IB Learner Profile Exploration Series – Session 5: Principled

The first month of the New Year was a very busy month for BIBS students and teachers. With the Spring Festival holiday approaching, and the first semester of the school year coming to an end, students were busy with exams while teachers were busy with student reports. Regardless of their focus, both teachers and students […]

BIBS Speaker Series: Dr. Terry Qian

On Thursday and Friday morning, January 22 and 23, BIBS Associate Director Dr. Terry Qian gave an excellent presentation entitled “Bear’s Paw & Fish: A  Gently Biased Comparison of Contemporary Chinese and Western Education” to BIBS families and the greater Beijing community at our UES and Shunyi campuses. The presentations were the first ones of the BIBS Speaker […]

Let Children Grow Quietly

This article is  based on Dr. Qian’ Speaker Series presentation, Bear’s Paw & Fish: A Gently Biased Comparison of Chinese and Western Education (part 1). See the original text on page A22, Beijing Youth Daily, Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015.

John McBryde Wins “International Talent” Award

The accolades keep coming in! This month, BIBS Director John McBryde was presented with the “Chaoyang International Talent” award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to international education practice and persistent service during the “Beijing Chaoyang Talents’ Committee Meeting.” Five years ago, Beijing’s Chaoyang District launched the Phoenix Project, a program targeting top talents both, […]

Meet the Principal: Meet Caleb Archer from BIBS

Meet the Principal/Headmaster is a new BeijingKids blog series designed to give the Beijing community a better understanding of who our education leaders are in our city. Click to view.


Middle School Times reported the big opening of BIBS’ new campus in Shunyi (Pre-K – Grade 12) and a foundation ceremony of Beanstalk International Bilingual School Branch of Students English News Agency was held. Seen in Middle School Times sponsored by Beijing Youth Daily, September 16th 2014, Issue 1125, page 5

Artwork from BIK Wanghu Students

Beanstalk International Kindergarten – Wanghu Campus student artwork are presented in Beijingkids. See the original publication in Beijingkids, November 2014 edition, page 46.

A Food Revolution at BIBS

  In May, 47 Beanstalk International Bilingual School students capped off a week of cooking activities. Seen in City Weekend Parents & Kids Beijing, June 19- Aug.13, 2014, page 10