BIBS  Infobyte: Jan 31, 2019


Whole School


Our much-anticipated Spring Festival is coming! We thank you for your continued support and wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year of the Pig!



Upper East Side Campus



Safe travels- We wish everyone safe travels and all the best for holiday time with families and friends. Please make sure everyone is safe around the fireworks, keep pets inside during the New Year’s eve.  Happy New Year to you all; we look forward to a healthy, propersous, and happy year of the pig.


International Schools Assessment (ISA) G3, G4 & G5– as previously published: – A PDF letter went home this week, on the G3, G4 & G5 WeChats, indicating the days and times for the testing for both the practice tests and the actual tests. An additional letter was sent out also about the ISA Privacy Statement.  There are no opportunities to make-up the testing, so we ask parents to have students in school on the days indicated in the letter, with their iPads charged and with the external keyboard. Students can practice on Mathletics and Raz-Kids over the holidays, which will help prepare them. Students need to not rush but read instructions carefully.


Out with the Old & In with the New– the Chinese New Year is a time when families clear out wardrobes and purchase new clothing for all the family. Please be reminded we have a large red collection box at the back of UES Campus for clean used-clothing, curtains, bedding and toys. This is part of the UES campus ongoing relationship with the Migrant Workers School. All donations gratefully accepted.


G1 Fieldtrips- First Week Back– there are several field trips planned for the first week back after the holidays, this is for G1 to Beyou World- the trips days are: on the 20th February-G1C, 1D, & 1F & on the 21st February-are 1A, 1B, & 1E.


School Fees– If parents have any questions about the school fees notice and invoice issued last week for the next school year 2019-2020, please directly contact our UES admissions staff.


Important Upcoming Dates

31st January- Last day before the Spring Festival Holiday- 4pm close, No ASA.

18th February- Classes resume

19th-20th February- ISA Trial/ Practice Days (G3, G4 & G5)

25th -26th February- ISA Actual TEST Days (G3, G4 & G5)

8th March Women’s Day

11th-15th March- Mathematics Week

28th March Spring Show

29th March Reports Published (ManageBac)



Shunyi Campus





Happy Chinese New Year/ Spring Festival

On behalf of MSHS staff, I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and refreshing holiday. I hope everyone enjoys their time with family and friends, and we look forward to seeing everyone after the break. Please take note of the important dates below.


House Competition

Students have now competed in our first inter-house football competition. The final today between Earth and Fire was hard fought and fantastic to watch. It was lovely to see the number of students and staff who turned up to support their teams. Watch out for more inter-house competitions coming soon.


Week without walls

In the second week of May (6-10th) Grade 6-11 students will have the opportunity to join our Experiential Learning trips around China. These trips are designed to link classroom learning with real world applications and each Grade Level’s trip will link directly to one or more areas in the curriculum. More details and information sessions will be announced shortly after the holidays.


MAP Results

MAP Student Progress Reports were given to students on Thursday. Thank you to the parents who came to the Information session on Wednesday to understand more about MAP.


MSHS Behavior Expectations

Following parent and PTA feedback, our MSHS Expectations which include Uniform, Dress, Technology and Behavior guidelines has been made clearer and will be re-sent to all parents and students. Thank you to all our supportive parents who help us to make BIBS a caring, safe and supportive environment where we focus on learning.


Important Dates
18th February – First day back from break

18-22nd February – Random acts of kindness week

20th February – IB Coffee Talk – CAS and Service Action

25th Feb – 1st March – I&S Week

25th Feb – Start of YES Program

26th Feb – 4th March – MS ISTA Trip to Singapore

28th February – G10 Personal Project Exhibition

4th-8th March – Maths Week

9th March – SAT Session






Dear Readers;


As we draw closer to the Chinese New Year break we have been spending a considerable amount of time attaining a deeper understanding of China and its related culture and traditions. We have also been comparing this newly attained knowledge with that of the adopted countries that we are studying as part of our international minded inquiries. Our endeavours are part of our continual quest to develop internationally minded global citizens.


