BIBS Infobyte: Sept 14, 2018

Whole School

Thank you all for another energetic and engaging week at BIBS! We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates.  In the meantime, we wish you a very relaxing weekend and hope you will enjoy your time with family and friends!

Upper East Side Campus

G2 Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting– On Wednesday 19th September at 9:00-11:00, in the auditorium (2F), we have a parent meeting with Ms Annie and Ms Felicity about G2 curriculum, procedures and events for this year. If you have any questions, please send them to before 12 noon on Monday.

G3 Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting– On Wednesday 19th September at 13:30-15:30, in the auditorium (2F), we have a parent meeting with Ms Annie and Ms Felicity about G3 curriculum, procedures and events for this year. If you have any questions, please send them to before 12 noon on Monday.

After-School Activities (ASA)- Parents are reminded ASA payment is expected to be paid in the week of the 17-21st September, this is next week. Prompt payment is much appreciated.

Upcoming Dates:

24th of September – Mid Autumn festival holiday. School will be closed.

26th September- G4 (am) & G5 (pm) Parent Tea & Coffee Meetings


Shunyi Campus


Dear Parents,

This week in the MSHS we have had a close look at how we are using technology to enhance learning and how we are ensuring that we provide a safe and productive learning environment for all students. You will be happy to know that we are also making some positive changes to the way we use devices around the school.

As you are already aware, the use of devices is limited to in classrooms under the supervision of teachers, or in the library while under supervision. This was coupled with our PTA providing chess sets and table tennis equipment for students to use. The result has been wonderful and if you have visited our campus you will notice the change. We are now going to be focusing on our device use even more on learning by blocking a wide range of social media sites and apps which are not needed by teachers.

Going one step further to ensure that we are providing a technology rich environment for communication and collaboration, every student now has access to a free Microsoft office 365 account. This account lets them use the full range of online Microsoft suite apps, such as word, excel, and many more. It also provides them with a free e-mail address and collaborative platforms such as one note and teams. We are hoping that this will start preparing students for more effective and focused online collaboration similar to what is used in universities and work places today.

Please note however, students are still permitted to have phones and portable devices in school, they just need to be switched off and away in their bags unless the teacher specifically asks them to use them. If at any time you need to contact your child please call reception.

Thank you to all the parents who have already given positive feedback about these changes and showed their support. We look forward to continuing to make BIBS a safer environment where students can strive for excellence in all areas!

Kind regards,

Caleb Archer

Grade 6-8 Camps

This Sunday is the deadline for G6-8 students to register for camp. Please follow this link for more information or to register your child.

Grade 9-11 Camps

We have now confirmed our Week Without Walls dates for the HS camps. On the week of March 11-15th our HS students will have a few exciting options to choose from. More information will be coming out after the National Holiday.Three-Way Conferences

Please be invited to our three-way conference day on Friday September 21st. During this day, parents meet with their child’s personal tutor and their child. Please take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your child’s personal tutor and learn more about what your son or daughter can do to improve themselves, socially, academically and physically.

An appointment sheet is to be sent home today so you can select an appropriate meeting time.

Pease note that no classes are held during this day. Students come with their parents to attend their conference only.



Every year the MSHS counseling office organizes a number of programs and activities for students. Two opportunities coming up are the PSAT (Practice SAT) assessments and the BIBS University Series.


The assessments are designed to help students to prepare for the SAT and are open to students from grade 9-11. The following is the PSAT schedule for the 2018 -19 academic year. If you are interested in taking any of these test (the respective grades are parenthesis) please have your child come to A219 by next Friday, 21 September 2018, or contact me directly at

PSAT/NMSQT is only available on October 24, 2018 US$16/student (grade 11)
PSAT 8/9 – December 14, 2018 –   US$10/student (grade 8 and grade 9)
PSAT 10 – March 4, 2019 – 20 students  – US$16/student (grade 10)

University Visits

The BIBS University Series for 2018 has begun. On October 17, Hong Kong PolyTech and University of Tennessee Knoxville will be visiting Beanstalk – Shunyi.  If you are interested in attending the presentation sessions from these two universities or to request other universities please have your child see me in room A219, or contact me directly at to register.



Dear Readers;

Last weekend four of our ES Chinese teachers attended an international conference in Jiaxing. The focus of the conference was International-mindedness. They were inquiring into How to cultivate International Mindedness in Chinese teaching and learning. From viewing the postings on social media they seemed to have had a wonderful time and made many new friends. Upon their return to school they made a presentation to the ES staff about the conference and shared their learning with their colleagues.

