BIBS Infobyte: Sept 21, 2018

Whole School

Thank you all for another energetic and engaging week at BIBS! We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates.  In the meantime, we wish you a very relaxing weekend and a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Make sure you have some yummy moon cakes with your family and friends!

Upper East Side Campus

Parent Survey– As part of our school’s reflective and strategic process we will be sending out an online parent survey. We appreciate the feedback we receive from the parent community- thanks in advance for those completing the online survey.

Mid-Autumn Festival– We wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival with their families. We wish everyone a happy holiday and safe travels.

G4 Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting– On Wednesday 26th September at 9:00-11:00, in the auditorium (2F), we have a parent meeting with Ms Annie and Ms Felicity about G4 curriculum, procedures and events for this year. If you have any questions, please send them to before 12 noon on Monday.

G5 Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting– On Wednesday 26th September at 13:30-15:30, in the auditorium (2F), we have a parent meeting with Ms Annie and Ms Felicity about G5 curriculum, procedures and events for this year. If you have any questions, please send them to before 12 noon on Monday.

Scholastic Catalogues will have been issued today or Tuesday, please look through them with your child, to identify books you may wish to buy for them. Scholastic have moved to an online platform this year for ordering and payment with wechat. It is new and we are working to get clarity on the process. We will send out more information next week.

House System– We have now initiated the collecting of House points that gets shared at the weekly assemblies. Each student is a member of a House ( Water, Wind, Fire & Earth). Students get house points for positive behaviour and making good choices while in classes, during lunch and at recesses.

Vaccination Information (GK, G1 & G4)- Students in GK, G1 & G4 have received vaccination information from the UES medical clinic. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Liu or Nurse Xu.

Winter Uniform– As we are now moving towards cooler weather, please ensure you child has the appropriate uniform and clothing for this season. As we move to the winter uniform please add black shoes as part of the uniform.

Student Absence– Parents are required to inform the HR teacher of a child’s absence from school. We document and categorise all absences- please indicate the reason for the absence. Notification to the teacher is best done on the day or the following day. Attendance data is recorded on the published written reports and these cannot be corrected/adjusted once published.

Transportation Changes– During the teaching day, teachers should be engaged with the students and not checking wechat messages. When informing the HR teachers of changes to transportation (bus/pick-up) arrangements, then parents need to inform HR teachers in the morning or at the latest by the last recess time for their child LE-14:20 and UE- 14:40. Not close to 4pm, when the teacher is busy with the end of day pack up routines.

Shunyi Campus

YES Program

One September 20th Friday, there will be no YES class due to the three-way conference. Friday’s YES classes will postpone accordingly.

Two: September 24th – October 8th (Monday-Friday), there will be no YES classes due to the Mid-autumn holiday, MSHS camp and national holiday. YES classes will start from October 8th (Monday).

Three: Students allow to try the YES classes in the first week and adjust classes in the second week. If you want to adjust or quit your YES classes, please contact us before 10:00pm today. No more changes after 10:00pm today(September 21st). ES contact information: . MSHS contact information:

Four: Refund procedure will start next week. We will charge you for or credit you with the difference based on your total payment and students’ actual classes.

If you have any questions, please contact:

ES contact information: . MSHS contact information:



Dear Parents,

Three-way conferences took place today and for many parents this was the first time they met their child’s Personal Tutor. The Personal Tutor system is new to BIBS this year and represents our ongoing support for students as they strive for excellence. Thank you to all the parents who took the time to attend the conference. If you were unable to attend, please remember that you are welcome to make an alternative time to speak with your child’s personal tutor.

In the Middle and High School parents will receive academic reports twice a year, with the final report representing the full year’s academic work. The purpose of a report card is to inform a child’s parents of his or her academic progress during the school year. Many parents consider it the MOST important document that they receive from the school. However, what is most important is the communication and the interaction between the parents and the school and the ongoing support students receive at home. Our Personal Tutors are an important link between home and school and we look forward to seeing the positive impact this program has on our community.

