Since it was established in 1993, The Beanstalk Education Group has grown from one kindergarten to a full Pre-K – Grade 12 school. Our K-12 program, the BIBS Division, runs across two campuses in Beijing’s Chaoyang, and Shunyi districts. These two campuses serve approximately 800 students and offer all three International Baccaluareate (IB) Programmes.

BIBS Upper East Side (UES) Elementary School (K-6)
UESNo.6 North East 4th Ring Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016
Tel: 86-10-5130-7951
Fax: 86-10-5130-7946
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The BIBS Upper East Side Campus has purpose-built facilities including large and fully-resourced classrooms, specified classrooms for ESL and Chinese culture class, a modern library and a range of support facilities. Support facilities include a full iMac computer suite ICT lab, dance studios, athletic track, soccer field, multi-purpose room, and a separate playground for our Reception classes. By providing excellent resources for our students, we aim to create the most conducive learning environment possible. Contact us today for a tour!

BIBS Shunyi Campus (K-12)
BIBS ShunyiNo.15 Liyuan Jie TianZhu County Shunyi District, Beijing, 100000
Tel: 86-10-6456-0618
Fax: 86-10-6456-0618

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The BIBS Shunyi Campus opened in August, 2014 as the new home for our Middle and High School students. The campus features large, bright classrooms customized using a modern approacd to classroom design with vertical whiteboards, pinboards and digital projector. Chinese culture is fused with western education philosophy throughout our curriculum as it is in the classrooms that feature large graphics highlighting Chinese cultural heroes and expressions. The campus also boasts a video studio, two libraries, indoor and outdoor sports and play areas, a dance and drama studio, cafe areas and a green screen video studio!

BIBS Dongrun Campus (K-6)
BIBS DongrunNo.38, Nan Shiliju, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100016
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Part of the Beanstalk Education Group, BIBS Dongrun Campus is a Kindergarten-Grade 6 Elementary School offering bilingual education on a 70% Chinese/ 30% English basis. Near the East 4th Ring Road, Lufthansa Business Center, and Embassy District, our school provides customized education based on the Chinese National Curriculum, delivered with international teaching methodologies. The Dongrun program offers Chinese families, parents and students flexibility in their educational futures. Upon graduation from the Dongrun program, students can continue in one of the BIBS IB programmes or return to Chinese public school.

BIBS Kunming Campus (Pre-K – Grade12)
56Building 985, Yongzheng Street, Chenggong District, Kunming, 650500
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A new addition to the Beanstalk Educational Group, BIBS Kunming Campus opens as a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 Elementary School and will begin enrollment for August 2016 Middle and Senior sections. BIBS Kunming is the first IB international bilingual school in Kunming. Offering a unique bilingual education founded upon the philosophies and principles of the International Baccalaureate, the beautiful and modern campus is located in the new district of Chenggong, Kunming with a capacity of 1200 students. The campus features large, bright classrooms customized using a modern approach to classroom design with vertical whiteboards, pinboards and digital projector. BIBS Kunming provides students with safe and fun facilities  including two libraries, a dance and music classroom, a art classroom, indoor and outdoor sports and play areas, cafe areas.
The BIBS Kunming curriculum frameworks and educational philosophies continue to embrace the Chinese National Curriculum standards in Language and Mathematics while structured within the IB frameworks. Drawing upon the best of classical and modern education, infusing Eastern and Western cultures by applying an international approach.

BIBS Chengdu Campus (K-12)
122212Building 351, Honghe Road, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, 610000
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