Our seven kindergartens centers: five in Chaoyang District in Beijing and one on Changping District and one on Nanjing , Throughout its expansion, the Beanstalk Education Group has held true to its core values and educational philosophy, providing engaging and balanced international curricula in supportive and stimulating environments, encouraging our students to develop as bilingual, multi-cultural and globally-minded individuals.


BIK – Solana Campus
BIK Solana CampusBuilding 16, No. 6 Chaoyang Park Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100000
Tel: +86-10-5905-6700
Email: solana@bibs.com.cn
Beanstalk International Kindergarten – Solana Campus has been offering a high quality, international early childhood program for children aged 2-6 since 1993. The Solana campus runs a full immersion English program in well-equipped and resourced classrooms with native English speaking teachers. Children at BIK Solana have opportunities for learning both inside and outside the classroom and take regular excursions to places of interest related to the curriculum focus. Parents are involved in the school through PTA and regular parent meetings.


BIK – Wanda Campus

BIK - Wanda

Building 7, Wanda Plaza No. 93 Jianguo Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022
Tel: +86-010-5960-3887 / +86-010-5960-3997
Email: wanda@bibs.com.cn
The BIK Wanda Campus is in the heart of the city and is conveniently located on public transport lines. All children are able to experience a variety of daily and after school activities in large modern classrooms in a 50/50 immersion situation using a unique modern approach to retaining native language whilst acquiring English as a second language. Regular excursions related to the curriculum are taken to extend children’s learning beyond the classroom.


BIK – Wanghu Campus

Wanghu 望湖

No. 51 North Wangjing Road (next to Park Service)
Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: +86-010-6478-4166
Email: wanghu@bibs.com.cn
Beanstalk International Kindergarten Wanghu Campus is right next to the beautiful Wanghu Park in Chaoyang District. Set in this beatutiful area, the Wanghu Campus provides early childhood education for chil-dren aged between 2 to 6 years old. Our kindergarten has excellent facilities with both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. In addition to providing a diverse education program, monthly field trips and enrichment programs after school make Wanghu a great choice.


BIK – Yangshan Campus
Yangshan30 Anli Road, Building 7 East Gate A, Yangshan Park Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 86-10-6430-4594 / 6430-4493
Email: yangshan@bibs.com.cn
Beanstalk International Kindergarten Yangshan Campus is a bilingual kindergarten located by the east gate of the beautiful Yangshan Park, across the road from Olympic Park. The kindergarten provides bright, spacious well-equipped classrooms with small class sizes and a resource rich environment. Yangshan features a large playground with age-appropriate equipment, a well-stocked library and a large separate indoor area for meals, parent meetings and indoor activities. Extracurricular activities offered include cooking, science, Tae Kwon Do, art and music.


Changqingteng Campus
ChangQingTengNo.4 Dongba, Nanyijie, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: +86-010-8537-9659
Email: changqingteng@bibs.com.cn
Beanstalk Kindergarten – Changqingteng Campus is located in the Changqingteng community in DongBa District, Beijing’s future fourth Embassy area. The campus covers an area of more than 5000 square meters and includes a wide outdoor activity space that providing a great environment for exploration. Open to children from 2-6 years old, Changqingteng teaches mostly in Chinese, but includes English lessons within its curriculum to support children’s oral English development.


BIK – Shunyi Campus

Address: 101, No. 21, Liyuan Street, Shunyi District, Beijing, 101312
Tel: 13161180383/(+8610)64565931
Email: biksy@bibs.com.cn
Beanstalk International Kindergarten – Shunyi Campus provides high quality international pre-school curriculum for 2-6 years old children. Shunyi campus is an international kindergarten, adopting English immersion course with all day teaching by foreign teachers. Using the western open teaching method, Shunyi Campus encourages children to ask questions, learn actively and pays attention to the cultivation of children’s creativity, independence, inquiry ability and national consciousness, thus enhances children’s love for national culture, Chinese feelings and international perspective.


BIK -Yiyuan Campus

Address: Building 15, zone 1, Beijingjing Yiyuan, No. 16, Reservoir Road, Changping District, Beijing, 102299
Tel: +86-010-8973-9200  /  +86-010-8973-9300
Email: Changping@bibs.com.cn
Beanstalk International Kindergarten – Yiyuan campus is located in Beijing Yiyuan of Changping District. It has fresh air and pleasant environment. Hardware facilities will reflect the high quality of Beanstalk. The whole campus adopt the fresh air system , has 3M drinking water straight into the classroom, and is equipped with cooking classes, configuration piano classrooms, multi-purpose classrooms and indoor and outdoor venues and other facilities. Teaching by foreign teachers all day, Yiyuan campus provide a language environment with 70% English and 30% Chinese for 2~6 years old children, let Chinese traditional culture and Western culture perfectly fused. Our professional teaching team and the Internationalized curriculum system, encourage children to make discovery in exploration, grow in cooperation and eventually become young social citizens with international vision. We provide high-quality international bilingual education services for the community, meet the needs of International Education for Changping District, and explore a new model of bilingual education for Changping District and Beijing area.


BIK -Kunming campus:

Address: Building 151, Zhonghedongyuan, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunan, 650000
Tel: +86-0871-67498935
Email: ChengGong@bibs.com.cn
Beanstalk International Kindergarten – Kunming campus is located in the residential area of Zhonghedongyuan of Chenggong District in the beautiful capital of Yunnan – Kunming city, where it has the blue sky and white clouds, red flowers and green grass, pleasant climate and fresh air. The kindergarten is equipped with cooking room, piano room, library, multi-purpose hall, indoor and outdoor venues and other facilities. We provide immersion English courses by foreign teachers and special English courses for children aged 2-6, foster the development and practice of children’s language. The rich Chinese teaching activities, let Chinese traditional culture and Western culture perfectly fused. Our professional teaching team and the Internationalized curriculum system, encourage children to make discovery in exploration, grow in cooperation with our love, care and support.


BIK -Chengmai Campus

Address: A06, Fuli Mangrove Bay, Dafeng Town, Chengmai County, Hainan,571900
Tel: +86-0898-3696-7866
Email: chengmai@bibs.com.cn
Chengmai kindergarten is located in Fuli Mangrove Bay in Chengmai county of Hainan Province. With negative oxygen ion is as high as 9000, it is a “natural oxygen bar”. Besides, it has a wetland park, the landlord manor, happy farm and other colorful outdoor teaching venues, natural and free education environment around. The beautiful kindergarten is equipped with independent sleep rooms, to create a healthy, safe living environment for children. We provide a bilingual teaching program with 50% English and 50% Chinese for 2-6 years old children. With full love, care and support, our monthly regular outdoor teaching activity, let the children learn in playing, get happy in learning.

BIK – Nanjing Campus (In progress)
Email: nanjing@bibs.com.cn

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