BIBS  Infobyte: Dec 14, 2018


Whole School


Don’t miss the BIBS 2018 Annual Winter Bazaar tomorrow! There will be art, gifts, and joy for everyone! Join us to share and spread the festive fun between 11am – 4pm on December 15th, Saturday, 2018 at the BIBS annual winter bazaar!


Upper East Side Campus


The Spirit of Generosity & Giving– In the months of November and December, all the community at UES, students, teachers and parents, have generously demonstrated a strong ethos of ‘generosity & giving’. This has been shown in the Lego Drive, the Movember events, and the Art Auction. Thanks to everyone!

ASA Block Two Fees– The Block 2 ASA fees are due next week; please pay these in cash to the finance office in room 113

Lost & Found– Parents & students are reminded to check the Lost & Found, this is located near the medical clinic- we have a huge amount to clothing articles, water bottles, snack containers. Items will be disposed of at the beginning of the next semester, after the return from the Winter Holiday.

Congratulations to our UES Musicians– Five students are performing at the Shunyi Winter Bazaar- they have joined the BIBS ‘pop-up’ Orchestra; it is wonderful to see our students and music teachers developing this instrumental music element in UES this year!

Additional GK Class in Semester Two– After the Winter Holiday, on 14th January 2019, we will be opening the 4th GK class at UES, this class will be known as KC.

Upcoming UES Dates & Events:

  • 15th December- Shunyi Winter Bazaar
  • 17th -21st December- Block 2 ASA fees due
  • 21st December- Last day of school prior to Winter Holidays- classes finish at 12noon
  • 22nd December-6th January- Winter Holidays
  • 7th January 2019- Classes Resume
  •  And….. 28th March (Thursday) UES Spring Show

Shunyi Campus




Merry Christmas and a Happy Winter Break:On behalf of all the MSHS staff we would like to wish our students and parents a happy holiday. We hope you enjoy the extra family time and come back refreshed in the new year.

MAP Testing:MAP testing has been competed for all MSHS classes. Our intention is that all students will be tested twice a year. The next session will be scheduled towards the end of the year.

Winter Bazaar:Tomorrow (15th of December 11-4pm) the BIBS Winter Bazaar will be held at the Shunyi campus. All students G6-9 will have the opportunity to take part in running games and activities with their homerooms, while older students will be helping out in a wide range of areas. We will also have a performance by our first ever Beanstalk International Education Group combined campuses orchestra and our MSHS Jazz Band. This will be an event not to be missed. So please come along and support our students and community in making this a great day!

Half day of School before Winter Holiday:Please be aware that the 19th of December is the last day of school before the Winter Holiday. It is a half-day and Student busses will leave at 12 noon.

NO YES Program and CCA 17-19th December:Please be aware that on the last half-week of school before the Winter Holiday (17-19th December) there will be no CCA or YES Program. All student busses will leave at 3:35pm on 17-18th.


Important Dates

  • 15th December – Winter Bazaar
  • 17-19th December – No CCA or YES Program
  • 19th December – (8:30-11am) Dream time culmination
  • 19th December – Last day of school before winter break. Half Day. Buses leave @12
    20th December – 6th January – Winter Holiday
    7th January – First day of school after the Winter Holiday
    9th January – MYP & DP Coordinator Coffee Talk – Assessment & Reporting
  • 11th January – MSHS Reports issued on Managebac
    18th January – Parent Teacher Conferences




Dear Readers;

The staff from the whole school met on Monday after classes to evaluate our School Wide Learner Outcomes as part of our journey towards our WASC visit. In their focus groups they rotated around the gym visiting other groups Learner profiles and adding ideas as to our School Wide Learner Outcomes help us to make our Vision and Mission happen. They noted the teaching and learning practices that were applicable at present and how we could improve on them to enhance our practices to fully achieve our Vision and Mission. After which they selected the three key aspects and completed a rubric with the information.

