BIBS  Infobyte: Nov 16, 2018

Whole School

BIBS recognizes the important role that parents play in the education of their children and in our community. Thank you for making a concerted effort to the growth of our school and our children. We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates.  In the meantime, we wish you a very relaxing weekend!


Upper East Side Campus


ASA Block 2 Registration- Parents are reminded, this closes at 4pm on Monday 19th November.

 UES House T-Shirts– The 2018 House t-shirts were distributed to each student this week. House t-shirts can be worn on PE days and also can be worn when your child is competing in House Competitions, e.g. House Dodge Ball, House Spelling Bee… etc. House points are collected for positive behaviour across the school not just in homerooms.

UES Art Auction– An information PDF has been sent out about the Charity group PROJECT CANDY in the homeroom wechat groups on Friday. This is the identified charity that the Art Auction is supporting this year. Please put the date of the 5th December in your diary. The UES Chorus, Dance Ensemble and PTA Choir will all perform at this community and social event.

Recommendation Letters/Forms– UES teachers and the UES office receive many requests for school recommendation letters, please make sure you pass them to teachers and allow them a week to complete, completed letters are stamped and sent directly to the school requesting the reference (admission office to admission office). They are a confidential reference and are not given to the parents, this is usually clearly stated on the letters/forms.

Travel Documents/Certificates– As we get closer to the Winter Holiday and Chinese New Year Holiday, please plan requests in advance for any travel documents/certificates from the UES office.

Tuition Fees for Semester Two– This week, parents that pay tuition fees per semester were issued with their child’s Semester Two invoice- prompt payment is appreciated, the deadline for payment is the 30th November.  Please be reminded that non-payment of the semester tuition fees will stop the issuing of the child’s report on 7th December.

LEGO Drive– A big thanks to students that are donating some of their Lego to the STEAM classroom. We have three grades giving quite a lot, G2, G3 & G4! We will continue with this for several weeks.

Literacy Week- Next week, we are celebrating and promoting Literacy Week- the schedule is posted around the school; homeroom & specialists will have informed their classes of special activities.

Written Reports Issued– On the 7th December we will issue the first written reports, parents are reminded this is in a PDF format and on their child’s ManageBac (MB) account. In August, the login changed: – Parents need to remember their login in details- admissions staff can help with this. Please check your child’s details- especially their Chinese character name as it cannot be changed after publishing reports as a PDF.

Upcoming UES Dates & Events:

Ø   19thNovember 4pm- Deadline for ASA Block 2 Registrations

Ø   19th-23rd November – Block 1 ASA Make-up week (the final classes)

Ø   19th-23rd November – Literacy Week

Ø   3rd -7th December – Block 2 ASA starts

Ø   5th December- Silent Art Auction (No ASA)

Ø   7th December- Reports Published on ManageBac

Ø   13th December- Student-Led Conferences Day (No ASA)

Ø   15th December- Shunyi Winter Bazaar

Ø   21st December- Last day of school prior to Winter Holidays- classes finish at 4pm

Ø   22nd December-6th January- Winter Holidays

Ø   7th January 2019- Classes Resume

Ø   And….. 28th March (Thursday) UES Spring Show


Shunyi Campus


BIBS Shunyi School MENU 11.19-11.30






STEAM Week is a week long celebration held jointly by the Science and Arts Departments to promote both the Scientific and the Creative approaches to learning and it will begin on Monday 19th November.

There will be a full program of activities during next week, culminating on Wednesday afternoon with all students enjoying at least one session of both Art and Science activities, and then leading up to the talent show finale on Friday.

STEAM Week begins on Monday morning with a whole- school assembly to introduce the festivities, with contributions from students.

Break Times will have science practical demonstrations outside in the play areas, and lunchtimes sees the arts department holding a number of creative activities including practice rehearsals for the talent show as well as preparations for the BIBS stage production of Wizard of Oz.

Wednesday afternoon assembly will focus on IB learning in Science, with the afternoon activities to follow. These activities will give the Students opportunities to take part in Art workshops and Science experiments during the afternoon in a comprehensive celebration of all things Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths based learning-  STEAM Week!

After School Maths Support – Mr Emil Jamrich Subject Group Leader Mathematics
Starting this week, the Mathematics Department will organize regular additional support for our students. The support will be provided 4 times a week, during the CCA blocks in following classrooms: Tuesday、Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – room 318, and is aimed at students who want to improve their mathematical skills, have questions regarding maths or need any help. Further support during the breaks can be organized on an individual basis if required.

