BIBS Infobyte: Nov 2, 2018

Whole School

Thank you all for another energetic and engaging week at BIBS! We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates.  In the meantime, we wish you a very relaxing weekend. Remember to move in Movember!

Upper East Side Campus

Health Notice- On Thursday and Friday of this week we have had a large number of students presenting with the symptoms of gastroenteritis- this is commonly known as stomach flu and is typical in autumn and spring. The UES Medical Clinic has issued a public notice informing parents to watch for symptoms. Any sick students should remain at home until fully recovered. Please contact Nurse Liu or Nurse Xu if you have any questions.

 School Closed 8th-9th November for Students– Parents are reminded, following the published BIBS calendar, UES is closed for students on the 8th– 9th November, as the teaching Staff will be participating in three-days of Professional Training and Development.

‘Movember’ has arrived at UES!-In November, all around the world, ‘Movember’ is recognised as a time to bring awareness for men’s cancer. Many fundraising events take place…. including at UES, male staff growing moustaches and beards during this month.

Silent Art Auction (5th December)– UES will, for a second year, hold a Silent Art Auction of student, teacher and parents’ art work. This will be on the evening of the 5th December so please mark the date in your calendars. The art work must be the work of the individuals in our UES community and can be craft or art work that can be created from a variety of mediums. The art teachers will send home a permission letter regarding student work. Last year we raised over 60,000RMB with this event. Like last year, as part of the event, we will have performances by our chorus and dance ensembles.  Anyone interested in contributing to the Silent Art Auction should contact the art teacher Mr Jonathan ( or Jessie Ru, the office PA

Upcoming UES Dates & Events:

8th & 9th November – PD Days- school closed for students

14th November- AMC8 Mathematics Competition

19th-23rd November – Literacy Week

5th December- Silent Art Auction

7th December- Reports Published on Managebac

13th December- Student-Led Conferences Day

15th December- Shunyi Winter Bazaar

And….. 28th March (Thursday) UES Spring Show


Shunyi Campus


Dear Parents,

“Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three.” — Confucius

Last week I mentioned the list of ‘teachers’ that we traditionally refer to as having the biggest influence on students in Middle and High schools.

  1. Their parents and community
  2. School teachers
  3. The environment

I also briefly touched on the role of parents and the home-school partnership. This is crucial in helping Middle School students be successful. This week I would like to talk about ‘teacher’ number 2. Your child’s subject teachers.

 School teachers

The teachers at BIBS are without exception Education Professionals. Each one is dedicated to the teaching profession and to seeing students achieve in their chosen subject areas. So what makes great teachers? According to research the biggest impact teachers have on student learning and success include: the way they relate personally to and empathize with students, how clearly they communicate the objectives and path to success in their subject, and how effective they are in designing learning activities which engage students and give them ownership of their learning (Hattie, 2009. ).

Now that (overly condensed) list was reading quite well… role model and empathize, clear communication, so far so good… then came everything else which actually makes up most of what teachers do and what students experience! But that is the way it actually goes. If a student does not like or respect a teacher, or feel that a teacher does like or respect them everyone struggles. If communication and expectations are not clear everyone is frustrated and struggles. But once you get past those two big (and obvious) criteria, you have teaching and learning. Teachers planning and working to fill every class with those teachable moments that engage and connect with students and providing constant feedback on performance and progress.

But as parents what are the things you should be looking for:

  1. Does my child feel safe, happy and respected by their teachers?
  2. Does my child know what they need to do to be academically successful?
  3. Does my child know how to get help, in any area, if they need it?

If you can quickly answer yes to these questions then your child’s rate of learning is being enhanced by their teachers. If you can not answer yes, then please talk to your child’s personal tutor or myself so we can discuss the situation with you further.

Kind regards,

Caleb Archer

Fitness testing

This week out Grade 6-9 students completed the fitness testing as required by the Education Bureau. I watched a number of classes and it was great to see the effort put in by students. These fitness tests will become an annual requirement for all students, so we will look forward to seeing how students are progressing and staying healthy in future years.

PD Days

Thursday and Friday November 8th – 9th are both staff professional development days. Teachers will be taking part in IB workshops at WAB, and IB Social & Emotional Learning workshop at the Shunyi campus, or in IB MYP Planning and Development sessions. On these days there are not classes for students.

BIBS Orchestra

Our BIBS combined campuses orchestra will be practicing as a group next week for the first time. They are starting their preparations for their performance at the Christmas Bazar. I am looking forward to the start of the first of many great events coming up.

School Photos

13th and 14th of November are the MSHS Photos Days. Photos will be starting at 8:15am and running through the two days. Please ensure that your child(ren) are on time in the morning and wearing correct school uniform every day.




