BIBS  Infobyte: Sept 7, 2018

 Whole School:

Thank you all for another energetic and engaging week at BIBS! We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates.  In the meantime, we wish you a very wonderful and relaxing weekend in Beijing’s best season!

Upper East Side Campus

School Photographs– Thanks to so many of the parents for making sure your child was appropriately dressed in uniform for the annual school photos this week. We still have some classes being taken on Monday. Please remember, the uniform rule is: PE (green) uniform on days when your child has PE or Dance, and formal (grey) if your child does not have these classes on the other days.  A special thanks to PTA for assisting with some quick-change shirts for some students ☺.

GK Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting– On Wednesday 12th September at 9:00-11:00, in the auditorium (2F), we have a parent meeting with Ms Annie and Ms Felicity about GK curriculum, procedures and events for this year. If you have any questions- please send them to before 12 noon on Monday.

G1 Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting– On Wednesday 12th September at 13:30-15:30, in the auditorium (2F), we have a parent meeting with Ms Annie and Ms Felicity about G1 curriculum, procedures and events for this year. If you have any questions- please send them to before 12 noon on Monday.

UES Room Parent Welcome & Orientation Meeting- On Thursday 13th September, the PTA and ELT welcomes the UES PTA Room Parents to a meeting in the cafeteria at 14:00-15:30. We will go over the roles and responsibilities of this position as well as look at events planned across this school year.

Student Council Elections– The SC Elections are planned for Wednesday 12th September. Well done to all the courageous young members of our community that are standing for the positions. On Wednesday we elect a SC Representative and a SC Alternative for each class in G1-G5.

JISAC-BIBS UES is an active member of JISAC (Junior International Schools Athletics Conference) here in Beijing. Throughout the year, we have Select Teams training for the JISAC Competitions, currently we have Cross-Country and Football/Soccer teams selected and training on both Tuesday and Thursday after school ends. Next week, on Tuesday 11th September, the Cross-Country Team is representing BIBS UES at the JISAC Cross Country Competition. Good Luck to the Cross-Country Team!

After-School Activities (ASA)- Our ASA program is operating all four days next week. Parents are reminded AS payment is expected to be paid in the week of the 17-21st September. Prompt payment is much appreciated.

English Literacy Assessments- Assessments have now been completed across the school. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department will be issuing letters soon to parents informing them if their child is included in the EAL program. The leadership team explain about EAL and other curricular programs at the grade specific Parents Tea & Coffee Meetings.

G5 Overnight Camp– Next week, the G5 students and teachers are going on an overnight trip to the Great Wall. The trip is a great teambuilding event for this grade level- students and teachers. ‘Camping and tramping’ is a new experience for many of our students – they all have a great time!

UES Calendar Amendment– Parents are informed that we are making an amendment to the BIBS published calendar; extending the Winter Holiday to include the 3rd & 4th January 2019. School will resume on Monday 7th January 2019.


 Shunyi Campus


Dear Parents,

I was reflecting this week on what it means to be bilingual. As a father it is something I want for my own children, which is one of the reasons I chose to work at BIBS. When I think of someone who is bilingual, I think of people I admire, people who can navigate two worlds smoothly and successfully. For people who can do this it is more than just a language that they have learned, they understand the culture and values of both societies and can find the things that bring us together.

What we do at BIBS is try to help students to realize this dream by teaching more than just two languages. The aim is to build bridges between two cultures and take the best of both. I hope that as the years of schooling go by you get to see the changes in your child(ren) and realise that people like me will soon be admiring them.

Kind regards,

Caleb Archer


Grade 6-8 Camp

Please remember to register for the G6-8 Camp. If you missed the information session please follow this link to learn more about the camp.

BIBS MSHS has never before had a camp program, so having the opportunity to start one with a great outdoor education company like Imagine it the perfect start. Imagine has worked with a lot of international schools in Beijing and is well known as providing an excellent and safe experience for students.

Progress Reports and Parent Conferences

Students should be settled into their classes now focusing on their learning. We are now two weeks away from our Parent Conferences when you will also receive the first written progress report for the year.

