BIBS Infobyte: Jan 18, 2019

Whole School

Recently, flu cases in Beijing and in our school surged. The flu peak season is expected to last until the end of January. We encourage you all to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids, exercise daily, and get enough rest and sleep to stay safe. In the meantime, we wish you all a very relaxing weekend.


Upper East Side Campus


Flu Season– UES community has a large number of students and teachers that have come down with the flu; this season’s flu is particularly virulent and parents are urged to take their child to the hospital if the symptoms are strong and last a long time. We have a few confirmed cases of A-strain flu; students need to remain off school until given the ok by the doctor to return. Parents need to always inform our nurses in the medical clinic when they have confirmed infectious diseases, and this includes at this time A-strain flu.


Spring Show– Parents in various grades will soon receive information about purchasing some items their child requires for the Spring Show; this usually is shoe items and clothing items such as tights or personal clothing. Some items required are also clothing that may be already available in a child’s wardrobe.


Spring Show– Due to restrictions in theatre availability, the Spring Show is March 28th this year, it is on a Thursday and therefore the two shows will be an afternoon show and early evening show.  We will send out requests for tickets to parents after the Spring Festival Holiday- we will ask parents that are not working or have more flexibility to assist us with reserving seats for the afternoon show.


ISA (International Schools Assessment) G3,G4 & G5– Students in these grades need to be at school immediately after the Spring Festival Holiday with their external keyboard and ready for the ISA practice days on 19th-20th February. The actual tests are done the following week 25th 26th & 27th February. Students can practice on Mathletics and Raz-Kids over the holidays, which will help prepare them. Students need to not rush but read instructions carefully.


ASA Block Two Payment– We have only a handful of parents that have not paid. Please do this on Monday next week.



Shunyi Campus





Learner Profile of the Month

Risk Taker – being a risk taker, or being courageous as it is often referred to is an important 21st Century skill. It means “to approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. It is to be brave and articulate in defending their beliefs” (


Semester 1. Academic Reports
Semester 1. Academic Reports for MSHS are still available on managebac for all parents. If you are unsure of how to access your report please check your e-mail or PTA information groups for the instructions. If you are still unsure please contact any MSHS staff on Monday and we will be able to assist.


Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences took place today. Thank you to all the parents who came in to discuss their child’s progress. If you were unable to attend, please remember that you can make appointments with subject teachers anytime based on their availability.


Personal Tutor Meetings

Parents who would like to meet with their child’s personal tutor can make an appointment directly with them for the week of the 29-31st of January between 3:45-4:45pm. Your child’s personal tutor will also contact you over the next week to see if you would like to arrange a time to meet.


Keeping Healthy over Winter

Over the last two weeks we have had a number of students who have missed class due to illness. Students have all be reminded to wash their hands and to regularly use the hand sanitizer placed in all the hallways. Please keep an eye on your child(ren) and if they have a fever or are feeling unwell, take them to be checked by a medical professional.


Important Dates
21st – 24th January – Chinese culture week

23rd & 25th January – Inter-house football competition

28th January – G10 Personal Project Exhibition

29th – 31st January 3:45-4:45 – Personal Tutor Meetings (no CCA or YES program)

31st January – Last day of school before Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Break

18th February – First day back from break

18-22nd February – Random acts of kindness week

20th February – IB Coffee Talk – CAS and Service Action

25th Feb – 1st March – I&S Week

27th Feb – 4th March – MS ISTA Trip to Singapore

4th-8th March – Maths Week

9th March – SAT Session






Dear Readers;

This has been a busy week for the students and staff in the Elementary School (ES). They have been completing their end of semester one academic tests and their unit of inquiry summative assessments. Additionally, they have been preparing for their Chinese New Year Celebration event next Thursday. The ES staff have also been busy with training and preparing for the Parent Teacher Conferences on Friday.

On Monday the ES staff gathered to share their students’ portfolios with each other. They had an opportunity to share their ideas with each other, check if they were in accordance with the guidelines and attain new ideas about how to improve their current approaches to compiling these portfolios.