Dear Readers;

As stated previously this month’s Monday ES staff meetings have been focusing on our journey towards our WASC visit in March next year. This is a valuable opportunity to reflect on our overall practices that are fundamental to the well being of our students at BIBS. The focus and home groups are starting to collate all their data, which, will be shared, with all the staff of BIBS Shunyi in the near future. These sessions are nearing their completion and soon we will be discussing our feedback with the whole school.

On Wednesday we had an ES assembly. This was our monthly recognition of excellence assembly. The following ES students received awards for displaying the attribute of the IB Learner Profile being ‘Reflective’; Felix Li, 5B; Garry Gao, 5A; Kathy Kang, 4B; Oscar Li, 4A; Tony Yang, 3B; Oscar Liu, 3A; Ian Chen, 2B; Michael Gao, 2A; Steven Yu, 2A; Kevin Cui, 1B; James Adams, 1A; Richard Ni, KB and Owen Gao, KA. The following teachers also received awards of excellence for their continued passionate contributions to the learning journey of the ES; Adam Proctor, Wendy LU, Jane Lourie, Zoe Yuan, Wesley Hedder and Lee Li.

Wednesday October 31st was Halloween. The ES Halloween Committee put together a wonderful schedule of events for the ES students and staff with the support of their colleagues. The classrooms were decorated and fun activities took place within and out with them. There was face painting, costume designing, a costume parade, and awards for the scariest and most original costumes. The kitchen staff invited the classes down to show them how to make Halloween cakes. There was the traditional trick or treating as well. Thank you to all those involved and to the BIK children for joining in with our celebrations. Also a very big thank you to the PTA and the parents who attended.

On Saturday November 3rd BIBS Shunyi will be hosting a table tennis event at our campus from 9am to 1pm, you are welcome to come along and support our competitors. We wish all our participants the very best. We will report on it next week.

*****Please note that there will be no school for Elementary students on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of November due to the in-house IB staff training workshops.

Dates for your diary;

November 8th to 9th is Professional Development.

November 12th to 14th will be a whole school photo shoot.

November 23rd Thanksgiving.

December 3rd to 7th ES Art week.

December 10th to 14th Winter Festival week

December 14th ES Winter concert.

December 15th– Winter Bazaar.

December 19th is the last day of school before the winter break. Students return to school on January 7th 2019.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


YES Program

YES Program has been running for 6 weeks, and please note that we do not have class next week. Students can review and practice the knowledge that they have learned in class.

1)   There will be no school on November 8th and 9th due to the in-house teaching staff training workshops.

2)  There will be make-up lessons on November 5th, 6th and 7th. If your child needs to attend one of these lessons, you will receive an email reminder. Please check your email.

3)  The first three batches of refund requests have been processed. Please pay attention to WeChat refund reminder. The list of the fourth batch has been submitted, and the refund process will come to an end. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

4)   If your child wants to enroll for any course, please email or call 64560618-121.

5)  In order to collect comments and suggestions, we made a questionnaire. We will be grateful if you

are willing to spend a few minutes filling it out.


6)   6: The questionnaire of Session 2 will also be carried out across the whole school soon. Parents are welcome to send your demand to the email:, so that we can select the courses that will better fit your needs.

Dongrun Campus


As part of our commitment to providing our students with an international cultural experience we held a Halloween Dress up day on Wednesday. There was a lot of fun for all students with this year’s Halloween activities led by our Culture and Festivals Team. There was a rotation of activities during the afternoon, such as a cake walk, ring toss, Halloween Bingo, Bobbing for Apples, face painting, Musical Chairs – Halloween style, Halloween Bowling and a Halloween dance room. Staff and student dress up prizes for the best costumes on the day will be announced on Monday at the assembly.


Reminder that next week on November 8-10 (Thursday and Friday), there will be no school for our students due to the Staff Professional Development that will be taking place.


Parents are advised that we have changed our Winter holiday dates- the 3rd and 4th January are now also included in the Winter Holiday. All students and teachers will return to classes on the 7th January, 2019.


Parents are asked to provide their ongoing support with regards to an important safety matter. Students must not bring toy guns or any kind of toy weapons, including knives to school. Laser pointers are also banned from school. Any of these items found at school will be confiscated, not returned to students and can only be collected by a parent in person. It goes without saying that any real weapons are strictly banned! Parents need to be aware of the contents of their child’s bag and not permit any of these items to be taken to school.


Please remember to label all uniform clothing items with your child’s name so that we can return the uniform if it becomes lost. Also, now that it is getting colder please remember to send your child in the full winter uniform as well as a warm coat.


The student Influenza Vaccination notice was sent to students to take home this week. If you would like your child to be vaccinated or have any questions, contact Sara Yan or CC Shi, 010-84566019-207.


November 12-16 – Mathematics week

November 27-30 – Grade-based Field Trips

November 28 – Christmas Choir Performance at Conrad Beijing Hotel