BIBS Infobyte:Jun 15, 2018

Whole School:


Dear BIBS staff, students and parents, we thank you all for another busy, productive, and amazing school year! We wish you a very relaxing and fun summer break. See you all again soon!


Upper East Side Campus


 Yearbook-Today is the last day for the 2017-2018 school; how time has flown, it feels like only a few months ago that we were having our: Back to School Night, PTA Nominations and Parent Tea & Coffee Meetings, as we welcomed students and parents into their new grade. It has been a busy year, and we hope we have successfully captured the essence of all these experiences in the 2017-18 Yearbook which was distributed to your child in the past few days.

Additional Leaving Staff-In the letter home this week, we announced the UES leaving staff, we are sad to add Ms Maree to the list of leaving staff. She returned urgently to New Zealand a week ago for personal reasons. She wishes all the families and students of BIBS UES all the best.

Reports have been published– They are sent to you through an online link- you must log onto Managebac (MB) to then access all your child’s reports. Please be reminded to download the file and store in a safe and a secure place. BIBS UES does not issue paper reports. If you need assistance with logging onto MB then please contact Vivian in admissions:

Class Placement for the School Year 2018-19– We hope to publish class list to parents, via email or an online system, a day of two before the start of the new school year. Information regarding buses etc will have been sent out prior.

New Student Orientation Day– Please can returning students and parents please not come on this day to UES. On the 15th August, the focus for all the administration, teachers and support staff is answering questions and welcoming new parents and students.

Returning Students Start Day-On 16th August we welcome back our returning families, students and parents. Please make a note in your diaries for the Back to School Night– this is when parents come to school to meet the HR teachers, EAL teachers etc and get to understand their child’s classroom timetable, routines, expectations etc. For UE (G3-G5), this is at 16:15 on Monday 20th August. And for LE (GK-G2), this is on Tuesday 21st August at 16:15.

PTA Nominations– We will be calling for PTA Nominations at the beginning of the school year. This is when parents interested in being elected to the PTA Executive Committee submit their application to the Principal Felicity Hewett- detailing their reasons for why they want to be included as a nominee to the UES PTA  Executive Committee, and what they could bring to the executive team in the way of experience, skills, attitude etc.

ASA review and price increase– we are currently reviewing our provision of the activities in the ASA program at BIBS UES. We have had the same price for activities for five years and will be looking at a new fee structure next year which will include an increase in fees.

Summer School– The team are organised, planning has completed for the: morning English lessons, sports and music lessons in the afternoons.  Two field trips are planned- the aquarium and the water park. It looks to be a fun four-weeks. Please register at the UES reception or with the QR code if you are interested in the UES Summer School for your child.

Father’s Day & Dragon Boat Festival Holiday-This weekend, we celebrate Father’s Day acknowledging fatherhood and all the father figures in our lives that help make our lives better. Thank you Dads! We wish families safe travels as many gather with family for the Dragon Boat festival. We wish everyone in our BIBS community all the best for these to two celebrations this weekend!

PTA Café Corner– thanks so much to the team of mums that support our school community with the PTA Café- you are really appreciated and especially for leading this team Han Xu.

We wish everyone all the best for the summer holidays, safe travels and we look forward to seeing you again on the 16th August 2018. For those families moving on, all the best for your move to a new school, if you are still in Beijing, please come back and join us for the PTA Family Fun Day etc.




 Shunyi Campus



2018 Summer Camp is coming

2018 Summer Camp: Summer Camp can be one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences for children.

English·Arts·Swimming·Table Tennis·Music·Field Trips

Discover·Explore·Create·Fun·Team Work·Problem-Solving

Duration: 19th June 2018-July 13th 2018

Location: UES Campus, Shunyi Campus

Registration Deadline: June 1st 2018

Admissions: (8610) 5130-7951-UES

(8610) 6456-0618 – Shunyi

Contact Person: Secret Mi –


July 17th 2018-Junly 31st 2018

BIBS Oxford Summer Camp

This summer, BIBS offers our students a great opportunity to enjoy the true Oxford experience with our academic courses and cultural adventures.  Participants of our summer program will have access to meeting University of Oxford professors, joining debates, sports events, local tours, roundtable discussions at Oxford, and staying at Pembroke College, one of the oldest Oxford colleges.

