级管理团队成员,在各自合适的校区,秉承“爱、关心、支持”,与教职工和家长们一起,为孩子们的美好未来而努力。 自2016年3月7日起,顺义校区校长John Cushing先生将调任昆明地区总校长一职,全面负责管理从幼儿园、小学和初高中的新校区。担任顺义校区校长期间,John Cushing先生在教育教学和团队建设方面做出了卓有成效的贡献。我们对此表示衷心的感谢! 同时,Nathan Pope先生将接任顺义校区校长。他拥有美国教育方向博士学位,熟悉美中文化、中英文流利,是一位著名的双语国际教育顾问和专家。曾先后担任旧金山国际学校校长、广州国际学校校长。他还担任国际文凭(IB)组织的顾问、认证员、培训师及研讨会领导者,对于IB理念以及如何办好IB学校有着丰富经验。 我们也欢迎Michael Chan先生成为青苗大家庭的重要成员。Michael先生出生于香港,成长于美国,曾在香港和中国大陆的多所国际学校担任高级职务,拥有超过28年的校长和学校管理经验,必将为青苗的发展做出重要贡献。 我们相信,通过新成员的加入,我们的教育教学团队将会更加成熟、优秀,必将为孩子们提供更加优质的双语国际教育! 感谢你们始终不遗余力地为青苗教育发展献计献策、支持我、鼓励我,就让这携手前行的信念和力量始终激励我们一起把属于孩子们的未来建设得更加美好! Dearest Beanstalk Parents: As Beanstalk Education Group continues to grow, and with the opening of our new Kunming Campus, the school board wishes to announce a few structural changes to our Senior Leadership Team. These changes focus on our continual commitment to […]