BIBS  Infobyte: Jan 11, 2019

Whole School

We wish all members of the BIBS community a very relaxing weekend. This coming Sunday, Chinese people will celebrate Laba Festial which used to be a tradition for Chinese people to give sacrifices to their ancestors, and to pray to heaven and earth for a good harvest and good luck for the family. Make sure you try some Laba Porridge this coming Sunday and allow it to usher in good luck for you in the Chinese New Year.


Upper East Side Campus


Campus Safety & Security- Please be informed, due to two recent incidents in Beijing schools; one an explosion in a science lab and the another where a person entered a campus and assaulted a class of students with a weapon, injuring a significant number, the Chaoyang Education Bureau has asked BIBS to submit ID details for staff- teaching and non-teaching, to the local police to complete a police check. On Wednesday, at UES, we increased the security checking at the gates. All staff must wear their ID badges at all times. And we will also be asking visitors including parents to wear theirs. We apologize for any delays or inconvenience the extra checking at the security may cause but it is required to ensure the safety and security of all.

Literacy Testing/Assessments– Next week, all the Homeroom teachers are released for two half-days so that they can complete reading assessments on each student in their class. When the Homeroom teacher is released, they leave detailed work plans for the class so that the learning is not interrupted; the substitute teachers in the homerooms are the EAL teachers for this week.  All classes completed a Common Writing Assessment this week, and the teachers are also completing assessments in Listening & Speaking. Teachers meet as grade level teams to moderate the writing assessments- data from the assessments inform the next block of teaching and sometimes requires new groupings for guided reading activities, EAL classes and other grouped teaching activities.

Retirement Announcement– We are sad to inform our BIBS community of the retirement of our Chinese teacher Xiao Zhen Yue during the Winter Holidays. She began working at BIBS in 2006, she has been a mathematics teacher, mathematics coordinator and also Chinese Principal. Xiao is a passionate mathematics teacher who has maintained a high level of interest in her students and in everything about mathematics. Last year,  one of our IB G12 graduating students invited Xiao to his graduation in recognition as his teacher throughout his primary years at BIBS.  Since working with in the collaborative teaching model; she has been interested in, and appreciative of,  the Asian and Western perspectives in teaching mathematics. Xiao will be sadly missed; but we wish her good health and happiness in her well-deserved retirement.

Admissions Placement Testing– Please be informed we have commenced our admissions placement testing program for G1 and GK for the school year 2019-2020. If parents have any younger siblings or friends with potential candidates interested in BIBS UES for these grades next year, they need to contact Holly Zheng in the UES Admissions office to complete an application. At UES, we do group testing for these grades on multiple Saturdays across the next few months.

Welcome to New Students and Families– We welcome over thirty new students that have joined us for the second semester, commencing next Monday 14thJanuary 2019; this includes the opening of our fourth GK class, this class is known as KC.

ASA Block Two Fees Due- Thanks to all the parents that have paid the ASA fees for Block Two in a timely manner. We need to remind parents that have not yet paid, that this needs to be done by the end of next week-18th January. Please bring the ASA invoice letter with you when you make the cash payment to the finance office; if you do not have the ASA invoice letter please see Jessie or Nichole in the PA ‘s office. Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • 14th January- Semester Two commences
  • 14th January- Opening of the KC class
  • 16th January- New Parent Tea & Coffee Information Meeting- 09:00-11:00 2F Auditorium
  • 31st January- No ASA
  • 31st January- Special Event Day at UES- Spring Festival
  • 18th February- Class resume
  • 19th-20th February- ISA Trial/ Practice Days (G3, G4 & G5)
  • 25th -27th February- ISA Actual TEST Days (G3, G4 & G5)


Shunyi Campus



Learner Profile of the Month:Risk Taker – being a risk taker, or being courageous as it is often referred to is an important 21st Century skill. It means “to approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought, and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. It is to be brave and articulate in defending their beliefs” (

 Updates for next Semester:As you are aware from the message sent by the Head of School before the break, there will be some changes to the structure of the MSHS next semester.

