BIBS Infobyte:Apr 27, 2018

 Whole School:


 Thank you for supporting us for another dynamic learning week at BIBS. Please find the following school updates for your information. Kindly note that our school will be closed for the Labor Day holiday next Monday to Tuesday and the teachers’ Professional Development days next Wednesday to Friday. Our school will reopen on Monday 7th May. We wish you and your family a safe and relaxing May Holidays.



Upper East Side Campus



PTA Family Fun Day– Thanks to all the families that supported this event last Sunday- despite the cold, there was lots to see, to do, to buy and to eat! From comments by teachers, children and parents it was a fun day! A huge thanks to all the parents and teachers that made it such a success and all the students that participated in the flea market selling second-hand or items hand-crafted by themselves.

Labour Day/May Holidays– the school is closed for classes and students next week, classes resume on Monday 7th May. Teachers are participating in Professional Development days for Wednesday- Friday.

School Uniform– Please be reminded BIBS is a uniform school. While there are some families with issues on not yet receiving their child’s uniform, there are too many students who have their uniform but are not wearing it. We ask the parents to support BIBS in having their child in their daily uniform.

UES Calendar Events– For the next two months we are getting to a very busy time as we get closer to the end of the school year. Please make a note of these dates:

18th May- Sports Day LE (am) and UE (pm)

23rd May- UES Chorus Concert 7:00pm – 8:00pm

28th– 29th May -G5 Exhibition

1st June World Children’s Day ( Fieldtrips planned)

4th-7th June Performance Assessment Days GK-G4

8th June Water Fun Day

14th June G5 Graduation (am)

15th June Yearbook Issued, Reports Issued, Last Day- ½ Day for Students

18th June Summer School Starts ( 4xweeks)





Shunyi Campus




2018 Summer Camp is coming

2018 Summer Camp: Summer Camp can be one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences for children.

English·Arts·Swimming·Table Tennis·Music·Field Trips

Discover·Explore·Create·Fun·Team Work·Problem-Solving


Duration: 19th June 2018-July 13th 2018


Location: UES Campus, Shunyi Campus

Registration Deadline: June 1st 2018

Admissions: (8610) 5130-7951-UES

(8610) 6456-0618 – Shunyi

Contact Person: Secret Mi – 6456-0618-121








This week at the BIBS Shunyi Campus we have been packing it all in;


  • Finally, we managed to have our ES Sports Day. It was a whole day event and the staff and students had a fun time, as well as the parents and members of the PTA who attended and helped out. Our Head of School opened and closed this successful event, and presented the trophy to the winning team, Fire (red) House
  • On Monday the ES staff had their weekly get together. The gathering began by acknowledging the award of excellence recipients, Wicus Pretorius, Jackie Ferreira, Alice Ma and Luna Lui. After a few announcements about the whole school display protocol, risk assessments and the 2018-19 calendar the staff heard from Heather our Librarian about her vision for the Library next year and how it could play a far greater role in the classroom. The gathering ended with a session on co-teaching by Thomas and Jonathan.
  • On Tuesday morning we held our monthly Parents Coffee/tea morning. The parents were given a presentation in Chinese on how the Chinese National Curriculum and the IB PYP are integrated into one programme of inquiry by Angela Shen the ES Head of Chinese. The next meeting will be on May 22nd from 08:30-09:30 in the MSHS canteen and it will be about our WIDA assessment programme.
  • Also on Tuesday the Grade One students went on a field trip to the Olympic Park. The students had a wonderful exploring the park as part of their new UOI about  how places are designed to meet the needs of people.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday it was our 2017-18 Grade Five Exhibition. A number of different schools attended; Beijing Huijia Private school, BCIS, BISS and UES. The students did a fantastic job and the final night with the parents was inspirational and very emotional for all that attended.
  • On Thursday the following students received the monthly Learner profile award for being Knowledgeable; Alan (KA), Lawrence (KB), Luca (1A), Max (1B), Jonus Wu (2A), Rain Jiang, Mike Zhan, Bobo Adbumalikov (2B), Anson Jin (3A), Mabel (3B), Grade 4A, Ethan Qiang (4B), Melody Wang (5A), and Sammy (5B).
  • On Friday it was UOI Buddy time and with the upcoming week’s break from school we inquired into why we were having this time out of school and what Labour Day meant to others around the world.


Upcoming dates to note;

April 30th to May 4th will be a school holiday.

May 2nd to May 4th will be in-house PD for the staff.

May 7th to 11th will be the ES Science week.

May 8th Chinese author’s visit; Yang Hong Ying.

May 11th is the Grade One and Two joint assembly at 13:15pm in the gym.

May 16th to 17th will be the ISA tests.

May 18th is the ES International Day.

May 22nd will be the Parent Coffee/tea morning about WIDA.

May 25th will be Grade Five’s Graduation Day.

May 30th will be the Student Led Conferences.

The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.










End of Year Exam


Dear parents,


At the end of year our G10, G11 and G12 BIBS high school diploma students sit end of year exams. This year the G10-12 exams will be from the 14th – 16th  May. These exams test the students upon the content they have learnt and the skills they have developed in their subjects. The results from these exams will make up a big percentage of students final grades for the year.


We strongly recommend that students begin revision for these exams as soon as possible. Revision can take many forms and students need to tailor it to their particular learning needs. Though students need to remember that Active revision is much more effective than passive revision. Passive revision is associated with such activities as reading notes, and copying material. Active revision is concerned with using and organizing material.


We ask parents that they please engage with students during the exams and support them through what can be a stressful period. This support can be anything from ensuring that the student has a revision timetable and is following it, to asking them what mnemonics they have created to remember key points.


If you have any questions about the structure of the exams or how to help with student’s revision then please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself at




Mr. James Sutcliffe

Diploma Coordinator


30th April – 4th May


Students will enjoy a week’s holiday before the final push towards exams. From the 2nd to the 4th of May our staff will be enjoying professional development days developing our skills as educators. We hope that our students will spend the time wisely, preparing for their end of year exams. Wish you all have a good holiday.




Dongrun Campus





For all those parents who were fortunate enough to experience the special performances at the Animation Sensation today, they would’ve seen firsthand the marvelous job that the children did with their performances. Their confidence and performances on stage under the lights and in front of a few hundred people in several different types of performances at such a young age was fantastic and so inspiring! The children worked so hard and deserve all the encouragement and accolades they can get.


Special thanks to all teachers and staff members for helping the children to prepare for this special event as well as everything that was undertaken backstage on the day. We are fortunate to have such a passionate and supportive team here in Dongrun that will work so hard to ensure the children have experiences such as this. A very special mention and thanks to Maggie King and Celia LI for their brilliant leadership and contributions as Producers of the Animation Sensation. Thank you for all of your efforts ladies!



We would like to thank all parents who took the time to assist the children with the preparation of this week’s International Deep Learning days. Thank you for helping prepare the research at home and send resources into the classroom for the benefit of the class and their focus on specific countries. Our teachers really appreciate your support! There were many interesting discussions that took place over two days about the various countries and cultures, which was all in the pursuit of increasing the international mindedness amongst our students.



Please be reminded that our school will be closed next week, April 30 – May 1 for Labour Day holiday and the rest of the week (May 2-4) there are no classes due to staff professional development days.



Don’t forget to save the date for our 3rd annual family sports carnival event. The carnival will take place on Friday, May 11. It will be a fun day of sports participation and competition for all students, parents and teachers. We hope you will be able to come on the day.