BIBS Infobyte:Mar 23, 2018


Whole School:


We hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring season.  Please find the following school updates for your information. We wish you all a very happy weekend.


   Upper East Side Campus


Student-Led Conference (SLC)-Thanks to parents that have returned the SLC reply slipIf you requested a change of time, you should have been contacted by the reception staff. The Lost & Found items will be displayed in the lobby on this day; please take the time to look at it to see if there are any items that belong to your child. There is NO ASA on Tuesday next week due to the SLC.


Parent ID Badge for SLC Day– Parents are reminded to wear and show their BIBS Parent ID badge on Tuesday; this will speed up passing through the security and the school gates.


Block 3 ASA– Thanks to all the parents that signed up for the UES Block 3 ASA program. Today, you should have received a paper the Confirmation & Invoice Letter for the confirmed classes. On Thursday and Friday, Linda Zhang needed to call lots the parents when we did not have enough students registered to run the class. So, if we were not able to process all invoices on Friday, we will have sent home Monday’s  confirmed classes only. There is NO ASA on Tuesday next week due to the SLC.


G5 Graduation Photos– we take advance photos of the G5 students in their graduating gowns and caps, so that this can be included in the Yearbook. This photo shoot is planned for April 11th 2018. All G5 students need to have black shoes for the photo and the actual G5 Graduation Ceremony which is set for the 14th June.

Next School Year Invoices– Today, you should have received the invoice for your child for next year; please check their school bag. The deadline for payment is the 8th April, 2018.

BIBS UES Chorus– Congratulations to the UES students’ Chorus and music teachers for their participation in the Beijing International Schools Choral Festival hosted at ISB today. Chorus parents had the link to live stream the performance. Well done to everyone for your hard work and participation today!

Spring Show DVD- Today, all students were given a Spring Show DVD order form. Please return completed forms to the reception with the appropriate amount of money. This year, please check which DVD type you need. The deadline for ordering and the delivery date are on the form.



Shunyi Campus






This has been another extremely exciting week at the BIBS Shunyi Campus.


  • There is a steady stream of new students being interviewed as prospective students for this and next academic year. We held a Saturday admissions interview session for the Kindergarten and Grade One over the weekend. The team worked very hard and the prospective students and their parents enjoyed the whole experience.


  • On Monday we had our weekly ES Sharing session where the EAL staff shared their learning experiences from their visit to Harrow International School to attend a workshop about EAL excellence.


  • On Tuesday it was time again for our Parent Coffee/tea morning. At the request of the parents our four specialist teachers made presentations about their learning activities within each unit of inquiry and answered any follow up questions. Our next gathering will be on Tuesday April 24th from 08:30-09:30 in the MSHS canteen. As parents have requested to learn more about the PYP in Chinese our ES Chinese staff will be making a presentation about Making the PYP happen bilingually at BIBS Shunyi.


  • It has been our Math Olympiad in ES this week. The students have been competing on the Mathletics website to gain points. They have also been racing ahead with math speed challenges. Others areas that they have been competing in are estimation about teachers height and weights, and problem solving. The ES students rounded of the week with a Buddies games fest. Our Chinese staff also got passionately involved as well with some fun challenges and games during their lesson times. Apart from the fun and excitement of participating in these events the students also received achievement and attributes of the learner profile certificates.


  • Our ES ASAs continue to prove a fabulous hit with the students and parents. A number of them have been over subscribed and we have had to split them into two or three groups and even create extra ASAs for the students. A great big thank you to the students and parents for their support of our ASAs and to the ES staff and the support staff along with our ASA coordinator for organizing them.


  • Lynne Gray and Louis Courtois are ready to bat with their team as we begin to prepare for our end of year concert. They are sure to be seeking support from the whole school community while completing the mammoth task. Thus please lend a hand where and when you can! Lets make it a showstopper!


Important dates;

On March 24th there will be another International School Fair in Beijing, which will be attended by representatives from the school.


