BIBS  Infobyte: Dec 7, 2018

Whole School

BIBS recognizes the important role that parents play in the education of their children and in our community. Thank you for making a concerted effort to the growth of our school and our children. We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates.  In the meantime, we wish you a very relaxing weekend!


Upper East Side Campus


Xueji ID Card– For parents of G1 students that have completed successfully the online application process the Xueji cards is being issued to you, and sent home today. Firstly, a yellow card with your child’s photo, is the Xueji Student ID card- this can be used for discounts at a number of events or institutions and on some transportation systems. Secondly, the blue card, is the one you need to recharge at BIBS each year for school registration confirmation- this has been completed for this school year 2018-19 by Lily Libo in the admissions’ office. Please keep both cards in a safe place.

Written Reports UOI 1 & UOI 2 published today– late this afternoon, you should have received an email message informing you that your child’s report card is published and available on their ManageBac (MB) account. There will be a link to the login page. Please check your junk mail if you have not received this. The admission’s staff can assist you if you do not recall your login details. Please save this written report file in a safe a secure place. Take the time to read your child’s report- identifying their achievements and identified next learning steps.  Please use the changed MB address – remember it must not end with  “. com” but  “.cn”

Student-Led Conferences– Following the published written reports, UES schedules the Student-Led Conferences (SLC), where your child can then articulate and demonstrate their achievements and share with you their progress and the areas they need to work on. Today you will have received a letter about this, please complete the reply slip and return to the reception next week. SLC are not a time to have a conference or talk with your child’s teacher, but if you want to make another time to discuss  the report with them,  then please confirm this with teacher on this day.  There is no ASA on this day.

Art Auction– Thanks to everyone for supporting this charity event. It was lovely to see the campus decked with twinkling lights, smell the warmed  mulled wine, hear the sounds of singing voices, talented dances and musicians and also importantly the feast for our eyes was lots of wonderful unique art work. We have not yet raised the same amount as last year; however, there are still opportunities for further donations, either directly through the QR code shared earlier on the homeroom wechat groups or you may consider bidding for some of our remaining art pieces which we will have on display in the UES Lobby next Thursday- the SLC day. If your send any donation using the QR code , please write ‘art auction’ in the notes area.


Shunyi Campus




Winter Bazaar:Next Saturday (15th of December 11-4pm) the BIBS Winter Bazaar will be held at the Shunyi campus. All students G6-9 will have the opportunity to take part in running games and activities with their homerooms, while older students will be helping out in a wide range of areas. We will also have a performance by our first ever Beanstalk International Education Group combined campuses orchestra and our MSHS Jazz Band. This will be an event not to be missed. So please come along and support our students and community in making this a great day!

IBDP Exams – James Sutcliffe IBDP Coordinator:At the end of each semester our G11 and G12 students sit mock diploma exams. This semester the exams will be from the 10th to the 14th December. These exams test the students upon the content they have learnt and the skills they have developed in their diploma subjects. The results from these exams will make up a big percentage of students final grades for the semester.

We strongly recommend that students begin revision for these exams as soon as possible. Revision can take many forms and students need to tailor it to their particular learning needs. Though students need to remember that Active revision is much more effective than passive revision. Passive revision is associated with such activities as reading notes, and copying material. Active revision is concerned with using and organizing material.

Half day of School before Winter Holiday :Please be aware that the 19th of December is the last day of school before the Winter Holiday. It is a half-day and Student busses will leave at 12 noon.

NO YES Program and CCA 17-19th December:Please be aware that on the last half-week of school before the Winter Holiday (17-19th December) there will be no CCA or YES Program. All student busses will leave at 3:35pm

 Service Action – Jason Adams MSHS Service Action Coordinator:One of our service groups that has made a comeback this year after a year on hiatus is the League of Paws (LOP). One of the more successful groups from the past at BIBS, it is back and ready to live up to its legacy. In the past activities included fund raising and finding homes for local stray pets. The current LOP group is working to help the stray pet population in Beijing by planning fund raisers to support local animal shelters. What will be next, well you will have to wait until another BIBS infobyte to see what grand plans this group has in store. For more information you can contact the group supervisor, Yars Huang at or the Service Learning Coordinator, Jason Adams, at


Important Dates

  • 26 Nov-14 Dec – MAP Testing
  • 10-14th December – IBDP Exam Week
  • 13-14th December – BIEG Orchestra Practice
  • 15th December – Winter Bazaar
  • 17-19th December – No CCA or YES Program
  • 19th December – (8:30-11am) Dream time culmination
  • 19th December – Last day of school before winter break. Half Day. Buses leave @12
    20th December – 6th January – Winter Holiday
    7th January – First day of school after the Winter Holiday
    11th January – MSHS Reports issued on Managebac
    11th January – MYP & DP Coordinator Coffee Talk – Assessment & Reporting
    18th January – Parent Teacher Conferences




Dear Readers;

The staff from the whole school met on Monday after classes to evaluate our Vision, Mission and School Wide Learner Outcomes. In their focus groups they thought about the key points of the Vision and Mission statements and how the School Wide Learner Outcomes helped us to make them happen. They noted the teaching and learning practices that were applicable at present and how we could improve on them to enhance our practices to fully achieve our Vision and Mission.

