Home and school partnership

A child’s progress and development is best achieved within a community built upon a solid partnership between home and school. With the support of the BIBS Parent Teacher Association (PTA), BIBS is able to offer opportunities for learning and growth that extend far beyond the bounds of the classroom. Equally important, the BIBS PTA works tirelessly to develop the bonds that hold the BIBS community together. Whether it be through organizing an event, supporting a guest speaker, or giving feedback, the BIBS’ PTA is an important player in our students’ education.


Q: What kind of organization is the PTA? 

A:“PTA” stands for Parent Teacher Association, and follows the principles of Communication, Collaboration and Community. The purpose of the organization is to build up and promote communication between parents and the school, as well as amongst parents, so that we can work together to help the school improve in various perspectives, building up a community spirit so that the children can grow into international citizens of confidence, respect, self-improvement and independence.

Q: The structure of PTA?

A: The PTA has an executive committee, consisting of a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and other committee members. The mission of the Executive Committee is to assist and coordinate the work of parent representatives and parent working groups. The executive committee communicates regularly with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and assists with school improvement where possible.

Q:Can I join PTA? How can I join?
A:Every BIBS parent is automatically a PTA member and there is no need to follow any special process to join. There are working groups, class representatives and volunteers, who are all enthusiastic parents. We encourage parents who want to contribute to the organization to join us by scanning the QR code posted on PTA bulletin boards.

Q:What do parent volunteers do? Do volunteers have to participant in each activity? 
A:Volunteer participation is crucial for PTA activities and working groups, but there is no requirement for volunteers to participate in each activity or working group. We understand that everyone has to balance family and work, so we will issue notice ahead of time for each activity and recruit volunteers specifically for those activities. There is no mandatory obligation and it is not a long-term commitment. We appreciate your participation as well as your attention, which encourages us a lot!

Q:What do parent representatives do? How can I become a parent representative?
A:Parent representatives create a channel between parents and the Executive Committee. Parent representatives communicate with class parents to encourage a positive class community. Parent representatives report to the Executive Committee for any group opinions or suggestions. In addition, parent representatives encourage class parents to cooperate with their home teacher and recruit other volunteers.

Q:I have comments for school education, can I raise such comments through the PTA?

A:BIBS is a professional education institution which has its own educational system and philosophies. These educational systems and concepts are based on long-term study by professional educators and are the accumulation of experience. It is quite possible that these systems and concepts are not 100% consistent with that of some parents. In such scenarios, we suggest parents to communicate with BIBS Educational Leadership directly. As for group opinions on education, we can help by passing on such opinions to the school.

Q:I have comments on items other than education, can I raise such comments through the PTA? 
A:We welcome all group opinions and suggestions. We deliver group opinions to relevant BIBS department and coordinate and assist in order to generate solutions. Please understand that due to the limitation of the PTA’s working scope as well as our capability, we cannot resolve every problem. However, we will endeavor ourselves to resolve your concerns. Additionally, the PTA will focus on its own duties when working with school management.