This week students will be given a new timetable which will start on Monday 14th of January and continue to the end of the academic year.

In this new timetable there are changes to the structure of the day, including Block 1. Classes beginning at 8:15am and Homeroom being moved to immediately before or after lunch, and also changes to the classrooms lessons will be held in.

In some grades (G8 & 9) students will also be changing classes to make the classes better balanced and more effective learning environments.

If you have any questions about the changes please feel free to contact me anytime on

Just as a note, timetables on managebac will be updated by staff so that they are still accurate.

IBDP Updates – James Sutcliffe IBDP CoordiantorRecently DP students have been working on several important tasks in the core. Grade 12 students have handed in the final draft of their extended essays and are completing the final Viva Voce reflection with their extended essay supervisors. DP students will have their essays sent off to the IBO for external standardization.

Grade 11 students have completed their extended essay proposal forms and selected teachers to be their supervisors. The extended essay is a completely open inquiry-based activity that is directed by student interest.

Grade 12 students are drafting their TOK essays. TOK is a course about critical thinking and inquiring into the process of knowing, rather than about learning a specific body of knowledge. The IBO releases 6 prescribed essay titles and students select which one they wish to work on. These essays will also be sent away to the IBO for external standardization.

CAS students have been using Service Action and Arts week to complete CAS activities and achieve the learning outcomes. They use time during Wednesday afternoons to compile evidence for achieving the CAS learning outcomes and submit reflections on ManageBac. Recently the CAS coordinator completed a CAS audit of each grade 11 and grade 12 students’ progress through the programme.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or queries about the DP Core programme in school then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

 Semester 1. Academic ReportsSemester 1. Academic Reports for MSHS are now available on managebac for all parents. If you are unsure of how to access your report please check your e-mail or PTA information groups for the instructions. If you are still unsure please contact any MSHS staff on Monday and we will be able to assist.

 Parent Teacher Conferences:Parent Teacher Conferences take place on Friday 18th of January. Conference bookings will be allocated on a first to register basis. To register please check your e-mail or the PTA information groups for the QR code and link.

Dreamtime Celebration of Learning:The Dreamtime Celebration of Learning was a great success. Also a huge thank you to all the parents who came and supported the students, it was a wonderful day.

Students really enjoyed it and all the cool things they created. The Celebration of Learning

Awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, 9th Jan at BIBS Shunyi campus to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students. Congratulations to our Grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 students for their achievements and remarkable works. Check out all the winners below.


The Most Creative: Sandy Jiao, G8; Nissa Lin, G6

The Best Presentation: Teresa Wei, G7

The Most Challenging: Emily Hou, G6

The Best Dreamtime Project (Grade 6): Lucy R, Nicola Z, Joy D & Paris G

The Best Dreamtime Project (Grade 7): Nikita Ju

The Best Dreamtime Project (Grade 8): Selina Zhao

The Best Dreamtime Project (Grade 9): Sonia Learned

The Best Overall: Jiajia Chen

MYP and DP Assessment Workshop:Thank you to all the parents who came along to listen to our two coordinators and learn more about assessment in the MYP and DP. More information sessions will be coming up, but if there is something you would like us to run a parent session or workshop on, please let us know.

Student Lockers:Student will be issued locker keys for their assigned lockers next week. They will be responsible for keeping the key safe, if they lose the key there will be a fee associated with providing a new lock and key for the locker.

Important Dates

  • 11th January – MSHS Reports issued on Managebac
  • 18th January – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 21st – 24th January – Chinese culture week
  • 28th January – G10 Personal Project Exhibition
  • 28th – 31st January 3:45-4:45 – Personal Tutor Meetings (no CCA or YES program)
  • 31st January – Last day of school before Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Break




Dear Readers;

We hope that you all had a wonderful festive season break from school and that your travels while eventful were also safe. It was great to see all the students return to school on Monday along with some new classmates.