A Chinese shadow puppet show visited our campus on Tuesday as a provocation to help the Grade One students think about their current UOI on Light and Sound. They were kind enough to invite their lower elementary colleagues to watch the show as well. The puppeteers were excellent in manipulating their puppets to tell three Chinese stories. The stories were “Three monkeys”, ”Two sheep cross a single-log bridge” and ”A mouse steals oil”. These Chinese tales really helped our students to understand how we can use light and moving puppets to make our own stories a wonderful show. They also made their own puppets with resinous material and sticks. All the students really loved the shows and they enjoyed playing with their puppets.

At our whole school assembly on Wednesday we focused on the Learner Profile of Caring. There was a presentation on how we can encourage the development of the meaning of caring within the PYP and the MYP. After elucidating what the students felt caring meant to them within the school and having watched the video there was a discussion about how to combat bullying within our school. This was followed by a very emotional video about a young boy who was bullied at school and wrote a song about it which became a national hit in the UK. The assembly ended with the Grade 2A students singing a Christmas song to the music of Greensleeves and the lighting of the Christmas tree.

On Thursday morning we held our third ES Open House of the year. The parents were welcomed by the senior leaders of the school, given a tour of the school by our teachers and a coffee/tea break before the curriculum presentations. The participants were informed about how we blend the best of China and the West into our approaches to teaching and learning within the IBPYP. After the presentations the parents asked their pressing questions and the team ably answered them.

Also on Thursday our Grade Four students went on a Field Trip to the Museum of Ethnic Culture as part of their UOI on Beliefs and Values. This field trip was planned half way through their current UOI to provide the students with an opportunity to reflect on their learning thus far and to provoke deeper critical thinking and enhanced learning experiences. From the feedback session it is clear that there was a lot more inquiring to do to answer the new questions and to make new discoveries.

Next week will be our Winter Festival week. On Monday the students will be given a question sheet that has to be researched and answered with their parents at home. Those who get all the answers right will be entered into a surprise raffle draw on Friday. There will also be a colouring competition about the symbols of Christmas. On Tuesday the students and parents who wish to participate will decorate their classrooms. The best classroom decorations will be decided on Friday. On Wednesday the students will make wrapping paper for the gifts that have been placed under the gift tree in the ES Library. On Friday Santa Claus will be visiting the classrooms to talk with the students and give them gifts. Throughout the week the students in their classes and grade levels will be performing their Christmas song or carol beside the PTA Christmas tree in the lobby.


Dates for your diary;

  • December 15th– Winter Bazaar.
  • December 17th ES Winter concert.
  • December 19th is the last day of school before the winter break and it is a half day for students and staff. Students return to school on January 7th 2019.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


BIBS Co-curriculum Department


1.YES Program:Some P.E. courses in the gym may be affected due to the Christmas activities on 13th and 14th December. These courses include Ping-pong Class,Basketball Starting Class,Junior Gymnastics and Tennis Beginner Class. We have already communicated with the parents of the students involved. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Please note that there will be no YES program from December 17th to 21st. We will contact parents if there is any make-up class.


  1. CCA:In order to ensure the continuity of the courses, students who have signed up for a certain course should stick to their own choices. There will be no course adjustment from this week. Please follow the schedule.

The CCA Badminton course on next Thursday afternoon will be held outdoors due to the Christmas activities. In case of course cancellation due to weather conditions, please go to study hall or spare study room.

Please note that there will be no CCA from December 17th to 21st.


Dongrun Campus


SEMESTER 1 STUDENT REPORTS:The Semester 1 student reports are nearing completion and all students will receive their report on Thursday, December 20.

PARENT/TEACHER CONVERSATIONS:The teachers will be hosting a set of individual parent/teacher conversations during the week of January 14-18 to review the semester 1 report, reflect on the past achievements in semester 1 and most importantly look forward into the semester 2. Short appointments during this week for times between 1:10-4:30pm can be made directly with the class teacher.

IMPORTANT SAFETY REMINDER:All parents are again asked to speak with their children and remind them to not run inside the school buildings, especially in the corridors and stairwells. We are confident that our students will respond to these consistent reminders and do their best to contribute to a safe environment for everyone.

CHINESE EXAMINATIONS:On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th, all students will participate in Chinese Examinations. Preparations for these examinations will be made for all students in class leading up to these dates.

HOLIDAY REMINDERS:The Winter holiday is from December 21 to January 6. The last day of school prior to the Winter Holidays will be a half day of school and classes will finish at 12 noon. All students will then return for the commencement of Semester 2 on Monday, January 7.

WINTER WARMTH:The weather has turned very cold this week and so it is timely that we remind parents to ensure that each child is sent to school with a large warm coat as there is a need to move outside each day. Parents are also reminded that names need to be placed on the inside of all clothing and uniform items.

CHARITY GIVING TREES:Once again at this time of the year, all classrooms have a Christmas tree and this year as a school we will be using the Christmas trees as “charity giving trees”. We are encouraging all of our Dongrun families over the next 2 weeks to bring in a small gift wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and place it under the tree in their classroom. The gifts will be given to a trusted charity that BIBS has supported for a number of years. We encourage you to support this project and speak with your children about this project. We believe that the Charity Giving Tree project will be a wonderful opportunity in this season to encourage children to think about others that are less fortunate than themselves.