On Monday, Fiona, Louis and Maria, our resident performing arts trio represented the school at the Shunyi District’s Chinese New Year Community event. Their rendition of ‘Summertime’ was a big hit with the audience and drew considerable media attention too.


On Tuesday and Wednesday this week we have been having Tutor-Parent meetings. These meetings are a vital part of our efforts to champion our students’progress both academically and socially as well. The parents have expressed their appreciation in this regard and have supported this effort within the elementary school. A number of new parents have now become involved in the activities within the school, which helps us to enrich our overall students experience.


It was whole school assembly on Wednesday, Our Headmaster talked about the aspect of excellence which was followed by Grade Fives’ modern day Chinese New Year performance. After which, Jackie and Clarissa the elementary school section leaders announced the following ‘Risk Taker’ awards; Max Lai(KA), Aimee Zhang(KB), Mermaid Wu(1A), Iris Qi(1B), Kris Li(1B), Cindy Gao((2A), Isabella Xing(2A), Alyssa Ni(2B), Lucas Huang(3A), Leo Ye(3B), Phoebe Mei(4A), Tao Chen(4B), Harry Pei(5A), and Minnie Ma(5B). To conclude the announcements Lynne Gray shared the house points tallies for the elementary school; Earth-307, Wind-324, Fire-341 and Water-327.


Due to technical and administrative issues we have had to reschedule the ISA tests for after the Chinese New Year break. They will now take place on Feb 18th, 19th and 20th. It will be Grade Five-18th, Grade Four-19th and Grade Three-20th. This change of schedule has allowed those students who left early for the Chinese New Year holidays to now participate in the tests.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Chinese New Year Break and all the very best for the new Chinese year of the pig.


Dates for your diary;


Feb 18th to 20th ISA Tests


Feb 21st to 25th ISTA Trip to Shanghai.


Mar 11th to 15th Math week.


BIBS Shunyi ES Team.



BIBS Co-curriculum Department 



On behalf of the YES Program, I would like to wish you a safe and happy Chinese New Year of the pig!

  1. The registration for the Session 2 will be closed at 10:00 PM on January 31st.


  1. Please find the course schedule and registration QR code in the following link:


  1. According to the registration situation, some classes may not be opened or need to be adjusted. We will contact you by email. Please check and confirm at your convenience.


  1. The school team tryouts results have been announced by email. Please check your email. The school team training will start on February 25th after the holiday.



Please keep an eye out for the Wechat group notice and prepare for the trip on February 11th (USAP) and February 15th (USAD).



Dongrun Campus




I wish to thank all families for their ongoing support and encouragement of our educational program. Whether this be terms of the positive engagement between teachers and parents that occurs on a daily basis, the assistance provided to complete all homework tasks, the cooperation and support you gave to the PTA and their activities, the reinforcement of positive behavior which has continually improved over the course of the last semester or the simple belief in the vision of our Beanstalk family. Thank you for continuing to be involved and engaged in our school – we appreciate all our parents very much!


I also wish to thank Mr. Kurt Derwin whose last day at Dongrun was today. I thank him for the contributions he has made to our campus and wish him well in the next stage of his career and in his new school. Safe travels and all the best, Mr. D!



This week we had a focus on Chinese New Year celebrations as a whole school as we enjoyed the special Chinese shadow puppet performance of six traditional Chinese stories in the school auditorium. Students also participated in a delightful set of simple activities that focused on very traditional Chinese customs that are often experienced at this time of the year, namely dumpling making / eating and paper cutting craft. We are very proud of the strong Chinese emphasis on learning about traditional Chinese culture, customs and festivals in our campus. It continues to grow and be one of the strengths of our educational program at Dongrun!



On behalf of all members of our school staff, we would like to wish every family a very Happy New Year. May this the Year of the Pig be filled with great prosperity, happiness, peace and new opportunities. May the time you share with your families be memorable and rewarding for all the right reasons.


If you are travelling outside of Beijing to a home town and/or overseas, we hope you have a safe journey and return with new energy, health and willingness to start again. School for all students and staff will resume on Monday, February 18. Happy New Year!