Chinese teachers’ comment: ” Four teachers from our ES Chinese department attended an international conference in Jiaxing during this wonderful autumn season. During the conference, the foreign principal from Peking University Experimental School(Jiaxing)gave us a presentation. He shared his own story in a multi-cultural environment. We realized that the International-mindedness in the IB curriculum is constantly developing, we need to give our students more international experiences and help them become more confident communicators. Besides, we discussed how to cultivate the International-mindedness in our Chinese teaching content. Our teachers focused on how to make plans for elementary school’s transdisciplinary units, we learned how to balance the teaching between inquiry units, how to help them learn deeper, stimulate their interests and how to assess them better. We should make the most of other people’s experiences, during this visit, we mastered different types of courses and teaching styles. We believe we can make our Chinese class better if we can put what we’ve learned into practice.” –From Caterina, Elaine, Fiona and Lee.

On Monday we had our weekly staff professional development session after the usual house keeping announcements. The staff had a presentation on and discussed digital portfolios. The general consensus was that it would be left to each teaching team to decide whether they used a digital or hard copy format.

During the whole school assembly on Wednesday Kaili Stuart one of our G4 students played ‘Greensleeves’ on the piano. Our ES Principal/PYPC made a presentation about the IB Leaner profiles and followed this up by focusing on ‘Open-mindedness’. He emphasized the importance of being open-minded if we were to make more friends during our life’s journey. Also, the Grade Two students made a round of the classrooms in MSHS and made a follow up presentation about the charity drive for the orphanage.

Next Friday, September 21st will be our three-way parent conferences day in the ES. Students are not required to attend school on this day except for when they come to meet their teachers with their parents, after which they must be taken home. The Homeroom teaching teams will be sending a letter home soon about this event to all the parents.

On Wednesday September 26th we will be having a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration from 1:30-3:30. The celebrations will start in the gym and be continued in the students’ classrooms. Parents are more than welcome and to get involved in this event.

Dates to note;

l   October 10th ES Principal Parent Coffee Morning.

l   October 15th to 19th ES Literacy week.

l   October 24th to 26th Obido books will be present in the school.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.

BIBS YES Program

YES program has already made a good start! Apart from Arts, Sports, Science, and other subjects classes, the classes taught by our own teacher also made a big hit. We perfectly served the students’ need of homework;dinner;extra-curriculum activities, and greatly enhanced the students’ study efficiency.

From September 17th to 21st, We will start to do the class alteration and rearrangement, please check your email to know the following procedures of YES program.

Dongrun Campus



Do you want your child to succeed at school? Do you want your child to gain the full benefit of the teaching and learning time that is assigned to them in the classroom? Do you want your child to develop good habits for life? I’m absolutely certain as parents we would all desire these things for our children.

One of the best keys to achieve these things is to develop a disciplined lifestyle. When students lose their focus and constantly get distracted from the task they are supposed to be focusing on, the chances of academic success are greatly reduced. Discipline is a strong foundation for effective learning and student achievement. Our role as both parents and teachers is to consistently encourage good concentration skills, study and discipline habits. We must expect that all our students/children remain disciplined and focused on their learning and also why they are attending a school such as ours. I would ask all parents to devote spend some time with their children talking about these matters and encourage a disciplined approach to all areas of school life.



We are looking forward to our newest Foreign staff member, Mia Templeton Jacobs will be joining us mid next week from Texas, USA. Grade 3A students will get to meet their new English Homeroom teacher next week and we will arrange a time for parents to also meet and greet the new teacher at a convenient time in the very near future.



Our Culture and Festivals team are busy preparing for a small celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival next Friday. Details about this event will be mentioned in class wechat groups net year.



Our wonderful Admissions would like to remind all families that a student ID card is required next week. Students need to bring their Student ID card to the front office before next Wednesday. The new Parent ID cards as previously advised via class wechat groups need to be finalized as well as soon as possible.


Class photos are coming up in a few weeks’ time. Whilst the exact date is still to be confirmed, parents are reminded of the need to arrange school uniform items for not just these school photos but also wearing correct uniform each and every day.


September 19 – Grade 3 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am

September 19 – Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Dongrun

September 26 – Grade 4&5 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am