BIBS Infobyte: Oct 12, 2018

 Whole School

Thank you all for another energetic and engaging week at BIBS! We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates.  In the meantime, we wish you a very relaxing weekend.

Upper East Side Campus

Scholastic– The Scholastic catalogues were issued this week. The selection and registration are now using an online system, and has had a few glitches to start with but seems to be sorted out now. The deadline for ordering books is Monday 15th October.

Open House– For your information, UES will host Open House admissions events on several Wednesdays in the next few months for the new SY2019-2020 enrolments. Open House consists of information sessions in the auditorium and school tours.

ASA Fee Payments Outstanding– We have 41 parents that have received a reminder letter about late payment of fees. Reports will not be issued for parents with outstanding ASA fees and students will also be excluded from the next ASA block.

Cold Weather– Now that the colder weather has arrived, students should be changing into their Winter uniform. All jackets, coats and hoodies must be labelled with your child’s name and class. These articles of clothing are often put-on and taken-off throughout the day- depending where the students may be; so they can get left all over the school, they need to be labelled.

Increase to the Lunch Fees– Today, a letter has been issued, from the BIBS Operations Department, stating there is an increase to all the lunch fees, this is also for those that have for the past years had the lunch fee included in the overall tuition fee.  All parents need to take note of this additional charge and the deadline for payment.

School Photographs “Make-Up” session for absent students– On Thursday, we will have the individual photographs taken for the students absent from the previous photo session. If your child was absent, they need to be dressed in the same uniform “PE or Formal” as the rest of the class from the previous session.

Student Council Group Photo– All the student council need to have their grey formal uniform also for next Thursday, as we will do a group photo of all the SC representatives.

 Shunyi Campus


Dear Parents,

Welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed the National Holiday’s and the extra family time that they provided. I wanted to start with a thank you to parents for ensuring that students were in correct school uniform on the first day back. The Grade Level Leaders, who check uniform in the mornings, reported that 97% of students were in correct uniform. As the weather gets cooler, please ensure that your child also has a suitable plain black outer layer that they can wear. If you have any questions about uniform or want to check what is appropriate before you purchase items, please contact your child’s grade Level Leader and show them a picture of the item. They are always happy to help.

On a separate note, today was a busy day for MSHS teachers. Our drama students are at a theatre performance of Rent, our G10 field trip just returned from the 798 Arts district, and the G10 and IBDP Visual Art students are on an overnight trip in the Hutong area. Next week is literacy week so I am looking forward to seeing a range of activities to engage students in reading and more.

Kind regards,

Caleb Archer

MAP Testing – Monday 22nd to Friday 26th October

As part of developing a comprehensive assessment program, we have been implementing a number of high quality standardized assessments that measure students’ current achievement levels in particular subject areas. This year, for the first time, for English reading, science and math, the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment will be administered to middle and high school students.

The MAP assessment is computer-based, and though it is untimed, it is typically completed in less than one hour.  Teachers use the assessment data from MAP to guide instruction, set individual learning goals for students, and measure growth over time.  Information about students’ progress will be shared with parents once the administration has ended and a progress report has been completed.

As with any assessment administered at BIBS the goal is to gain information about student progress.  Teachers will remind students not to rush or feel anxious about MAP.  Rather, this assessment is simply one opportunity to gather concrete data that will help teachers identify additional ways to support students.

The following website provides further details related to the MAP assessment:  Additional information will also be communicated when assessment results are available for parents.

Literacy and Book Week

We will have a Chinese book week from October 15th to October 19th. We will have four activities:design book mark or Exlibris of one specific book;recommend one their favorite book with simple summaries, especially with a picture;find a reading fairy in the library and reading book with the toy;listen to parent-visitor’s lecture/sharing.

Upcoming events

  • 15th October – U19 Girls A&B Volleyball match @Keystone
  • 15th October – U19 Boys Volleyball match @BIBS
  • 15-19 October – Literacy and Book Week
  • 27th October – U19 Boys BASE Volleyball Tournament @ Keystone
  • 27th October – U14 Boys BASE Football Tournament @ Daystar
  • 29th October – 2nd November – Counselling Week
  • 31st October – Chinese Debate competition
  • 10th November – U19 Girls BASE Volleyball Tournament


Dear Readers;

It is wonderful to be back in school after our break. The students looked so excited to be back with their peers and teachers. We are already for and looking forward to the exciting weeks of learning and fun that are ahead.

This month’s Monday staff meetings will be focusing on our journey towards our WASC visit in March next year. This provides us with another opportunity to review our overall practices that are fundamental to the well-being of our students at BIBS.

On Wednesday Grade Three took a trip to the Beijing Urban Planning Museum. The trip went smoothly and students were able to see a video presentation on the history of Beijing and how it has grown and why it was placed in the location it is. After that students discovered the impact that winning the Olympic bid in 2008 had on Beijing and the buildings throughout China this influenced. Lastly, the children saw a model of Beijing, which expanded over an entire floor. Students could point out sightseeing places such as the Birds Nest stadium and Tiananmen Square, and eventually even found our schools building! During the day students had to complete a mini booklet showcasing what they discovered.

