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Telephone, Fax & Email

BIBS Upper East Side (K-6)
Tel: +86 (10) 5130-7951
Email: Shunyi Campus (K-12)
Tel: +86(10)6456-0618
Email: Dongrun Campus (K-6)
Tel: +86(10)8456-6019
Email: Kunming Campus (K-12)
Tel: +86(871)6747-8668
Email: Chengdu Campus (K-12)
Tel: +86(28)8295-9863
BIK Solana Campus (K)
Tel: (+8610) 5905-6700
Email:          BIK Wanda Campus (K)
Tel: (+8610) 5960-3887
Email:          BIK Shunyi Campus (K)
Tel: 13161180383/(+8610)64565931
Email:    Wanghu Campus (K)
Tel: +86 (010) 6478-4166
+86 (+8610) 6478-4266
BIK Yiyuan Campus (K)
Tel: +86 (010) 8973-9200/ 8973-9300
Email:   BIK Yangshan Campus (K)
Tel: (+8610) 6430-4594
Changqingteng Campus (K)
Tel: (+8610) 8537-9659