BIBS  Infobyte: Nov 30, 2018

Whole School


BIBS recognizes the important role that parents play in the education of their children and in our community. Thank you for making a concerted effort to the growth of our school and our children. We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates.  In the meantime, we wish you a very relaxing weekend!


Upper East Side Campus


UES Art Auction– Thanks to parents and students that have bought the tickets for the Art Auction. Place your tickets in the Lucky Draw Box at reception with your phone number on the back. We look forward to your support for this charity event. An invitation with some times of the performances has been sent out from our PTA.

ASA Block 2– Block 2 ASA starts next week, although there are no ASA classes on Wednesday due to the Art Auction event.

LEGO Drive– A big thanks to students that are donating some of their Lego to the STEAM classroom. We have a total of: 41.78kgs. So far, we have in weight: GK- 4.14 kg, G1- 5.95 kg, G2- 5.00 kg, G3- 8.51 kg, G4- 8.89 kg, G5- 9.29 kg. Well done to GK for their donations this week!

Movember Ends– A special thanks to all the students, parents and teachers that supported the Movember month- which was raising awareness to men’s health issues and for donations in support of Dew Drops Little Flower charity. A huge thanks to all the fathers that took time out of their busy schedules and joined their child for lunch this week- it was lovely to have you here. Special thanks to Ms Claire for driving this event!

Health Notices

  1. Over these next weeks the food provider has taken pork off the menu, we will continue to monitor the situation. There is an increase in some of the other meats in the menu due to this change.
  2. At this time of the year, our community members (students & teachers) are more susceptible to infectious diseases like flu and gastroenteritis. At BIBS, we have increased our cleaning and sanitizing procedures at this time. Please support us in keeping any child at home who is sick, and inform the nurses at UES medical clinic regarding the health status of your child.

G5 Parents Information Session for BIBS Shunyi MSHS (Middle School & High School)- On Friday 7th December, the MSHS Principal-Caleb Archer, MYP Coordinator-Terry Linton & Counsellor –Gerald Anthony, will give an information session about the MS at Shunyi to G5 parents in the UES Auditorium from 9:00-10:00. We welcome parents to join us this day. Please also be informed that there will be scheduled tours of the Shunyi MSHS in January 2019. Shunyi has an MSHS Open House on 5th December, and can’t attend the tours in January please the Director of Admissions regarding the Open House next week.

Upcoming UES Dates & Events:

  •  3rd-7th December – Block 2 ASA starts
  • 5th December- Silent Art Auction (No ASA)
  • 7th December- Reports Published on ManageBac
  • 13th December- Student-Led Conferences Day (No ASA)
  • 15th December- Shunyi Winter Bazaar
  • 21st December- Last day of school prior to Winter Holidays- classes finish at   12 noon
  • 22nd December-6th January- Winter Holidays
  • 7th January 2019- Classes Resume
  • 31st  January 2019- Last day of school prior to the Spring Festival Holiday/CNY- classes finish at 4pm  (No ASA)
  • 19th-20th February- Practice Days for ISA (G3-G5)
  • 25th– 27th February- International Schools Assessment (G3-G5)
  • And….. 28th March (Thursday) UES Spring Show


Shunyi Campus

Health Notice

It’s high prevalent of infectious disease in Winter and Autumn. BIBS has already strengthened the cleaning and sterilising in classrooms, kitchen and public areas. In order to make a better, healthy, hygiene environment and encourage students to develop good health habits, we have provided Hand Sanitiser in public areas in both ES and MSHS buildings.

If your kid doesn’t feel well, please see a doctor in time and inform the homeroom teacher as well as nurse office at once.




IBDP Exams – James Sutcliffe IBDP Coordinator:At the end of each semester our G11 and G12 students sit mock diploma exams. This semester the exams will be from the 10th to the 14th December. These exams test the students upon the content they have learnt and the skills they have developed in their diploma subjects. The results from these exams will make up a big percentage of students’ final grades for the semester.

We strongly recommend that students begin revision for these exams as soon as possible. Revision can take many forms and students need to tailor it to their particular learning needs. Though students need to remember that Active revision is much more effective than passive revision. Passive revision is associated with such activities as reading notes, and copying material. Active revision is concerned with using and organizing material.


Student Photos:Students each brought home their photo samples today. If you would like to purchase photos please follow the instructions in the photo pack. If your child was absent during photos, there will be a follow up photo shoot later in the year.


Service Action – Jason Adams MSHS Service Action Coordinator:Want to know what is the latest student news and events happening at BIBS? Then you should pick up a copy of What’s Up BIBS? This student-driven school magazine recently released its first ever copy, and it was a hit with the student body. Everyone involved deserves a big round of applause, and thank you to Stuart Morris and Austin Parker for supervising this service action group. If you have any questions feel free to email Mr. Morris at , Mr. Parker at or the Service Action Coordinator, Jason Adams, at We cannot wait for the second edition!


Changes coming up in the MSHS:After the winter break we have some small but important changes happening in the MSHS. Each change actually is worthy of it’s own infobyte but I will list them briefly here and add additional detail over the next few weeks.

House System: All students are currently part of one of the four houses: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. This next semester there will be regular house competitions and events. This also means that the lunch format will be modified to allow for combined student events at lunchtimes.

Lockers: Students will all have access to individual lockers and a bag drop area next semester to help in keeping our hallways and lobby safe and hazard free.

Chinese Individuals and Societies: Our individuals and Societies (I&S) course will now have both an English and Chinese language component and cover elements of Chinese History and Geography.

