BIBS Infobyte:May 11, 2018

Whole School:


Thank you for supporting us for another dynamic and fruitful learning week at BIBS. Please find the following school updates for your information. In the meantime, we would like to wish all mummies worldwide a happy mother’s day! This year, celebrate your Mom the way she’d celebrate you!



Upper East Side Campus



Summer School– BIBS UES and Shunyi offer a four-week Summer School program, immediately after the end of the school starting in mid-June. Many of our UES foreign-hired and Chinese staff continue to this program. The Summer School has levelled small group English classes in the morning and a range of activities in the afternoon, including: Sports, Arts, Music etc. There are a few fieldtrips planned. If interested in finding out more, please get information and the QR code from our UES Reception.


Mother’s Day– On Sunday, 13th May it is Mothers’ Day. To all the mums in our community we wish you all the best for this special day.


School Documentation Requests– At this time of year, our office staff receive many documentation requests for travel certificates, stamped reports and transcripts. It is also a busy time for our staff due to a lot of school events- so we ask that parents make requests well in advance.


School Tuition & Registration Places for SY2018-19 – The deadline for payment of next year’s tuition fees has now passed. Parents are now informed that we can no longer guarantee places for their child at UES for next year if payment has not been received. UES admissions are now continuing with new student registration and placement for SY2018-19.

New Classes SY 2018-19-We have now fixed the numbers of classes at UES for the next school year SY2018-19-Kindergarten x2, Grade 1×6, Grade 2 x6, Grade 3×6, Grade 4×5  and Grade 5×5. At this time parents start to consider their children’s classes and teachers for the next year. The school administration has a process we use to establish classes that are balanced for academics, language aptitude, gender, social behaviours and nationalities.  If any parents have any personal requests, no teacher requests, they can make these to Linda Zhang ( . We cannot guarantee that we are able meet these requests, however careful, thoughtful and serious consideration will be taken when we look at these requests.

Student Medical Check– G1-G5 parents should have received a letter today, informing them that UES with the Chaoyang Education health care services will be completing Health Checks on all students on the 31st May. Please read the letter from the Nurses’ Office and return the permission slip next week to the reception.

Sports Day– Next Friday 18th May is UES Sports Day, all students need to wear their House T-Shirts, sports shorts and trainers. The LE (GK-G2) have their events in the morning and some G4 students are Big Buddies and helping them. The UE (G3-G5) have their events in the afternoon. All children need to bring their water bottle to school on this day. Lunch is outside. Please remember to put sunscreen on your child if needed, and send to school with a hat or cap.



 Shunyi Campus



2018 Summer Camp is coming

2018 Summer Camp: Summer Camp can be one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences for children.

English·Arts·Swimming·Table Tennis·Music·Field Trips

Discover·Explore·Create·Fun·Team Work·Problem-Solving


Duration: 19th June 2018-July 13th 2018


Location: UES Campus, Shunyi Campus

Registration Deadline: June 1st 2018

Admissions: (8610) 5130-7951-UES

(8610) 6456-0618 – Shunyi

Contact Person: Secret Mi – 6456-0618-121


2018-2019 Shunyi School Bus Survey

We are currently planning the bus routes for 2018-2019 school year. Please scan the QR code below to complete your application for bus service.











This week at the BIBS Shunyi Campus we have seen a great deal of excitement;


  • On Monday the staff had their usual weekly gathering. They discussed the implementation of the Kath Murdoch inquiry cycle in their classroom learning environments. There was an acknowledgement that we had come a long way with our inquiry based learning and it was now time to seek a more student driven and constructive approach to teaching and learning. The Head of School mentioned the changes that would be taking place in the EAL and pastoral care areas of the whole school. There was also a discussion about the up coming ES student end of year concert.
  • BIBS Upper Elementary School students were treated to a special visit from Chinese author Yang Hongying杨红樱this week. On Tuesday morning Ms. Yang spoke with Grades 3 – 5 about her books and writing process. She answered many questions from enthusiastic students. She then spent over one hour signing books. Her brand-new collection of bilingual books was available to BIBS students as a special preview, before they become available for sale to the general public in August. Yang Hongying is well known throughout China for her novels featuring animals and children.


