BIBS Infobyte: Aug 31, 2018

 Whole School:

Thank you all for another energetic and engaging week at BIBS! We would like to keep you all informed about what’s happening at our school with the following updates. In the meantime, we wish you a very wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Upper East Side Campus

Accident Insurance-‘One Old-One Young’ accident insurance information was sent out by email to parents on Thursday. Please contact admission staff if you have any questions. Please note this only covers medical treatment at national hospitals not private hospitals like BJU.

Nominations for the PTA Executive Committee– There are eleven (11) parents standing for nomination to the PTA Executive Committee this school year. A PDF of the parent nominees has been posted on all the UES class wechat groups. Ballot papers will be given out at the Parent & Teacher Conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday next week; a ballot box will be in the UES lobby for these days.

Parent & Teacher Conferences-. If parents cancel, please inform Linda (PA), if parents swap times please inform your child’s homeroom teacher. Please make sure you are on time for your scheduled appointment next week. UES teachers will have activities for students on campus from 1-4pm on Tuesday. All students then need to be off campus – either picked up or leaving on the 4pm buses.

School Photographs– Next week, on Thursday and Friday ( 6-7 September), we will take the individual & class photographs. On a day when your child has PE or Dance classes they should be wearing the PE uniform- on other days they should have the formal uniform. The PTA assists with providing uniform for some students that have uniform purchase delays.

Infectious Diseases– It is very important that the nurses in the medical clinic are informed of any infectious diseases that a student in our school community may have. This may include but is not limited to: Headlice, Hand-Foot & Mouth, Chickenpox, and Measles.


Upcoming Dates & Events

3rdSept- Monday ASA starts

4thSept- Tuesday P&T Conferences 1pm-7pm (No ASA)

5thSept- Wednesday P&T Conferences 4pm-6pm (No ASA)

4-5thSept- PTA Executive Committee Elections

6thSept- Thursday ASA starts

6th– Sept- School Photographs

7thSept- School Photographs

10thSept- School Photographs

10thSept- Teachers’ Day

12thSept- Student Council Elections (G1-G5)

12thSept- GK Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting (am)

12thSept- G1 Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting (pm)


Shunyi Campus


Dear Parents,

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations”

–        Charles Kettering

At BIBS, part of preparing students for their future is teaching them the self-management, personal discipline and personal pride to be successful well rounded people. As part of this we have a number of expectations which we will be focusing on this semester.

  1. Uniform: We expect students to take pride in their appearance and wear correct school uniform.
  2. Technology Use:We expect students to use technology appropriately and only as and when beneficial to their education.
  3. Behavior:Students are expected to behave with the highest standard of behavior, showing respect, caring and support to all members of the BIBS community.

Details of these expectations have been explained to students and parents will be receiving an e-mail with more information so that they can help us to maintain the high standards.

To avoid inconvenience to students and parents please talk to your child tonight and ensure that before Monday they have correct school uniform or equivalent to wear.

We appreciate your support in making BIBS MSHS a great place to learn.


Kind regards,

Caleb Archer


Grade 6-8 Camp

At the parents information sessions, all parents will get to meet ‘Imagine’, the company who will be organizing our Middle School camps. If you are unable to attend the information session please follow this link to learn more about the camp.


Parent Information Sessions

Grade 6 parents are invited to join staff in the library to meet the teachers, Grade Level Leader and curriculum coordinator. Key information will be given out about upcoming academic and cocurricular events.

September 3rd– Grade 6 Information session. MSHS Library, 3:30-4:30pm


Managebac Parent Training

Any MSHS parent who would like help to access their managebac account, or to learn how to navigate managebac, is welcome to join Deric and his team on Monday from 4-5pm in room 238 (Directly across from the library). Please make sure you bring a laptop or device with allows internet access.


YES Program

The YES Program handbook was sent to parents this week. If you have any questions please call her on 64560618 ext 121 if you have any questions.


What’s new in MSHS

The PTA recently donated a number of items which have been gratefully received. The first items to be put into use are the chess sets. As students no longer have access to their devices in common areas the PTA chess sets are getting a lot of use. I look forward to challenging some students or parents to a game soon.


As you move around the school and see games set up, you are welcome to make a move and then flip the sign denoting which colour is to move next.








