BIBS Infobyte:Apr 13, 2018

Whole School:



Thank you for your love, care and support for a smooth and dynamic learning week at BIBS. Please find the following school updates for your information. We wish you and your family a peaceful and relaxing weekend.


Upper East Side Campus



PTA Family Fun Day– Today, we have sent home the flyer for the UES PTA Family Fun Day on Saturday 21st April. This is a great annual event at UES, fun for all the family. This year, we are supporting Earth Day, which is acknowledged around the world on the following day. Please join us to support this great community event. As last year, we will be using a ticket system for the payment of games, foods, drinks and activities.  Tickets can be pre-purchased from the reception next week. Cash can be used for the children’s flea market only.


ASA Block 3- The payment deadline for ASA Block 3 is next week. We appreciate that parents that make prompt payments for ASA.


Spring Show DVD-The ordered DVDs will arrive at UES next Friday for distribution. Parents who did not get their orders in have an opportunity to extend the deadline for orders to Tuesday next week. Order forms are available from the reception.


UE Student Council & Parents’ First Aid Training– On Wednesday, the UE Student Council and a group of parents and TA had a session on First Aid training. Thanks very much to Jia Gao Xi He for offering this to our UES community.


WeChat on iPads– It has come to our notice that we are seeing WeChat appearing again on some student’s iPads. Please be reminded that this is an APP that we do not allow on the iPads brought to school. We will be again checking and removing this if found on any student iPads next week.


G3-5 Athletics Carnivals– Next week, G3-5 are holding their summative performances of their athletics units. These take the form of an Athletics Carnival for each grade: G4- is Monday (PM), G5- is Tuesday (AM) & G3- is Thursday (PM). Students need to wear the appropriate PE uniform on this day.


Tuition Fees– Thanks to all the parents that made prompt payment on next year’s tuition fees, the payment deadline was 8th April. We ask parents that have not yet paid to do so next week. If you have any questions about registration please contact one of the admissions team on phone: 5130-3280


BIBS UES Swimming Team Try Outs

Date:April 22nd 2018, 9:00am-12:00pm(Arrival before 9:00am)

Place: BIBS Shunyi Campus Swimming Pool


Group A:Four swimming strokes:

  • 100m medley swimming, 1 minute and 50 seconds
  • 50m crawl stroke, 45 seconds
  • 200m crawl stroke, 3 minutes and 45 seconds

Group B:Three swimming strokes:

  • 50m backstroke: 1 minute and 10 seconds
  • 50m breaststroke: 1 minute and 10 seconds
  • 50m crawl stroke: 1 minute and 5 seconds

Maximum number: 30  students

Please send student application information to 64859724@qq.combefore 4:00pm, April 20th

1 Student name, gender, DOB (Year/Month/Day)

2 Campus, age, class

3 Parents contact information

4 Selection group and current result



BIBS UES 3A Jessica Zhang, Female (2010/3/30)

Group A:100m medley swimming, current result 1 minute and 35 seconds; 50m crawl stoke, current result 40 seconds; 200m crawl stroke, current result 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

Mom phone number :13812322345


If you have any question, please scan the DR code below and discuss with us.


Shunyi Campus



 2018 Summer Camp is coming

2018 Summer Camp: Summer Camp can be one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences for children.

English·Arts·Swimming·Table Tennis·Music·Filed Trips

Discover·Explore·Create·Fun·Team Work·Problem-Solving

Duration: 19th June 2018-July 13th 2018

Location: UES Campus, Shunyi Campus

Registration Deadline: June 1st 2018

Admissions: (8610) 5130-7951-UES

(8610) 6456-0618 – Shunyi

Contact Person: Secret Mi – 6456-0618-121



 Event: 2018 BIBS University Fair

Time: 2:05 pm- 4:30 pm, April 18th, Wednesday, 2018

Parents show up time: 3:10 pm-4:30 pm

Venue: Gym, 2nd floor, BIBS Shunyi Campus



No.序号 Universities 参展大学  
1 Durham University 杜伦大学
2 University of Surrey 萨里大学
3 Oxford Brookes University 牛津布鲁克斯大学
4 University of York 约克大学
5 University of Essex 埃塞克斯大学
6 Queen Mary University of London 伦敦玛丽女王大学
7 University of Southampton 南安普顿大学
8 University of Leicester 莱斯特大学
9 University of Derby 德比大学
10 University of Sussex  萨塞克斯大学
11 University of Bedfordshire贝德福特大学
12 University of Gloucestershire 格鲁斯特大学
13 University of East Anglia东英吉利亚大学
14 Loughborough University 拉夫堡大学
15 University of Hertfordshire 赫特福德大学
16 University of Dundee 邓迪大学
17 Bangor University 班戈大学
18 Marquette University 马凯特大学


For inquiries, please feel free to contact our University Guidance counselors below for more in-depth assistance.