At our whole school assembly on Wednesday we focused on the meaning of Christmas. It was suggested that it was not the receiving of gifts but rather the giving of gifts that was the festive spirit. Some of the Upper ES students performed a dance routine to the music of Dreams from the Greatest Show on Earth, which had been choreographed by Maddy Gray from Grade Ten thus demonstrating the aspect of giving something back to the school community. It was an amazing dance routine that brought tears of joy to those watching. Our Headmaster talked about giving at this time of the year and amending any wrong doings as well as thinking about how to change for the better for the future. After watching a video about giving, the G5A and G1B students performed Silent Night. While the Grade Five students sang it, the G1B students performed it in sign language.

This was our Winter Festival week. On Monday the students were given a question sheet that had to be researched and answered with their parents at home. Those who got all the answers right were entered into a surprise raffle draw on Friday. There was also a colouring competition about the symbols of Christmas. On Tuesday the students and parents who wish to participate decorated their classrooms. The best classroom decorations were selected on Friday. On Wednesday the students made wrapping paper for the gifts that had been placed under the gift tree in the ES Library. On Friday Santa Claus visited the classrooms to talk with the students and give them gifts. Throughout the week the students in their classes and grade levels performed their Christmas song or carol beside the PTA Christmas tree in the lobby.


Dates for your diary;


  • December 15th– Winter Bazaar.
  • December 17th ES Winter concert.
  • December 19th is the last day of school before the winter break and it is a half day for students and staff. Students return to school on January 7th 2019.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


BIBS Co-curriculum Department 


We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


1: YES Program:Please be aware that there will be no YES program 17-19th December. We have already contacted parents about the make-up classes. School buses will leave at 3:35pm on 17th and 18th and at 12 noon on 19th.

The make-up classes are as follows:

IB Science Tutorial, DP literature Lesson from Teacher Icarus, Junior Gymnastics, Ping-pong Class, Basketball Starting Class, IB Science Tutorial, EAL Tutorial (One on one)


2: CCA:Please be aware that there will be no CCA 17-19th December.


3: USAP/USAD:Students are encouraged to prepare for the competition during the holiday and please keep an eye out for the notice in our Wechat group.


Dongrun Campus


SEMESTER 1 STUDENT REPORTS:Students will receive their Semester 1 report on Thursday, December 20. Parents are encouraged to take the time to discuss the report with their child and encourage them to focus on the need to keep improving and achieving their personal best.

PARENT/TEACHER CONVERSATIONS:The teachers will be hosting a set of individual parent/teacher conversations during the week of January 14-18 to review the semester 1 report, reflect on the past achievements in semester 1 and most importantly look forward into the semester 2. Short appointments during this week for times between 1:10-4:30pm can be made directly with the class teacher.

CHINESE EXAMINATIONS:On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th, all students will participate in Chinese Examinations

HOLIDAY REMINDERS:The Winter holiday is from December 21 to January 6. The last day of school prior to the Winter Holidays will be a half day of school and classes will finish at 12 noon. All students will then return for the commencement of Semester 2 on Monday, January 7.

CHARITY GIVING TREES:A reminder that all classrooms have a Christmas tree and this year as a school we are using the Christmas trees as “charity giving trees”. We are encouraging all of our Dongrun families to bring in a small gift wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and place it under the tree in their classroom. The gifts will be given to a trusted charity that BIBS, the children in the Migrant Worker’s School. We encourage you to support this project and speak with your children about this project.

TECHNOLOGY SURVEY:Next week all parents in Grades 3-5 will receive a survey that will be used to determine the levels of interest and capacity to operate a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology program in our school. Please support us by taking a few moments to answer the 5 simple questions and return the survey to your Homeroom teacher next week.

BIBS SHUNYI MIDDLE SCHOOL PRESENTATION:Next Tuesday morning at we will have school leaders from our BIBS Shunyi campus come to Dongrun to give a presentation about Middle School in our Shunyi campus. Any interested parent is welcome to attend and find out more information about Middle School and High School at BIBS. Please contact Selena Zhang in our Admissions team for more details.