During our ES staff gathering on Monday we discussed a number of key aspects for the year ahead; Health and Safety Issues, MAP results feedback and interpretation, Staff recruitment, Report cards, Parent teacher conference, Personal tutor meetings, ISA tests, International mindedness/global citizen week, Teachers as researchers, POI review, PYP Scope and Sequence review and class observations/appraisals.

On Wednesday during our whole school assembly the MSHS shared a presentation about their Dreamtime Projects with us and some of them received awards for their efforts. Our MYP Coordinator, Terry Linton talked about being a ‘risk-taker’, which is the IB Learner Profile for this month. Last month it was ‘caring’ and the awardees from each class received their certificates during the assembly; Taki Zhao (KA),  Benjamin Li (KB),  Brian Gao (1A),  Hunter Wu (1B),  Stephen Yu (2A),  Eileen Liu (2A),  Joy Jiao (2B),  May Fang (3A), Mike Zhan (3B),  Abu Ding (4A),  Angelina Ye (4B),  Wilson Wu (5A),  Isabella Li (5B).

On Friday afternoon the Semester One report cards were sent home to all the parents via e-mail. Next Friday January 18th, the parents will have the opportunity to meet with the teachers of their child and discuss the goals that were set during the last meeting, the report card, and the results of the MAP test.

Dates for your diary;

  • January 16th ES Open House for new parents for 2019-20.
  • January 18th Parent teacher conferences.
  • January 21st to 25th Global Citizen/International Mindedness Week.
  • January 24th Chinese New Year Event.
  • January 28th to 30th ES Personal Tutor Meetings
  • January 28th to 31st ES Chinese Culture Week.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


BIBS Co-curriculum Department 


YES Program

  1. Session 1 came to an end this week. Hope all the students have achieved their goals. Thank you for your understanding and support.


  1. The preparations are underway for Session 2 and the schedule and course will be optimized. The registration is expected to start in late January. Please keep an eye out for any relevant notice. Please email if you have any suggestions or want to know the course arrangement in advance.


  1. From next week, the school buses will depart at 3:45pm on Monday and at 4:45pm on Tuesday to Friday. There will be no late bus service.



The online competitions for USAP &USAD have been completed this week. Please pay attention to the Wechat group notice for the follow-up training arrangement.


Dongrun Campus


WELCOME BACK:On behalf of all staff members in our campus, the senior leadership team welcomes all families back to another productive and focused semester in Dongrun. We trust that all families were able to enjoy some rest and are ready for the journey that lies ahead in Semester 2.

PARENT/TEACHER CONVERSATIONS:Parents are given this final reminder that individual parent/teacher conversations take place next week to review the semester 1 report, reflect on the past achievements in semester 1 and most importantly look forward into the semester 2. Short appointments during this week for times between 1:10-4:30pm can be made directly with the class teacher.

TECHNOLOGY SURVEY RESULTS:The complete set of survey results have been advised to the PTA this week and the results have initially indicated a very positive response towards the potential for our campus to see significant gains regarding greater technology use in the school. The results showed that 83% of parents surveyed believe their child needs to develop their technology skills at school. 76% of parents surveyed support the educational use of iPads in the classroom and 62% of parents surveyed support the introduction of a BYOD technology program. The Senior Leadership team will now take time to discuss the next steps following this survey and the implications for technology use in our school.

ASA:The next ASA block will commence on Tuesday, January 22 with information and registration details for the ASA classes released very soon. As always, we hope that your child will enjoy the varied program on offer and give their best to learning new skills and developing their interests.

CHINESE CULTURAL WEEK:Our campus’ strong belief and emphasis on Chinese culture will once again be on show for all to see and experience. We believe it is essential to provide a cultural education of traditional Chinese customs and festivals to our students and so our Culture and Festivals team along with the Chinese Staff will be preparing a week of Chinese cultural activities in the lead up to the Spring Festival. Activities will include a mini Temple Fair for all students to experience and other traditional Chinese New Year festivities. Specific details will be released through the class Wechat groups in the coming weeks.