One Education does not fit all: All Students are “ Special”

Author: Mr. Jose Tapia The Chinese version of this article was published on October 20’s Beijing Youth Daily in A8 page. Below is the english original version.  In order to have a better understanding of where I’m coming from, let me first introduce myself. My name is Jose Tapia, and I’m a Learning Support Specialist […]

A look at a BIBS Dongrun Education

The original Chinese version was published on July 21st ‘s Beijing Youth Daily located in A1. Please refer to the scanned picture as below.

Start From Here: BIBS DongRun Campus Curriculum Development

Based on the initiative of BIBS’ Founder Kathy Shi, the Beanstalk Education Group’s new Dongrun Campus provides a bilingual K-6 curriculum with a 70% concentration on Chinese language and 30% English. What’s more, the campus boasts an elite leadership team and a group of qualified foreign and Chinese teachers with rich teaching experience. Drawing upon […]

Meet the Teacher: Julie Bond from BIBS

Meet the Teacher is a new BeijingKids blog series designed to give the Beijing community a better understanding of who our educators are in our city. Click the image to view the original text.

From “Plastic Children” to “Tech Heros”

This story is about how BIBS help children to learn and develop IT skills while keeping a colorful and balanced life. See the original article on Beijing Youth Daily, April 28 2015, Issue 9710, Page A10.

Learning How to Learn- Creating 21st Century Learners

The following article is written by BIBS MYP coordinator Mr. Terry Linton. The Chinese version was published on April, 14’s Beijing Youth Daily A15 (please find it at the bottom). “When the MYP (Middle Years Programme) was first conceived in 1980, the driving force at the heart of all thinking was the development of learning […]

BIBS Reaches Telesur

  Click the above image to view the full coverage of BIBS on Telesur. The content is translated by Enrique Eddy as followed. For several years a Group of top international schools in China has been forming Chinese, Latin American, African and European students from a very early age giving them the tools to become conscious […]

BIBS Traditional Chinese Cultural Performances

The LittleStar reported Beanstalk International Bilingual School’s Chinese New Year performances by the students and local artists. See the original text on page 71, LittleStar, March 2015.  

BIBS Reaches Latin America

Beijing 4 March (PL) Ecuadorian students donated books from their country to Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS) during an official act in which Ecuador’s Ambassador Jose Maria Borja also donated books to the library of this school. The standing members of the Board of the school who thank the students and the Ecuadorian Government for […]