Ms. Secret Mi:

(8610) 6456-0618 ext 121

Dr. Gerald Anthony:

(8610) 6456-0618 ext 113






This week at the BIBS Shunyi Campus we have leapt into Spring with refreshed vigour;


  • On Monday the ES staff had their weekly get together. The ES PE teacher talked about the upcoming Sports Day on April 20th before our PYP Coordinator reported back from the IB Global Conference in Singapore on the enhanced PYP, which will take effect from the beginning of the new academic year. The new approach has all to do with ‘Agency’. All the stakeholders on the school community must embrace the concept of taking ownership of their own learning. Or becoming agents of their own learning through making their own choices, researching and acquiring the skills necessary to become independent life long learners, sharing this learning within a community of learners through mutual respect for all, etc.
  • On Wednesday after school the Exhibition team got together with the mentors to discuss recent developments and reflect on the process thus far. It was clear that there had been considerable process and it was also noted that the role of the mentor had had a great impact on the progression and the lives of the students. There were expressions of gratitude to all the mentors for their wonderful efforts.
  • Also on Wednesday the Grade Five team held a parent’s evening to convey the information about the Xian trip in May. This trip will involve visiting another school to see their exhibition and also the Terracotta Warriors as part of their new unit of inquiry. The students and parents were really excited about this upcoming event and appreciated the efforts of all the students and staff involved.


Upcoming dates to note;

April 20th is our Sports Day.

April 24th Parent Coffee/tea morning. This will be a presentation in Chinese about the PYP at BIBS ES Shunyi.

April 25th and 26th will be our Exhibition days.

April 30th to May 4th will be a school holiday.

The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.






Sports day

Before the break BIBS students participated in inter house competitions for football, basketball, dodgeball, handball and swimming. These results along with sports day events were added together to see which team would lift the trophy for the BIBS Olympics Overall Winner 2018; Fire, Wind, Earth, or Water? This year there was also the chance to win the best sportsmanship trophy.

Grade 11 and 12 students did a great job helping out at the stations along with the teachers supervising. A big thank you to the PTA who kindly supplied ice cream which was much appreciated by all after several gripping tug of war battles.

Overall winners 2018: WIND

Sportsmanship 2018:  WIND


Swimming Trials for all

Wednesday 18th April 2018 @ 3.35pm until 5pm (alternative travel arrangements required)

Bring your kit and try out. Please inform Miss Philippa if you are interested.

Selection criteria: (junior and senior high school)

  1. Master four strokes
  2. Achievement of the standard of achievement (50 metres in any two events)

100m medley : 1 minute 50 seconds

50 meters freestyle : 45 seconds

50 meter backstroke: 50 seconds

50m breaststroke: 55 seconds

50 meters butterfly : 50 seconds



Our under 19’s football team played against Keystone this Wednesday. The scoreline was 12-1 in favor of our school. We fielded a mixed team with both boys and girls playing together against a full boys team from Keystone. This is a full testament to the sense of community we have at the school and the team put in an epic performance. First goals were scored for the school by Sherya and Annalise and strong performance from Junior and Heydar. All the students performed exceptionally well and we congratulate them on this big win. Next week we have another game against another school and we hope to continue our winning form.



Next week we will be having our Musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Performances will start at 7pm on both Thursday and Friday and we encourage our whole community to buy tickets from the Drama department and support the event. These musicals are a product of months of hard work from the students and we hope our community can come and celebrate this with us.



 Dongrun Campus




This year’s annual performing arts show is called The Animation Sensation. It will be a wonderful show that every student in the school is involved in performing either a song, dance or drama. It will take place on Friday, April 27 at 10:00am in the lower level theatre of the Century Theatre in Liangmaqiao. This year we will be selling very reasonably priced tickets for all those attending the show that can be purchased from the school office next week. The ticket price for a single ticket will be 30rmb or 50rmb for 2 tickets. Seats are limited so we encourage you to purchase your tickets next week.



In collaboration with the PTA, we are pleased to advise that we are opening our classroom doors to existing parents to visit their child’s classroom during an ‘open classroom’ event. This will take place next Tuesday morning between 9:00am – 12:00pm ONLY. All parents must register upon arrival and before entering classrooms. We ask that any parent attending on the day be mindful that normal, scheduled lessons will be taking place for the teachers and students during this time. Therefore, parents should not interrupt or disrupt the normal flow of the lessons or use the time to hold a casual interview with the teachers or talk with other parents during lesson times. It will be an opportunity to observe and learn more about some of the regular teaching and learning activities that take place each day.



We are still looking for more parents to support the school by requiring their children to attend school in their full school uniform. This is more than just wearing a single item of clothing such as the jacket or just the green shirt but applies to the whole uniform. Please ensure that your child is wearing their school uniform each day.



Parents are reminded about the upcoming Deep Learning event taking place on April 23 & 24. As mentioned in the recently provided letter, parents are asked to support this initiative by helping their children gather information, resources and ideas at home. More details are found on the Deep Learning week letter. We hope you enjoy the learning experience together with your child/ren.



The deadline for payment of tuition fees has now arrived and parents are asked to make contact with the Admissions staff immediately to make payment of fees. We are thankful to all those parents that have already paid their fees for and demonstrated their support of the educational program on offer here at Dongrun.



Please be reminded that our school will be closed April 30 – May 1 for Labour Day holiday and the rest of that week (May 2-4) there are no classes due to staff professional development days.