We operate a comprehensive and flexible school bus service which can be tailored to meet individual needs. All of our buses are supervised and fitted with seatbelts. School transportation payment must be made each term in advance and will be subject to the School’s refund and withdrawals policy.
Please note: Traffic, city events and accidents may disrupt the bus service. Bus monitors will make every effort to contact parents when a bus is running more than 10 minutes late. Bus space is limited and is for the transportation of students who have paid the bus fee. Transportation arrangements usually take up to two weeks to finalise. Please contact the office to set up your service. If you plan to alter the routine on any day, please provide a written note to the office detailing the changes for that day. To help ensure that buses arrive on time at school, buses will wait for no longer that 3 minutes after the specified pick-up time before moving on to the next pick-up point.

School Lunch
Our lunch menu is specially planned and prepared to ensure that students have a balanced and nutritious diet. We offer a variety of Western and Chinese dishes supplemented with a large selection of fruits, salads and a bread basket. Ingredients are carefully chosen and we use organic vegetables for our salads. Students can also choose to bring their own lunch.

Health and Safety
We have a full time professional nurse on staff to deal with minor medical issues and illnesses. We employ 24 hour security, and visitors to the school are required to register before being admitted. Our safety committee is made up of staff and parents who work closely with staff and students to address any potential safety issues before a problem arises. Our school regularly meets and exceeds the expectations of local government safety inspectors.

In BIBS Middle/Senior school, each student is assigned to a teacher who serves as an advisor to provide information and advice regarding academic counseling as well as personal and social competencies that may affect student’s current and future prospects for their academic, physical, social and emotional development and well-being. Senior students are also assisted by our careers and university counselor to investigate possible career paths that match their interests and aptitudes, providing information regarding entrance requirements, financial aid, recommendation letters, and preparation for university applications.

At BIBS we believe that school identity should be an important aspect of school life. We take pride in our school community and a smart school uniform serves to reflect our identity. In consultation with stakeholders of the school community it was agreed to modify the school uniform for the 2013-14 academic year.

Similar to the previous school years there are two versions of the school uniform. Firstly, there is a daily (formal) uniform that is worn regularly throughout the school and for special occasions and events. For Physical Education classes there is a smart-looking PE uniform consisting of a polo shirt and shorts/long trousers for summer and winter. In the Senior school, the PE uniform will be worn only for the specific PE lessons during the week. Outside of these timetabled PE lessons the Senior school students will wear the daily uniform.
To facilitate the transition from the old uniform to the new uniform we are allowing a period time where either uniform can be worn, however, for new students that have enrolled for the current academic year the new uniform will be the only acceptable attire. From Monday October 7th 2013 only the new school uniform will be acceptable to worn in both the Primary and Senior schools.

Price lists and ordering forms for the summer uniforms will be available from August 30 onwards between the hours 0830-1030 at both campuses. Information regarding the winter uniforms will be available later in September. The price of the uniform set (daily and PE) will be 2500 RMB for the complete set. As previously mentioned in the Admissions Process, there is an arrangement whereby a discount for 1000rmb will be given towards the cost of the uniform upon the receipt of full year payment of school fees (for each student). For more information regarding how a coupon is obtained, please contact the Finance Department at 5130 7951 Ext. 88.
Senior School Uniform
Daily Uniform
Boys Girls
White Shirt (short / long sleeves)
Grey Trousers (summer / winter)
**Black formal shoes White Shirt (short / long sleeves)
Grey Plaid Skirt (summer / winter)
**Black formal shoes

PE Uniform (Boys and Girls)
Navy Polo – with BIBS logo (short / long sleeves)
Shorts / long Sport Pants (with BIBS logo and navy stripe)
Trainers / Sports Shoes
**Please make special note regarding the school shoes. With the daily uniform black formal shoes will be worn through the school. The formal shoes must be plain without visible logos.**