BIBS Infobyte:Mar 16, 2018

 Whole School:


Please find the following school updates for your information. In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.



Upper East Side Campus


UES Visiting Author-A Day with Julia Cook

Julia Cook, an award-winning author, will be visiting BIBS-UES on March 23 (Friday). She is a former school- teacher and counselor. Julia cook will be spending her day with Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students, teachers and parents. Teachers and students are reading, sharing and having fun reading and illustrating her books. Julia will also make presentation for parents at 3:00-3:45. Parents will have the chance to share ideas and ask questions. For parents interested in attending the presentation, please message the HR teachers or librarians.


BIBS UES BOOK FAIR– We will have a book fair from March 21-23 (Wednesday-Friday) sponsored by OBIDO. Students and parents will have the chance to purchase books of different genres. Bilingual books will also be available. We can also buy books by the visiting author, Julia Cook, during the fair and have them autographed by the author herself on March 23. Children will have a chance to look at the books and make a wish list. Money can then be brought to school the following day for purchasing.


Reports & SLC– Today, your child’s UOI 3 & 4 report was posted online on your Managebac account.

Next week, you will receive a SLC letter with your appointment time for Wednesday 27th March. Please complete form at the bottom of the SLC letter and return to the reception at UES. Any parents that have trouble logging onto their Managebac account to access their child’s report should check with Huan He on Monday


BIBS Parent ID– All parents have been issued with a BIBS Parent ID by the admissions office when your child was enrolled at BIBS. We are asking that all parents entering the campus wear their BIBS Parent ID at all times when on the campus. Please respect that we have asked our security at the gates to stop and ask to see all parents and staff to show their BIBS ID when entering the campus.


Lunch issues– All students from GK to G5 are expected to independently eat their school lunch. We should have no parents or ayis assisting with a child eating at school. If there is a special reason a child needs assistance or a special lunch-eg. due to an injury, then the school must have this information in writing, and provisions will be made by the school.  Please can home lunch students bring their own lunch to school in the morning, so we do not have ayis or parents bringing lunch in each day, this is causing some of our concerns.


Infectious Diseases– Last week, we gave notice to Grade 3 parents that we have a confirmed case of chickenpox in the grade. In cases like this, we inform the families of the class or grade level, and also other groups where their child may have had contact with the child during the infected time, e.g. ASA activities or on a particular school bus route. All parents are reminded they need to inform the school nurse or Principal’s office whenever there is a confirmed case of an infectious disease with their child.


Sick Students– If students are at school, then they are expected to fully participate in all their classes. Students with injuries may be exempt from some classes, but the school must receive documentation from the hospital/ doctors and provision then needs to be made for them not to attend a particular class, eg. PE and be adequately supervised. Again, if students are at school, then they are expected to fully participate in all their classes


Rubber Stamp Game Cards– Today, Friday 16th March was the last day for children to bring these games to BIBS UES campus. As of Monday, they will be banned and any student with these at school or on the buses will have them confiscated. They can then be returned to go home, if there are repeated incidents we will dispose of them.


Block 3 ASA Online Registration– We will post the online registration this weekend. The deadline for parents to sign up will be next Wednesday 21st March. We are NOT able to extend this deadline. Parents, ayis,  or grandparents can also get assistance with doing it on a computer set up in the lobby at UES if needed- but office staff do not do this registration for parents.





Congratulations to all at UES for a wonderful Mathematics Week- There was a real buzz as students worked out quizzes, puzzles and problems this week!! Thanks to the Math Committee for all their hard work and the PTA parents for helping with the Pies for Pi Day!!


 Shunyi Campus




 This has been another diversely exciting week at the BIBS Shunyi Campus.


  • Over the weekend our team of budding swimming Olympians competed in a swimming Gala held at ISB. They did us proud and surprised us with their swimming skills and speed. A number of them were placed within the top ten for their particular section. Thank you to Wicus and his team for organizing this event.


  • On Monday we had a visit from the Australian author Trevor Lai. He had a great time with the students and staff and visa versa. The students got really engrossed in his life journey through interactive animation and caricature drawings. Thank you to Heather and the ES staff for this wonderful experience.


  • ‘Say Cheese’ Monday was also the day the cameras came to town to take photos of the students, both individual and class photos. Don’t worry if your child missed out on their moment to shine in front of the camera as they will be returning soon to snap those who were not able to make it the first time around. Thank you to Gerald and the team for organizing this occasion.