Dreamtime Celebration of Learning

Important Dates

  • 26 Nov-14 Dec – MAP Testing
  • 10-14th December – IBDP Exam Week
  • 13-14th December – BIEG Orchestra Practice
  • 15th December – Winter Bazaar
  • 19th December – Dream time culmination
  • 19th December – Last day of school before winter break




Dear Readers;

The whole school met on Monday evening to share their feedback from the workshops earlier this month. These workshops were about Social and Emotional Learning, Transdisciplinary Learning, Positive/Assertive Behaviour, The role of the Librarian and Making the PYP Happen. In small discussions groups they shared their takeaways, and created action plans for the rest of the year.

At our whole school assembly on Wednesday we focused on excellence within our school community. This month we have been focusing on the learner profile ‘Thinker’. The following students in the ES displayed exceptional thinking skills and were awarded certificates for their efforts; Angie Chu (KA), Hanson Gao (KB), April Xue (1A), Leo He (1B), Issac Wu (2A), Maria Ma (2B), Amy Gao (3A), Neil Yang (3B), Emma Chen (4A), Yian Rao (4B), Mark Wang (5A), Wennie Yu (5B).

There were also awards for members of the ES staff who had displayed a level of excellence towards their profession; Emma Xu, Carey Abel, Cathy Li, Jane Lourie, Caterina Lv and Alisa Rutherford.

Additionally, we acknowledged the great achievements of Angel Ma and Sherry Zhao from Grade 5A who have been busy participating in a Chinese reading comprehension and interpretation competition here in Beijing. These students had to demonstrate their understanding of a chosen text then retell the story by including themselves into the script in an imaginative way.

Also on Wednesday, 2A had the opportunity to visit the students of BIK Shunyi to read stories to them. The 2A students were very eager and excited to step into the role of a teacher and read to them. It was a great opportunity and experience for them to recall their own kindergarten years. From the feedback all in attendance enjoyed the reading sessions. These visits to BIK Shunyi have initialed a lot of interest in collaboration with our neighbours and we cannot wait to do more sharing sessions with BIK!

Furthermore, on Wednesday Grade 3B were lucky to welcome a parent, who works as an architect, to come and speak to the students as they are currently studying about structures. They were very excited to have this opportunity and worked in their groups to come up with some exciting questions. Students spent an hour asking and listening to the replies from the parent, and many students told us they learnt a lot from this experience.

We have had a wonderful response for the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) trip to Shanghai in February 2019. Those who have been fortunate to secure a place will be practicing their piece for the event until then and will have a wonderful opportunity to share it and learn with others about the rudiments of the arts while in Shanghai.

Dates for your diary;

  •  December 3rd to 7th ES Art week.
  •  December 4th ES Principals Coffee/tea morning in the ES canteen at 08:30am.
  •  December 6th will be an ES Open House for new parents for next year.
  •  December 10th to 14th Winter Festival week
  •  December 15th– Winter Bazaar.
  •  December 17th ES Winter concert.
  • December 19th is the last day of school before the winter break. Students return to school on January 7th 2019.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


BIBS Co-curriculum Department

1.YES Program

Some courses in the gym may be affected due to the Christmas activities around next Thursday. Please keep an eye out for the email notification.


  1. CCA

The new CCA has been launched. Please be familiar with the schedule and attend the course on time. You can always check the bulletin board in the lobby for information. If there is any omission or adjustment, please go to office 217 at recess time.



The training sessions were held as scheduled on November 27th and 28th. Students are encouraged to prepare for the competition according to the schedule and strictly abide by the class order.


Dongrun Campus


FIELD TRIPS:This week we sent all Grades on Field Trips to the following locations and we are very pleased to report that all students represented their school very well and participated in fantastic learning experiences. Kindergarten visited Oco Park, Grade 1 and 2 visited the Beijing Science and Technology Museum, Grade 3 visited Ultra Space, Grade 4 went to the National Museum and Grade 5 visited the Beijing Planetarium. These field trips are another reminder to us all that learning is meant to be enjoyable and can take place anywhere.

CHOIR PERFORMANCE:Congratulations to all members of the school choir for their wonderful performance at the Conrad Hotel on Tuesday evening. All parents can be extremely proud of not just the beautiful singing and performance on stage but also the manner with which the students conducted themselves in public and represented their school so well. There was a large crowd with some very special guests in the audience such as the Ambassador for Sri Lanka and the performances was very well received by the audience. A special mention and thankyou to our Music teacher for the many hours of training and coaching to the choir to get these students ready for their performance.

ASA:This was the last week for the ASA Block 1. There will be two make-up days next week and details have been provided to parents via wechat. ASA Block 2 will start after the Winter Holiday.

SEMESTER 1 STUDENT REPORTS:The Semester 1 student reports will be handed out on Thursday, December 20. An opportunity for parent and teacher interviews will be provided after the Winter Holiday in an effort to look forward into the semester 2 as well as reflecting on the past achievements in semester 1.

IMPORTANT SAFETY REMINDER:All parents are asked to speak with their children and remind them to not run inside the school buildings, especially in the corridors and stairwells. We are certain that our staff who have consistently reminded students to not run but to walk sensibly and safely inside the buildings will appreciate parents’ assistance in reinforcing this important safety message.

HOLIDAY REMINDERS:The Winter holiday is from December 21 to January 6. The last day of school prior to the Winter Holidays will be a half day of school and classes will finish at 12 noon. All students will then return for the commencement of Semester 2 on Monday, January 7.