Student Council Elections

We have student council elections coming up next month. Please talk to your child about the benefits of joining the student council and of becoming an active member of our student community.


English Testing and Class Placement

All MYP students have now been placed into leveled English classes based on a provisional language test (WIDA) so that we can continue to gather information for accurate phasing later this semester. The phasing of students will be based on more detailed WIDA testing, MAP Assessments, class work and other ongoing assessment for learning. The current groupings are designed to ensure students who need ongoing support will receive it.

Students who require targeted interventions will be individually contacted by the head of EAL. Students who would benefit from additional support will have EAL options available during their existing option time, co-curricular time and through the YES Program on a Thursday from 4:45 – 7:50pm.

If you have any questions or for more information please contact the Head of EAL Clare Starobynski (


Important dates

12thSeptember – MYP Coffee talk: Personal Projects, 3:30pm in the MSHS library.

21stSeptember – Progress reports issued to parents

24thSeptember – Mid Autumn festival holiday. School will be closed.

25-27thSeptember – G6-8 Camp in Huairou



BIBS Swim Team trials – the teams will be announced shortly.Thank you to all the parents who supported the trials.

The following ES students’ have been chosen to represent the school in the ES Swimming Team.

Very well done and congratulations to everyone listed here!

Hailey – G2A ; Angela – G3A; Owen – G3A; Leo – G3B; Bryan – G4;A Oscar Li – G4A; Ocean – G4A

Lucas – G4B; Angie – G4B; Yian – G4B; Sherry – G5A; Angela – G5A

On Monday we had our weekly staff meeting. After covering some house keeping issues the staff we provided with a presentation from Alisa Rutherford (G1A) about Collaboration and Co-teaching. This approach to the professional development of the ES staff this year will be the core vehicle through which we continue with our commitment to the continual development of the teaching and learning practices of the ES staff.

Back to school night– Wed 29th.Thank you for the excellent turn out at this event.Our ES principal John Nairn, made a presentation on the IBPYP in the ES at the BIBS Shunyi campus. He explained how the different learning outcomes were integrated through using the PYP framework. After his presentation a Q&A session was well received by the parents.

Grade One trip to BeYou – as part of their current unit of inquiry they were looking into relationships and the different roles people play within different types of relationships as they inquire into Who we are. Although it was a rainy day it did not dampen the spirits of the students and staff as they display considerable excitement about the trip and enthusiasm to learn more about relationships.Thank you to the parents who helped on this trip.

Learner Profile Focus of this month – ‘Open-minded’. Awards have been given to the following students by the Head of School, Mr James Sheridan.

Yvonne (KA), Levi (KB), Quade (1A), Mason (1B), Qilong (2A), Max (2B), Dora (3A), Javan (3B), Celina (4A), Angelina (4B), Angel (5A) and Lewis (5B).

Some key dates for your diary;

September 14thHOS Parent Coffee Morning.

September 21stES Three-way student conferences-Goal Setting

October 10thES Principal Parent Coffee Morning.

October 15thto 19thES Literacy week.

October 24thto 26thObido books will be present in the school.

BIBS Shunyi ES Team.


Dongrun Campus



Our IPC program started this week with the following units of work taking place across the school:

Grade 1 and 2 – Look and Listen

Grade 3 – Active Planeta

Grade 4 – Inventions that Changed the World

Grade 5 – Different Places, Similar Lives



Next week the first block of After School Activities (ASA) commences. We are very hopeful that a valuable set of after school experiences will be enjoyed by all children. If there are any questions or concerns please contact our ASA coordinator, SaiSai via Wechat.



This week, our School Choir that consists of students from Grades 1 to 4, started practicing together under the expert teaching of Ruth Huang, our Music teacher. They will remain together throughout the year and prepare for numerous performances.



On September 13, our whole school will be having a very special field trip to the Forbidden City. It is days such as this that create lifelong memories for children and we expect that this field trip will be no different.



September 3 – Whole School Assembly – open to parents – 3:00pm

September 4 – ASA Block 1 starts

September 5 – Grade 1 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am

September 12 – Grade 2 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am

September 13 – Field Trip

September 19 – Grade 3 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am

September 26 – Grade 4&5 Parent Morning Tea 9:00-10:00am