BIBS  Infobyte: Jan 25, 2019


Whole School


Recently, flu cases in Beijing and in our school surged. The flu peak season is expected to last until the end of January. We encourage you all to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids, exercise daily, and get enough rest and sleep to stay healthy. In the meantime, we wish you all a very relaxing weekend.


 Upper East Side Campus


Seasonal Flu– This week has been better for general health of students and staff at UES, however we are still in a virulent flu season, and have unusually high absences; we ask everyone to take precautions to remain healthy and only have students return to school when the flu has fully run its course.


Spring Festival/Chinese New Year Special Activities & Holiday– UES campus celebrates on Thursday the Spring Festival/Chinese New Year with a number of activities including a special assembly, Temple Fair and cultural activities. The whole school is on a rotation in the morning through all the activities. The afternoon is a time for class celebrations, thanks to the parents that help and assist with this part of the day’s activities. There are no ASAs on Thursday next week. School closes for the Holiday at 4pm on this Thursday and there are not classes on Friday; school resumes on Monday 18th February. We wish everyone a happy and joyful Spring Festival- as we welcome in the year of the pig. Safe travels to everyone.


International Schools Assessment (ISA) G3, G4 & G5– A PDF letter went home this week, on the WeChat, indicating the days and times for the testing for both the practice tests and the actual tests. An additional letter was sent out also about the ISA Privacy Statement.  There are no opportunities to make-up the testing, so we ask parents to have students in school on the days indicated in the letter, with their iPads charged and with the external keyboard. Students can practice on Mathletics and Raz-Kids over the holidays, which will help prepare them. Students need to not rush but read instructions carefully.


WeChat Protocols– We are getting messages posted on the homeroom WeChat groups late into the evening. We do ask that messaging is kept to reasonable times which would include a few hours beyond the working day only.


Channels of Communication– We would like to remind parents that is you have concerns you want raised, first speak to the teacher that pertains to your child in that teaching area. If you need further assistance then please go to the next level, Head of Department (HOD) or Grade Level Leader (GLL).


School Fees– If parents have any questions about the school fees notice and invoice issued last week for the next school year 2019-2020, please directly contact our UES admissions staff.


Important Upcoming Dates

31st January- No ASA (JISAC Gymnastics Competition @ Harrow)

31st January- Special Event Day at UES- Spring Festival

18th February- Classes resume

19th-20th February- ISA Trial/ Practice Days (G3, G4 & G5)

25th -26th February- ISA Actual TEST Days (G3, G4 & G5)



Shunyi Campus





Learner Profile of the Month

Risk Taker – being a risk taker, or being courageous as it is often referred to is an important 21st Century skill. It means “to approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. It is to be brave and articulate in defending their beliefs” (


Personal Tutor Meetings

Parents who would like to meet with their child’s personal tutor can make an appointment directly with them for the week of the 28-31st of January between 3:45-4:45pm. Your child’s personal tutor will contact you shortly to arrange a time to meet. More information will be included in the invitation letter that your child’s tutor sends to you.


MAP Results

MAP results will soon be available to parents, as a parent you will receive a Student Progress Report. We will be sending out information on how to understand the reports and holding a parent information session on next Wednesday at 3:40-4:10pm in the MSHS Library.


Early Leave for CNY/Spring Festival

We have been receiving requests from parents to allow students to leave school early this week before the holiday. While we are sympathetic and support parents in ensuring that students are not significantly disadvantaged in any absence situation, we would also like to remind parents that any absence will mean that students need to make a time to meet with their teachers and find out what work they are missing, and ensure that they catch up on anything they miss.


