BIBS Homestay Program – Shunyi Campus

BIBS HomestayBeing part of a homestay is a unique experience for students where they get to live within a family environment composed of a variety of people and cultures. Staying in one of our two homestay locations within a few minutes walk of our Shunyi campus, students learn that their actions are not only a reflection on themselves, but also have an impact on others who live with them. Hence, they may need to give away some behaviours for the good of the whole family as they learn to recognise the rights of others and thus continue to acquire tolerance and understanding. Living in the BIBS Homestay can then foster the development of one’s self in the areas of accountability, self-discipline, independence, leadership, organisation, teamwork, and personal care.

A homestay student at BIBS Shunyi Campus has the unique opportunity to take advantage of all BIBS has to offer – and all of it right on their doorstep. Homestay students have a large and extensive support network at their disposal to assist with their sporting, academic, cultural and leadership development, which enables them to do their best in all endeavors.

At the BIBS Homestay we seek to assist parents in developing students academically and socially. We believe in creating a happy, harmonious and safe environment where individual differences are recognised, respected and welcomed and where a sense of community is encouraged through creating a family environment. Every student will be encouraged and assisted to reach their full potential.

Advantages of Joining the BIBS Homestay Program:

  • Access to education: Our family Homestay Program provides access to BIBS
    high quality international education for students living in areas where daily travel
    is prohibitive.
  • Academic and other forms of supervision: Homestay facilities create space, time
    and conditions conducive to studying. Students in the Homestay will have increased contact time with educators, academic support and are offered supervised study opportunities.
  • Extra-curricular activities: By staying in the BIBS Homestay, students are able to
    participate in extra-curricular activities, including sport and cultural activities. Learners also get convenient access to school facilities.
  • Personal development: Our family Homestay environment also facilitates positive
    social development and the ability to accept others from different social or cultural backgrounds. The boarding facilities environment inculcates independence, self-discipline as well as the ability to work as part of a team of learners.
  • Fewer student stresses: Students who have to travel long distances to school and back home are exposed to all kinds of challenges, like arriving late for school, being absent from school or being tired due to the long hours they have to spend on the road. Accommodation of students in our Homestay removes all these stress factors.

To learn more, download the BIBS Homestay Manual below, and feel free to contact us at any time.

BIBS Homestay Handbook – EN ZH