Important Dates

Ø   19-23rd November – Science and Arts week

Ø   23rd November – MSHS Talent Show

Ø   10-14th December – IBDP Exam Week

Ø   13-14th December – BIEG Orchestra Practice

Ø   15th December – Winter Bazaar

Ø   19th December – Dream time culmination

Ø   19th December – Last day of school before winter break




Dear Readers;

The beginning of the week experienced a flying start with our yearly photo shoot. Monday was the turn of the ES students and staff. This year we have enlisted the services of a new company and they seem to be much more tuned into our needs than in previous years. The students had a great time sprucing themselves up for their moment in the spotlight. Some of us needed more work than others.

We have been making great strides with the MAP testing over the past two weeks. The entire Grade three, four and five students have completed the test. Next week it will be Grade two and any make-ups or new students. It has been a wonderful learning experience for all the students and staff alike.

Last weekend, there were two in-house workshops on Transdisciplinary Learning and Social and Emotional Learning. Also some of our teachers went to WAB to participate in the Librarian and Making the PYP Happen (Chinese) workshops. There is a buzz of excitement around school now, which bodes well as we aim to enhance our current teaching and learning practices for our students’ overall well-being as a result of these training days.

Our Headmaster has been talking with some of the ES students this week. Mr Sheridan held a meeting with our senior students from Grade Five about their current inquiry, aspirations and wishes for themselves and the school. Later on he met with the ES Student Council reps from each class to have a general discussion about school life, through asking what the students have been talking about around school and in their classes. There will be follow up meetings with our Headmaster as he seeks to give our students a greater voice within our school.

As next week will include Thanksgiving Day on November 22nd the ES staff have arranged for a number of different activities to take place to celebrate it. The theme for the week is ‘Live with thankfulness’. The first activity is about expressing love from the heart, which will entail the students writing thank you cards to friends, family and others. They will also be creating a Thanksgiving poster during the week in their classrooms to express what being thankful means to them. Each class will also prepare a donation box containing clothes and other useful items for an orphanage in Sichuan Province, China. Parents are also welcome to donate item for this cause as well.

Dates for your diary;

Ø   November 27th will be an ES Open House for new parents for next year.

Ø   December 3rd to 7th ES Art week.

Ø   December 4th ES Principals Coffee/tea morning in the ES canteen at 0830am.

Ø   December 10th to 14th Winter Festival week

Ø   December 15th– Winter Bazaar.

Ø   December 17th ES Winter concert.

Ø   December 19th is the last day of school before the winter break. Students return to school on January 7th 2019.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


BIBS Co-curriculum Department 

 1、  YES Program

The Session 2 is now under preparation. Please take the time to fill out our questionnaire, which will allow you to provide feedback and suggestions.

If you child is in K-G5, please follow this link:

if you child is in G6-G12, please follow this link:


2United States Academic Decathlon(USAD) / United States Academic Pentathlon(USAP)

MSHS will team up for the USAD and USAP in Chengdu in February next year and our training will begin on 27th Nov. Registration is still in progress. Please encourage your child to attend the competition. USAD/ USAP provides students with the chance to master high-level materials and to practice skills, like public speaking. It is also a great opportunity for students to broad their horizons and to meet new excellent peers.

Parents are welcome to join our Wechat group for more information.

If your child(ren) is in Grade 6-8, please scan:

If your child(ren) is in Grade 9-12, please scan:


  1. Next CCA Registeration will open next week!


Dongrun Campus



We are pleased to report that the Mathematics activities and competitions was a wonderful success this week. It was great to see the enthusiasm for Mathematics learning amongst all of the classes. Many thanks to the Chinese Mathematics teachers for organizing this week of activities.



We would like to request all parents to consider the time of day when sending messages to the class Wechat groups. Sending messages after 7:00pm is not a good practice as it does not promote a balanced lifestyle for all members in the group, especially the teaching staff.



Next week the PTA have organized a parent workshop with our wonderful Psychologist, Kerri Wang on the topic of ‘How to Respond to Your Child’s Needs’. Miss Wang will list some common children’s troubles. How parents respond; How to understand the child’s needs; What kind of response would be more helpful. The workshop will be held on Thursday at 2:20-3:50 p.m. All parents are welcome to attend.



On behalf of all teachers, we wish to thank all parents that have been diligently supporting their child’s education requiring their child to practice their reading and complete other homework task at home. Without doubt though the most important type of homework is always to build up a healthy love and base of reading that encourages a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge. Consistent daily reading for all students regardless of what grade they are in is an essential component of a student’s academic ability and potential. It is also helpful for parents to read to their children and listen to them read aloud as well as allowing their children to see them as parents read for their own pleasure.



November 27-30 – Grade-based Field Trips

November 28 – Christmas Choir Performance at Conrad Beijing Hotel