Important Dates

28th – 31st January 3:45-4:45 – Personal Tutor Meetings (no CCA or YES program)

31st January – Last day of school before Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Break

18th February – First day back from break

18-22nd February – Random acts of kindness week

20th February – IB Coffee Talk – CAS and Service Action

25th Feb – 1st March – I&S Week

26th Feb – 4th March – MS ISTA Trip to Singapore

28th February – G10 Personal Project Exhibition

4th-8th March – Maths Week

9th March – SAT Session






Dear Readers;


As a Chinese International Bilingual School in China’s metropolis of Beijing it is fundamental that we embrace the cultural events of their calendar year. That being said, the Chinese New Year is fast approaching, which will be the year of the pig. Hence the whole of the BIBS Shunyi campus has been busy this week preparing for our Chinese New Year celebrations on Thursday January 24th.


On Monday the Elementary School (ES) staff met in their Teachers as Researchers groups. After discussing the upcoming Exhibition for G5 and how they could get involved they split into their groups to study and report back on aspects of the enhanced PYP and others; Learning and Teaching, Supporting Student Agency, The Learner, The Learning Community, Translanguaging and Explicitly Teaching Thinking Skills.


On Wednesday we had our whole school assembly. With the focus of this week being the Chinese New Year our Headmaster, after congratulating Rebecca for some wonderful piano music playing during the students entrance, talked about how celebrations were not only about acknowledging our cultural aspects but also about the importance of family. He further looked at the community and our role within it and how others saw us as individuals. The assembly was closed with a Chinese video about family.


On Thursday it was the whole school Chinese New Year celebration event. Our Chinese colleagues had put in a huge amount of effort in preparing for this big day at our school. The students had a wonderful time with their performances and visiting the workshop stations to learn more about Chinese culture. A great big thank you to all those involved in this very successful event.


We have had a wonderful Global Citizen-International Mindedness week in the ES. The students have been exploring what it means to be a global citizen, thinking about the role of a global citizen, the impact of global citizens on the world and the actions they may take as global citizens.  Also the classes have adopted a country for the second semester and will continually investigate the various attributes of that country and present them at their booths during our International Day on May 17th.


Dates for your diary;

January 28th to 30th ISA Tests.

January 29th and 30th ES Personal Tutor Meetings.

January 28th to 31st ES Chinese Culture Week.


BIBS Shunyi ES Team.



BIBS Co-curriculum Department 


After School Activities (YES Program)

  1. The registration for Session 2 has started. Please take time to look over the Parent Handbook and register before February 1th.
  2. Please note that there will be no after school activities from January 28th to February 24th and students will finish school at 3:40pm.
  3. If you have any questions, please call 64560618 during work hour and ask to transfer to Office 217. You can also follow our Wechat official account: BIBS-CCD.


School Teams

The school team tryouts have finished this week, and the list of selected students will be announced next week. The training will be arranged after the Spring Festival. Please pay attention to our notice.


The training will finish on January 29th. Please arrange your review during the holiday to prepare for the USAP&USAD in February. Wish you all good results!



Dongrun Campus




The ASA registrations for the ASA classes due to commence after the Spring Festival break on Tuesday, February 19 have been processed this week. If there are any questions regarding this ASA block please speak with the ASA Coordinator.



This week our Principal spoke to the whole assembly on Monday afternoon about a school focus on Kindness over the coming weeks. He spoke about the importance of treating others how each individual would like to be treated themselves and also gave some practical examples of how to think of the needs of others before your own. Assembly awards for the next two assemblies will be given to students who have displayed kindness in some form or another during school.



Many thanks to all those parents who came out last night, to hear from our Principal and his wife Lynne-Marie ga on the topic of “21 years of parenting lessons”. We hope that the workshop was helpful in navigating your own journey with your own family.



As mentioned previously, we are looking forward to providing a number of wonderful experiences for our students next week before the Spring Festival break. All students will also be allowed to come to school in traditional Chinese costume on the Thursday.



Parents are reminded that the Spring Festival holiday dates are from Friday, February 1 -15 (inclusive), which means that the last day of school before the Spring Festival holiday is Thursday, January 31st. All staff and students will return on Monday, February 18.