This week Grade 4 started our new Unit of Inquiry with a very effective provocation. Grade 4 were told that their classroom had been shut down and they had to evacuate. They were sent to different areas of the school for class. Some went to Kindergarten, Grade 2 other went to Music, Middle School and even DP classes.

After the experience, students reflected on how they felt during their time away. What was the same? What was different? Did they feel accepted?

Some of their responses were

  • I felt like a ghost
  • I don’t think people would care if I was there or not
  • The students didn’t like us in the room
  • I had no idea what I was doing
  • I liked it but I was a bit confused, maybe if I was there longer I would like it more
  • The teacher talked a language I did not understand

It led to some interesting questions that we will explore throughout out inquiry like……

Why do people move from place to place?

How do places change when foreigners come?

How long have people moved to new places?

If it feels strange to move, why do people move?

It should be a great unit of inquiry.

On Wednesday morning we had our first ES Principal’s coffee morning. There was a good turnout from the parents, which ensured in-depth sharing and discussions. The parents were asked to reflect on the changes they had already seen from last year, things they like about the school and things that they would like to be improved. We were able to address most of their requests and those that we weren’t will be worked on before the next meeting. As a result of this meeting we will have two evenings for parents one to learn about MAP and the other about the MYP. Thank you to all those who participated in this event.

Our whole school assembly on Wednesday was about the leaner profile ‘reflective’. After the MSHS had made their presentation about their camp trip before the break our Middle Years Programme Coordinator Terrance Linton assist by Yars had the assembly participants thinking about what it meant to be as a reflective learner. They used some very thought provoking questions, which had the ES students responding to with enthusiasm. The assembly finished by viewing pictures of the Mid-Autumn celebrations in school.

On Friday the Grade Two students went to Le Fan Le Beng Chuang Le Yuan. They had a fun time looking at how we can safely engage in physical and social activities in our community. Their visit had them thinking about how they currently engage in their own communities and how to improve their behavior to participate more and attain more friendships.

Literacy and Book Week

We will have a Chinese book week from October 15th to October 19th. We will have four activities:design book mark or Ex libris of one specific book;recommend one their favorite book with simple summaries, especially with a picture;find a reading fairy in the library and reading book with the toy;listen to parent-visitor’s lecture/sharing.

Dates for your diary

  • October 15th to 19th ES Literacy week.
  • October 16th to 19th MAP testing.
  • October 24th ES Open Day-in the morning.
  • October 24th to 26th Obido books will be present in the school.
  • October 31st Halloween.
  • November 8th to 10th is Professional Development
  • November 23rd Thanksgiving.
  • December 3rd to 7th ES Art week.
  • December 10th to 14th Winter Festival week
  • December 14th ES Winter concert.
  • December 15th– Winter Bazaar.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.

YES  Program

1:The WeChat group QR codes of YES Program have been brought back by students. Please scan the code to enter the group. In this way, you can understand the class content of your children, submit feedback and ask for leave.

2: The refund applications have been submitted to the financial department in batches. Please pay attention to reply the confirmation email. If there is no error, please reply in the form of the email.

3: We have expanded our options for ball games on Saturday. Please follow this link for more information

4: Courses that you can enroll in the middle of the class from Monday to Friday. Please follow this link for more information

Dongrun Campus


On Wednesday, October 24 at 6:30-7:30pm we will be providing a presentation for any parent interested in finding our more information about the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) here at Dongrun. This presentation will be particularly helpful to those parents that are new to the school and would like to find out more information about the IPC.


The next round of field trips are currently being planned and will be linked to each Grade’s IPC unit of work. The field trips will take place during the week commencing on Monday October 22. This will be the first time that separate grades will visit separate locations. We look forward to providing more great experiences like this throughout the year.


Each week the library continues to grow in popularity and influence in our school. Under the very skilled guidance of our librarian, Mr. Josh Henry, students across all grades are able to access the library and its resources virtually every day, whether it is at lunchtime or with rostered class times. It is great to see more and more students reading books and we encourage all students to borrow books (both in Chinese and in English) and take them home to read.


We are pleased to confirm that Mr. Chris Cooper is now making his final preparations to launch our 2018/19 EAL program. The commencement of our EAL program was unfortunately delayed this year due to staffing issues beyond our control. We have a firm belief that our EAL program this year will be the most effective and extensive it has ever been here in Dongrun. We will be targeting those students with the highest needs in each class according to each teacher’s referrals and whilst we understand that all students would benefit from additional assistance, it is not possible to achieve this for many reasons. Therefore, parents of those students participating in the EAL program will be given notice of this participation by Mr. Chris in the very near future.