For Inquiries: 010- 6456 0618








This week at the BIBS Shunyi Campus we have been reflecting on and celebrating our learning as we prepare to break for the summer;


  • On Tuesday the Kindergarten students put into action their planned day of events to celebrate the completion of their year long unit of inquiry about celebrating their PYP Kindergarten learning journey. They arranged for a bouncy castle, decorated their classrooms, ordered some special food and invited their parents. On Wednesday they went to an indoor fun park to treat themselves for their hard work in preparing the previously mentioned event.


  • Also on Tuesday afternoon the grade levels organized their own end of year parties. The parents were also keen to get involved and brought in some food and drinks to help make the event successful.


  • On Thursday it was our Water Fun Day. The ES PE team put together various water events, which were liked by all the students and staff. It was a nice way to end the year and to cool down during this hot weather spell as well.


It has truly been a fantastic year at the BIBS ES Shunyi Campus. We have had a whole lot of fun learning about the world around us, and attaining the academic knowledge that will help us progress to our next phase in our life long learning journey. We wish to thank all the students for their wonderful efforts and wish them a fantastic summer break. Also a big thanks you to the parents for the continued support and understanding throughout the year and please enjoy the summertime with your children.

Have a safe and pleasant summer break. See you all again in early August.

BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.




Dongrun Campus





I wish to thank all students and staff for their contributions, efforts and involvement in all things related to the 2017/18 school year. The staff and I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of working with all of our families this year and we wish you all well and hope you enjoy the summer holidays with your family.


I wish to thank a number of staff who will be departing for various individual reasons. On behalf of all here at Dongrun, I offer thanks to Sudi Galbeti, Tor Mcmath, Evelyn Sun, Michael Crisp, Julieta Nava and Kelley Han. Thank you for your contributions and involvement in the life of our school. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours and careers. For the information of all returning families, the details of new staff members to replace these staff members will be released in the new year.

I also wish to acknowledge and thank those members of our parent community that have been involved in our school this year but will not be returning in the new year. May your futures be filled with success and your child’s educational journey continue to experience much progress and fulfilment. It has been an honour to be involved with your family and I wish you all the very best.



This is a reminder to all parents that the 2018/19 classes and homeroom teachers will be communicated in the week prior the student’s return at start of the new school year, which is the 2nd week of August. Your positive support and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated. We ask that parents respect the need and importance of communicating decisions at the stated time. In the meantime, parents are encouraged to enjoy the upcoming summer break with their children, trusting that the school will do its best on behalf of all students and parents.



This week, the Chinese Language and Mathematics examinations took place on Monday and Tuesday. Our Chinese teaching staff have reported that all students participated extremely well in these examinations.



The Semester 2 English and Chinese reports have now been distributed to all parents. All parents are encouraged to take time to go through the report with their child so they understand about their achievement and gently encourage them to keep striving to achieve more in the new year.



There was a special presentation on Wednesday to all of our valued Ayis. Special notes, flowers and messages were prepared by students and staff to express their appreciation and respect for the wonderful work that is completed every day to ensure our school is clean and in order. Also, students were given the chance to experience and appreciate some of the important work that our Ayi team does on a daily basis by helping to clean their classrooms during the day on Wednesday.



Congratulations to all Grade 2, 3 and 4 students who successfully participated and completed their IPC studies in Milepost 1 of the IPC and were awarded a graduation certificate on Monday. Next year these students will participate in the IPC Milepost 2, which will involve new units of work and a greater in-depth study of the IPC’s personal learning goals.



This is a reminder for all parents that the first day of school for all returning students next year will be Thursday June 16, 2018. We hope that all families enjoy a safe and rewarding break during the summer and return ready to participate in another great year at Dongrun.