March 24th to 28th is the IB’s Asia and Pacific region’s annual conference in Singapore. Four members of the senior management team will be representing the school at this conference.


The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.







Sports Day Invitation


Dear parents/guardians,

MSHS Sports day will take place on next Friday 30th March at 9.30am at the Shunyi Campus.  Your child will be participating for their house team; Fire, Wind, Water or Earth to win the overall winners trophy. We will also be looking for the team exhibiting the best sportsmanship throughout the sports week and sports day.

Please get your children wear sports clothes in the color of their houses and remind them to bring refillable water bottles for the day.

We invite you to save the date and join us for this exciting day.

PHE Department


Kind regards,

Philippa Sheward



DP Art Exhibition

Our grade 12’s are finalizing their displays for their grade 12 exhibition as part of the DP requirements. Please feel free to come and visit and see all the wonderful items of art in our campus lobby.


BIBS Students Shine as Leaders at MUNiSC

On 14 March a small but focused group of students from the BIBS Shunyi High School brought their talents and passions to the 2018 Model United Nations International Schools Consortium (MUNiSC), in Qingdao.  After three days of deliberation on issues centered on human trafficking, Pranav Sundararajan, Selina Kim, Mike Qian, Richard Tao (all grade 10) established themselves as student statesmen, qualified and respected leaders at a forum that attracts many of the best and brightest from each participating school.  Each of the four played a major role in passing their group’s resolution, with three of them serving as the main architect of the proposal.  Their contributions to the conference were immediately lauded for consensus-building eloquence and verve.


The MUN experience combines important knowledge and skills with a moral, caring call to action.  The results can be profound.  Pranav credits MUN with promoting a global outlook, as well as the opportunity to polish his public speaking and debate skills.  Mike cites the same, adding that MUN “develops my international awareness, curiosity,…and social skills.”  Selina agrees:  “Participating in MUN conferences and debating about resolutions with other students of my age helped me to expand my knowledge in politics and global issues,” which are important to everyone. They voice strong consensus for the impact of the conference.  According to Mike, “MUN is one of the best opportunities that our school has to offer.”  Pranav echoes this endorsement and adds, “I highly recommend students to join us in future conferences.”  Selina hopes for the same, and credits the conference with fostering academic growth.


The entire BIBS community can join MUN. Advisors Venus Xu, Jay Learned, Maria Barossa, and Justin Smith in proudly applauding the outstanding performance of this year’s MUNiSC delegation.


Dongrun Campus




This year’s annual performing arts production is called The Animation Sensation. It will take place on Friday, April 27 in the lower level theatre of the Century Theatre in Liangmaqiao. Teachers and classes have been very busy practicing their performance every week and making production plans for this special event. This year, all performances will be linked together by a common theme of children’s cartoon / movie / animation. Tickets and promotional material will be released to parents and guests very soon.



On Wednesday evening, we held our second Evening Parent Workshop. A small group of enthusiastic parents were in attendance and were expertly led through the workshop by Ms. Julieta Nava. There was a focus on learning difficulties, understanding childhood development milestones and how to manage difficult behaviours in children. The parents who attended gave very positive feedback and thanked Julieta for preparing such a wonderful presentation and sharing her expert knowledge.



This week, our Head of English, Jaine Dutton has been attending the IPC International Festival of Learning in Singapore. Her Grade 4 classes have been ably covered by the English Department and we are grateful for their efforts beyond their own teaching responsibilities. We look forward to Miss Jaine’s return and the insight and inspiration she will bring for the future development of the IPC here at Dongrun.



This Wednesday, all students participated in a Field Trip to the Beijing Museum of Natural History. The day was filled with interesting learning experiences and opportunities for children to discover something new and something old. Our field trips are always



The next PTA Meeting will be on Tuesday, March 27 at 2:30pm in the Community room. Details of the meeting outcomes and information will be shared with parents via the class representatives.



The Spring Holiday will take place the week after next week on Monday, April 2 to Friday, April 6 with no classes during this week.