BIBS Infobyte:May 18, 2018

 Whole School:



Dear all, please find the following school updates for your information. In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.



Upper East Side Campus




Lost & Found- At this time of year the Lost & Found is full of items: school uniform, coats, and additional clothing, water bottles, snack and lunch boxes, books, sporting items and much more. Please remind your child to check this area for any of their own personal items in the next few weeks. Parents if you are at school, please check this area. We will dispose of all items at the end of school.


Published Reports-Reports are published online on the last day of school; parents are reminded that they need to log into the Managebac (MB) site to access the reports. Parents should download a softcopy of each report and save to a secure place. Copies of reports are often requested by academic institutions overseas and increasingly in China when parents are looking to move to new schools. MB access assistance can be given from the admission office staff. Please contact:


UES Calendar Events– For the next four weeks we are getting to a very busy time as we get closer to the end of the school year. Please make a note of these dates:

  • 23rd May- Q&A Forum- Ada Jen (CEO) and James Sheridan (HOS- Shunyi) – UES Auditorium
  • 23rd May- UES Chorus Concert 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • 28th– 29th May -G5 IBPYP Exhibition
  • 31st -May G1-G5 Health Check (am)
  • 31st -May PTA Appreciation Event (pm)
  • 1st June World Children’s Day (Fieldtrips planned)
  • 4th-7th June Performance Assessment Days GK-G4
  • 8th June Water Fun Day
  • 14th June G5 Graduation (am)
  • 15th June Yearbook Issued, Reports Issued, Last Day- ½ Day for Students
  • 18th June Summer School Starts (4x weeks)


Summer School– BIBS UES and Shunyi offer a four-week Summer School program, immediately after the end of the school starting in mid-June. Many of our UES foreign-hired and Chinese staff continue to this program. The Summer School has levelled small group English classes in the morning and a range of activities in the afternoon, including: Sports, Arts, Music etc. There are a few fieldtrips planned. If interested in finding out more, please get information and the QR code from our UES Reception.


Leaving Students Survey– we wish send out a survey to parents of students leaving BIBS UES. We would appreciate your cooperation in giving us feedback that helps us to improve. This will be sent out online. We also contact families 3-6 months after leaving UES to hear how the child has transitioned into their new school- again we appreciate hearing both positive comments but also recommendation for improvement.


Xueji Transfer Period– For any students who need to transfer the xueji, either Into BIBS UES or Out of BIBS UES, now is the time to prepare all the documentation. Please contact in the admissions office for any questions and assistance.








Shunyi Campus






2018 Summer Camp is coming

2018 Summer Camp: Summer Camp can be one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences for children.

English·Arts·Swimming·Table Tennis·Music·Field Trips

Discover·Explore·Create·Fun·Team Work·Problem-Solving


Duration: 19th June 2018-July 13th 2018


Location: UES Campus, Shunyi Campus

Registration Deadline: June 1st 2018

Admissions: (8610) 5130-7951-UES

(8610) 6456-0618 – Shunyi

Contact Person: Secret Mi –



July 17th 2018-Junly 31st 2018

BIBS Oxford Summer Camp

This summer, BIBS offers our students a great opportunity to enjoy the true Oxford experience with our academic courses and cultural adventures.  Participants of our summer program will have access to meeting University of Oxford professors, joining debates, sports events, local tours, roundtable discussions at Oxford, and staying at Pembroke College, one of the oldest Oxford colleges.

For Inquiries: 010- 6456 0618












This week at the BIBS Shunyi Campus we have been both academic and sporty;


  • On Saturday, 12 May 2018 the Under 11 Boys Basketball Team represented our school at the annual Boys U/11 Basketball Tournament that was held at Keystone Academy. All the boys enjoyed the tournament and also learned a lot out of the experience. They did not win any matches, but all of them showed a lot of improvement. Thank you to all parents supporting their kids and well done to all the boys for their participation on the day!
  • On Wednesday the Grade Two students had a great day out at the Beijing Planetarium. They went there to help them explore the solar system, how it works and how it affects our daily routines. It was very clear from the feedback that they not only enjoyed themselves but they also attained more knowledge about the solar system impacts on our lifestyles.
  • We have achieved yet another milestone at the BIBS Shunyi campus by completing the internationally renowned online ISA test for those Grade Three to Five students that wanted to challenge themselves with regards to their math, literacy and reading skills. It was challenging for all the students but they remained committed to their goal of completing the three tests. Next year we will be doing the paper version of the test in March so we are looking forward to lots more of our students having a go at it.
  • On Friday we had our in-house International Day. Throughout the year the students have been engaging in inquiry about Global Citizenship and International Mindedness by focusing on two countries. Therefore on Friday they shared their research findings with their Buddy UOI classes. Next year we hope to expand this event to include booths and parents being invited to attend.
  • Student Council has an opportunity to help people in need, by raising and donating money to a charity. They will be selling tickets to the upcoming Student Summer Concert on the 6th June 2018. This will be a wonderful event where all students and classes perform songs and dance. Tickets are 20RMB per person with all money raised going to less fortunate people in the world. Student Council are asking for your support in helping them achieve one of their yearly goals of helping others in need.



Upcoming dates to note;


May 22nd will be the Parent Coffee/tea morning about WIDA.


May 25th will be Grade Five’s Graduation Day.


May 30th will be the Student Led Conferences.


The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.










DP Exams


We would like to congratulate all our Grade 12 Students who have undertaken their DP exams over the past few weeks. On Thursday the final exam was taken and this is a huge step in the school as we have our first cohort of IB DP students. We would like to thank all our Teachers and Parents who have supported the students through their DP experience and look forward to seeing all of you at this year’s Graduation ceremony.



MYP Exams


Our grade 10’s have also finished their exams. Next week on the 21st and 22nd May our grade 6-9 students will sit their end of year exams. We wish them all the luck and encourage them to prepare right up to the start of the exams.



Grade 10 Step Up Day


Next Monday and Tuesday the 21st and 22nd May our grade 10 students will spend the 2 days experiencing all the subjects that are offered in grade 11 and 12. They will have lessons and start to experience what it is like to be a DP student.



Grade 11 Group 4 Science


Next week the grade 11 students will take part in their group 4 project. This is a vital component of their studies within the DP and we wish them all success in this project.




Dongrun Campus





We wish to thank parents for the support that has clearly been demonstrated in recent times regarding student uniforms and student behaviour. The Principal and staff have noticed the continual increase in compliance of student uniforms expectations. We can also attest to the ongoing improvement in student beahaviour and encourage parents to speak with their children regarding the need to finish the academic year strongly.



Next Wednesday, the students and teachers will be visiting the Beijing Botanical Gardens. Activities planned for the day will focus on a connection to the recent IPC units currently taking place in English classrooms.



All teachers are currently writing their academic student reports for the second semester and these reports will be an opportunity for parents to examine the progress and achievements of all students in English and Chinese classes as well as the various specialty subjects.



On June 1, we will be celebrating World Children’s Day with all of our students at Dongrun. We believe it is highly appropriate to celebrate this day as the children have always been the focus of our campus and will continue to be so. The staff are making special preparations to celebrate this day so stay tuned for more details that will be released through the class wechat groups.



This is a calendar reminder for all parents that the last day of school, being Friday June 15 will be a half day of school for all students. Students will depart school at 12:00pm.