  • On Wednesday our Grade Five students and staff set of on their journey to Xian. Along the way they dropped in to see the CISB and XHIS exhibitions and the Terracotta warriors in Xian. Looking at their faces when they arrived back on Friday it was clear that they had had a wonderful and exhausting adventure.


  • Throughout the week the students had been exploring different ways to incorporate Science into their units of inquiry. Kindergarten planted some seeds and have been observing their growth cycle, Grade One looked at how many ways we use water in our daily lives, Grade two played gravity games, Grade three looked at the water cycle in the bag experiment and Grade four have been looking at how the ingredients of a recipe change and form the end product.
  • This Friday 11th May, the Elementary School assembly was hosted by Grade 4 Student Council members. Grade 1 presented their knowledge and learning about International Mindedness through a video and singing a song. Grade 2 presented their dioramas about ‘Living Things,’ their habitats and life cycles. Awards acknowledging student progress and positive attitudes were also presented. Our head of School, Mr. James Sheridan joined us and spoke to the students.

Upcoming dates to note;


May 16th to 17th will be the ISA tests.

May 18th is the ES International Day.

May 22nd will be the Parent Coffee/tea morning about WIDA.

May 25th will be Grade Five’s Graduation Day.

May 30th will be the Student Led Conferences.

The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.








Sport updates and important dates

The U’16 boys were excited to participate in the BASE football competition at Huijia International School last Saturday. The first game was a great game as we won against the team that eventually came second overall. The boys played all of the games with heart, energy and great integrity.  With their knowledge and skill levels of the game the team did a great job competing as well as they did. Until late in the second half of their last game they were in the lead against the team that eventually won the competition.

With more practice, greater knowledge in how to defend and a higher fitness level the team will surely improve and be more successful in these tournaments.


On Wednesday the U’14 boys basketball team were victorious against Springboard, they won the game 33-17, with Silas and Peter as the scoring leaders, and strong defense by Mike and Yangyang. Each boy played in the game and contributed to the win. Congrats boys!

Also congratulations to the boys football team who won 3-0 against Springboard International School in preparation for their BASE tournament at Daystar on the 26th May.


This Saturday (12th May) BIBS will host the U’19 BASE girl’s football tournament. The tournament starts at 9am if you would like to come and support the girls. Come on BIBS!!!!


Grade 10 – 12 Exams


Next Monday to Wednesday all grade 10 to 12 students will be sitting their end of year exams. Please make sure students are rested over the weekend and continue to revise for their exams.


Grade 6 – 9 Exams

These will take place the following week on Monday and Tuesday. They will have a later lunch than normal due to the exam schedule so students should bring snacks for first break to make sure they do not get to hungry before lunch. Students should be revising at home in preparation for these exams



Dongrun Campus




We thank all parents who were able to attend our 3rd Annual Family Sports Carnival today. It was a great day we shared together. There were 50m and 200m running races, long jump events, parent and child games for fun and participation and numbers of other memorable moments, including the whole school dance performance and the parent vs teacher tug-of-war. Special thanks to the PE team under the leadership of Evelyn Sun that organized and coordinated such a brilliant day.



Last week during our Staff Development Days, all Chinese staff participated in a whole day of training with the Red Cross on First Aid and CPR training. We are thankful for the work the Red Cross does around the world and their expertise was once again invaluable on the day.



All teachers are now preparing to write their academic student reports for the second semester and these reports will be an opportunity for parents to examine the progress and achievements of all students in English and Chinese classes as well as the various specialty subjects.



In preparation for our Kindergarten graduation, photos will be taken next week. Details of these photos have been advised via the class wechat groups.



In just a few weeks’ time we will be celebrating World Children’s Day with all of our students at Dongrun. We believe it is highly appropriate to celebrate this day as the children have always been the focus of our campus and will continue to be so. The staff are making special preparations to celebrate this day so stay tuned for more details that will be released through the class wechat groups.