On Tuesday our BIBS Shunyi concert trio of Maria, Fiona and Louis performed Summertime, which was recorded and sent to the selection committee for the upcoming Shunyi Community Chinese New Year Celebration event to be held on January 28th. We are very happy to announce that their performance was selected by the organizers’ and they will be representing our school at this event.

On Wednesday we had our ES Open House. The prospective parents were greeted by the senior administration of the school, given a presentation by the ES Principal/PYPC and taken around the school to see our approaches to teaching and learning in practice. Afterwards their questions were answered and they were given more information from the BIBS Shunyi Admissions Team.

Also on Wednesday six of the ES teachers went for training on the implementation of PM Benchmarking and the use of Guided Reading as approaches to assessing and enhancing students’ learning. They attended a workshop by Steven Graham at the China Import and Export Book Building. Those teachers are now very keen to share what they experienced with their colleagues.

There was a high turnout for our ES Parent Teacher conferences on Friday. The discussions between the teachers and parents while being very serious were also lighthearted as there was a considerable amount of joyous laughter to be seen as well. The overall feedback was very promising and the parents and staff gave some suggestions about how to enhance their child’s learning and overall well-being while at school and at home.

Our ISA test dates have been changed due to the previous ones clashing with our CNY break from school. The new dates are as follows; Grade Five, January 28th; Grade Four January 29th and Grade Three January 30th. We apologize for this sudden change in the schedule for these tests.


Dates for your diary;

January 21st to 25th Global Citizen/International Mindedness Week.

January 24th Chinese New Year Event.

January 28th to 30th ISA Tests.

January 28th to 30th ES Personal Tutor Meetings.

January 28th to 31st ES Chinese Culture Week.


BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


BIBS Co-curriculum Department 


  1. YES Program

Students can sign up for the YES Program Session 2 (including school teams, CCA and other paid courses) from next week. Course arrangement and introduction will be printed out. Please note that there are some changes in the schedule and format of Session 2.


  1. School Teams

The registration and tryouts for school teams (sports, art, and academic) are in progress. Please refer to the school team registration guidance form and arrange time for it. The name list of selected students will be posted on the bulletin board and to the parent group after all tryouts have been completed.



Please pay attention to the Wechat Group notice for the training schedule.


Dongrun Campus



Thank you to all parents who attended the parent/teacher conversations this week. There was an extremely high percentage of class parents who attended these conversations and our teachers look forward to building on these conversations for the benefit of each child’s continual progress and development this year.



We have had to postpone the start of the next ASA block until after the Spring Festival break on Tuesday, February 19. If there are any questions regarding this ASA block please speak with the ASA Coordinator. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay.



Over the course of the next week or so, there will be a series of field trips to a few different locations. Grade K will visit the Beijing Automobile museum, Grade 1, 2, 4 & 5 will have a fun day at the Ultra Space center. Grade 3 will be visiting the Koala Adventure World to explore elements of their IPC unit.



Next week on Thursday, January 24, our Principal and his wife Lynne-Marie who is an Elementary teacher at the BIBS Shunyi campus will be presenting a parenting workshop on the topic of “21 years of parenting lessons”. All parents are invited to hear about the lessons they have learnt along the way on their journey with their 4 children. The workshop will go for 90 minutes from 6:00-7:30pm.



Over the course of this week and the next few weeks, all Foreign teachers will be conducting a number of literacy-based student assessments with their classes. These assessments will be the same as those used at the beginning of the year in order to determine the growth and achievement levels in our students.



We are looking forward to providing a number of wonderful experiences for our students during the last week before the Spring Festival. Some of the experiences our students will participate in include viewing a traditional Shadow Puppet play, making dumplings and making paper window decorations.



Parents are reminded that the Spring Festival holiday dates are from Friday, February 1 -15 (inclusive), which means that the last day of school before the Spring Festival holiday is Thursday, January 31st. All staff and students will return on Monday, February 18.