Going Beyond: BIBS’ Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

Beijing Opera - 京剧

Beijing Opera – 京剧

The dynamic classroom learning environment at BIBS is only one aspect of the complete education students receive at our school. Extending outside the classroom, students participate in structured, purposeful activities designed to help develop students personally, socially and physically.

Performances & Celebrations
In addition to the large-scale performance put on each year by BIBS students for our parents (the BIBS Spring Show), BIBS students are regularly involved in local performances in the community, giving plenty of opportunities for self expression and developing self-confidence. Moreover, with an eye to celebrating diversity and understanding, BIBS also celebrates Chinese and International festivals such as Chinese New Year, International Food Day and United Nations Day. These festivals and others give students and their parents opportunities to learn more about the international community in which we live and to have fun at the same time!

Field Trips

Throughout the school year, students will take part in one-day and residential excursions designed to instil a spirit of adventure and encourage key elements of teamwork and leadership in our students. These excursions compliment and supplement the normal curriculum and can be great cultural experiences. Past student trips to Xi’an, Guilin and Inner-Mongolia offered students opportunities to experience the rich culture of China, to develop independence and responsibility, all while making connections and applying previous learning.

After School Activities (ASAs)

BIBS offers an extensive After School Activities (ASA) program offering our students the opportunity to take extend themselves in language, sport, the arts, or other creative pursuits they choose. We encourage all our students to take part in ASAs as activities chosen outside the classroom oftentimes create lasting memories and help develop whole, well-rounded students.

Schedule & Seasons:

After School Activities start after school each day at 4:00pm typically run until 5pm. Students who normally take the bus and chose to participate in ASAs can take the ASA bus home at 5:05pm. Students at the upper grades may take part in activities that run longer into the evening or even weekends. Students are encouraged to be practical when making their ASA selections in order to maintain balance.

Extra Language Opportunities

For students interested in extra English or Chinese practice, BIBS offers language extension classes at both campuses. These classes integrate structured learning and practice with games, activities and reading for a well-rounded and enjoyable supplemental language learning experience.


Promoting physical activity and wellbeing, as well as healthy competition, school spirit and teamwork, the BIBS sports program is open to all students in Grade 1 and above. BIBS regularly offers soccer, basketball, swimming, yoga, gymnastics, tennis, badminton and table tennis, with sports offerings vary by season. BIBS teams also take part in inter-school sports competitions, and the school is an active member in JISAC (Junior International Schools Athletic Conference).

Music & Performance

Through the arts, students refine skills used throughout the rest of their lives. Augmenting music and drama that is part of the curriculum, BIBS students can choose to , Each year, students at all grade levels participate in a grand production – the BIBS Spring Show – a grand production showcasing acting, dancing and singing in a live performance for the entire BIBS Community.

Extended Opportunities

Sometimes all students want is to be able to kick back and relax. To meet this very real and important need, BIBS offers ASA classes that are both fun and constructive. Lego, Crazy Science and Chinese chess help develop students’ critical thinking and logic, cooking classes promote co-operation and teach practical cooking skills as well as food safety and our music programs give students a chance to try out a new instrument and express their artistic side.

Summer Programs

Every July BIBS runs a summer learning and adventure program, designed to provide additional English or Chinese study combined with lots of fun activities. BIBS Summer Programs are open to children from any school or kindergarten, from age 2-16. We welcome children at any level of language development and assess all students ensure that they are placed in appropriate language classes.

Our fun, yet balanced study programs involve periods of focused language learning incorporating speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as games and exercises interspersed with breaks and periods of indoor and outdoor arts, sports, cooking and cultural activities.