Kind regards,

Caleb Archer

Mid-Autumn Festival

On Wednesday our students enjoyed making moon cakes and lanterns as part of the Mid-Autumn Festival activities. I would like to thank our Chinese staff for the hard work they do to ensure that students are proud of their cultural heritage and enjoy sharing their culture with the non-Chinese staff and students in our community.

Also, from all the staff in the MSHS, we hope you all enjoy your long weekend and the extra family time that it provides. We look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday

Camp Update

Next week 136 of our MS students will be attending the ‘Civilisation’ camp in Huairou. If your child is attending please make sure that you are part of the PTA WeChat group so you can receive photos and updates during the week.

Important Dates

  • 24th September – Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday (School Closed)
  • 25-27 September – G6-8 Camp
  • 1-5 October – National Holidays (School Closed)
  • 15-19 October – Literacy and Book Week
  • 29th October – 2nd November – Counselling Week


On Monday the ES staff had a presentation from the MAP representative in Beijing, about the steps towards us implementing their assessment programme at our school. After the Mid-autumn festival break we will be introducing this holistic assessment programme throughout the whole school to assist us in our efforts to meet the needs of all our students.

On Tuesday there were two field trips in ES. The Grade Two students visited Sunvillage Orphanage to hand over the items they had gathered during the past weeks. They were given a tour of the facilities and met with the children who were very happy to receive their gifts. The Grade Five students went to the 798 Art District in Beijing to provide them with an opportunity to see how people can express themselves differently through art.

During the whole school assembly on Wednesday the following students received awards for their outstanding demonstration of the respective attributes of the Learner Profile. Sabrina Huang G1A-Caring, Max Tian G2B-Open-minded, Igor Muebe G3A-Caring and Sherry Zhao G5A-Principled. After which the MSHS students presented some songs about the Mid-Autumn festival.

Also on Wednesday Grade Four went to Chaoyang Park. This provided the students with an opportunity to reflect on how internal and external factors can influence their well-being. It was apparent that they were having a great time as they forgot to take note of the actual time and thus arrived back at school later than expected.

This week it was the first of three main events whereby the parents can sit down and have a chat with the classroom teachers about how their child is progressing. On Friday we had our three-way conference-goal setting meeting with the parents. There was a healthy turnout from the parents and most appeared to leave satisfied with them.

On Wednesday September 26th we will be having a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration from 1:30-3:30. The celebrations will start in the gym and be continued in the students’ classrooms. Parents are more than welcome and to get involved in this event.

Please note that next week;

  • Monday is a national holiday and there will be no school.
  • Also next week there will be no YES programme after school.

Dates for your diary;

  • October 10th ES Principal Parent Coffee Morning.
  • October 15th to 19th ES Literacy week.
  • October 24th to 26th Obido books will be present in the school.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.

Dongrun Campus


Welcome to our newest Foreign staff member, Mia Templeton who joined us this week from Texas, USA and will be the Homeroom teacher of Grade 3A students. Her many years of experience and university training will be a great asset for our school.


Our Culture and Festivals team prepared a wonderful celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival today. All students had 5 different activities to rotate between in the afternoon. Many staff and students were dressed in traditional Chinese clothing from various Dynasties which made the day a lot of fun for all involved. There was Craft activities, Mooncake making, Appreciation of traditional Mid-Autumn Festival poetry, sharing riddles and a fun activity of photo taking in traditional costumes.


Next Wednesday morning our final Grade parent morning tea for Grade 4&5 parents will be on between 9:00-10:00am


IPC reports for the first unit will be sent home at the end of next week by our English teachers. This is intended to provided summary information of student achievement and is expressed in terms of a ‘beginning’, ‘developing’ and ‘mastering’ achievement grade against the stated learning goals of the IPC unit.


The Parent representatives have been selected from most classes and will form the new PTA this year. There are a number of classes that have no representation at this stage and so we encourage parents from 1A, 2B, 3A and 4B to consider being involved this year.


Parents are reminded that there is no school on Monday 24th September due to the Mid-Autumn festival and the following week is also a holiday for national day for the whole week.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all families!