Next week your child will bring home information about how you can register for a time to meet with teachers and discuss their progress. Times will also be available to meet with members of the student support and leadership teams.

Important dates

7-8th of September – MSHS Jazz band workshops at WAB

10th of September – Teachers Day

12th of September – MYP Coffee talk: Personal Projects, 3:30pm in the MSHS library.

21st of September – Progress reports issued to parents

24th of September – Mid Autumn festival holiday. School will be closed.

25-27th of September – G6-8 Camp in Huairou

 Fencing at BIBS


To celebrate World Fencing Day on Saturday 8th September 2018, BJZ International Fencing Club visited BIBS ShunYi Campus this week.

The coaches shared their fencing knowledge, skills and stories. The students got to practice some basic skills and some lucky students got to hold and use the equipment.

En-garde       – On guard

Pret         – Ready

Allez! – Go!



Dear Readers;

This wonderful weather we are having is allowing us to spend a considerable amount of time having our classroom activities and other extra-curricular activities outside of the classroom. The students have been gathered in groups discussing their inquiries, holding personal tutor meetings, playing sports and doing research around the campus.

On Monday we had our weekly staff professional development session after the usual house keeping announcements. The staff discussed their formative assessment approaches with their colleagues and answered any questions. The sharing highlighted the integration of various subjects and IT when attempting to assess the learning of all the students. Over the coming months they will continue to share their assessment strategies and are looking forward to the in-house Transdisciplinary Learning workshop by the IB in November.

Our CCA programme still receives wonderful support from the students, parents and staff. We are looking to add some extra activities to this programme and as such have contacted the ES parents to ask them to become involved in this worthwhile adventure.

During the whole school assembly on Wednesday the Grade Two students made a presentation. Currently they are looking into Charities and as such they have chosen Sunvillage Orphanage for their project. They made an appeal to the whole school to donate clothes, toiletries, etc by September 17th to their classroom donation boxes or the one in the school lobby. If you would like to get involved please contact the Grade Two Homeroom teachers.

A big thank you to all of the ES parents who have completed our school parent’s questionnaire. Your feedback is essential to help us move forward in our efforts to make BIBS an even better place for all its stakeholders.

If you are collecting your child at 3:30pm from school and sitting around campus for a while before heading home please make sure that you keep a watchful eye on them and do not allow them to play games on their I-pads either outside or in the ES or MSHS canteens.


Dates to note;

  • September 14th HOS Parent Coffee Morning.
  • September 21st ES Three-way student conferences-Goal Setting
  • October 10th ES Principal Parent Coffee Morning.
  • October 15th to 19th ES Literacy week.
  • October 24th to 26th Obido books will be present in the school.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


Dongrun Campus



This week was the start of the first block of After School Activities (ASA). There was a lot of interest and enjoyment in the classes this week and we hope this will continue to be the case for all of our children.



All parents should have received a letter from the Principal last week inviting them to become a parent representative for their class and join this year’s PTA. Parents are reminded that the applications close at the end of next week on September 14. We sincerely value the support and contributions of our parents and encourage parents from every class to consider being involved this year.



Our whole school will be having a very special field trip to the Forbidden City next week. The date has been changed to next Tuesday the 11th.  It is going to be a great day for everyone involved.



This week “I Just wanted you to know” cards were sent home for the benefit of all parents. The idea of these cards was to provide all parents with a personal message from the Homeroom teacher regarding each child’s progress and something specific that the teacher wants the parents to know.



This year we are expanding our Assessment program and will be conducting a greater number of English student assessments. This week all teacher embarked on the first of three Assessment blocks to take place this year. Assessments that have been selected are high quality, internationally recognized assessment tools and include the Waddington Diagnostic Reading Test, South Australian Spelling Test, PM Benchmarks, a Writing Continuum and Talking & Listening Continuum.



  • September 12 – Grade 2 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am
  • September 11 – Field Trip – Forbidden City
  • September 19 – Grade 3 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am
  • September 26 – Grade 4&5 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am