  • Our third block of ASAs began this week. This time around there is a mix of staff and outside providers for most day of the week. Some of the numbers, particularly fro Crazy Science, Badminton and EAL were that large that we have had to create extra classes or ask the students to go with their second choice. Our BIBS Shunyi ASAs seem to continue to be a great success. Thank you to Linda Zhang our ASA coordinator for all her hard work.


  • On Wednesday we had the honour of hosting a delegation of teachers from Yiwu led by Dr Marjorie Henningsen. They came to see how we integrate the Chinese and Western cultures through the blending of the Chinese National Curriculum and those supporting the IBO framework. They were really impressed by the level of co-teaching and the activities that were taking place. Therefore they have extended an invitation to the staff to visit their school in the future.


  • The Grade One students were visiting an industrial exhibition park on Thursday as part of their previous unit of inquiry about ‘Humans can use and reuse resources on Earth’ so that they could reflect on the learning that had taken place and think about how they could develop some action as they move forward with their learning journey into the new UOI about ‘Places are valued for different reasons’. The students had a wonderful time and they were keen to share their views and opinions with each other.


  • On Thursday the Grade Five students from the Shunyi and UES campuses had a chance to experience what life will be like in the upper school. They were given tours of the classrooms, joined in activities and had an opportunity to ask questions. A great way to prepare for next year and beyond. Thank you to all those who were involved in making this happen.


  • On Friday the Student Council in conjunction will Grade Four held their assembly. There were some wonderful displays of the learning that has been taken place and several students received awards for demonstrating the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.


  • The DVDs for the CNY performance at the Shunyi Campus will be ready for viewing next week. If you did not order one and would like to have a copy the homeroom teachers have already sent the necessary form home so please complete it and return it to school by March 22nd 2018. I have had a peek and it looks good!


  • Lynne Gray and Louis Courtois have stepped up to the plate and are ready to bat with their team as we begin to prepare for our end of year concert. They are sure to be seeking support from the whole school community while completing the mammoth task. Thus please lend a hand where and when you can! Lets make it a show stopper!



Important dates;

From March 19th to 23rd will be the ES Numeracy Week.

On March 20th the ES Parent Coffee/tea morning (08:30-09:30) will introduce the specialist teachers who will talk about what they do in class and answer questions.

On March 24th there will be another International School Fair in Beijing, which will be attended by representatives from the school.

March 24th to 28th is the IB’s Asia and Pacific region’s annual conference in Singapore. Four members of the senior management team will be representing the school at this conference.

The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.








Sports Day

On Friday 30th March we will be having our MSHS sports day. All students have been put into houses. Please make sure students bring a water bottle and a cap/hat in case it is a sunny day. All students should be wearing sports clothes based on their house colours.


DP Core Updates

This month grade 12 students working on their DP core requirements have submitted their final drafts of their extended essays to the IB for external moderation. This is BIBS first extended essay submission to the IB and we are all very excited to have completed the process which began over 18 months ago. Similarly, grade 12 students have also seen their TOK essays submitted this week. In both cases students and staff have worked hard to ensure IBO DP formatting and referencing standards have been met. This month grade 12 students will also complete their CAS programme. Grade 11 will complete their first formal reflection session with their extended essay supervisor and will complete a draft presentation in their TOK class. Grade 11 continue to complete experiences for their CAS programme.




Dongrun Campus




Next week all children that have returned their permissions notes will be participating in the health check-up on Thursday, 22nd March.



Next week our second Evening Parent Workshop will take place on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00pm. Parents are asked to confirm their attendance with their Homeroom teacher in order to assist with the venue preparation. The workshop will be led by our own very own school Psychologist, Ms. Julieta Nava.



Next week, our Head of English, Jaine Dutton will be attending the IPC International Festival of Learning in Singapore. The aim will be to gain valuable insight into best practices regarding the leading and teaching of the IPC from all around the world.



All parents are once again reminded that BIBS Dongrun does not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents wishing to have this type of accident insurance cover will need to contact their own insurance provider. With this in mind, all families can be assured that the staff and school is committed to providing and maintaining a high level of care and supervision to all students but parents should understand that accidents can and sometimes do happen to children in life and it is also possible for this to occur whilst the student is at school.



We are pleased to advise that this Saturday, a team of Chinese and Foreign teachers and Admissions staff will be conducting student enrolment testing and interviews for approximately 20 new students. It is very encouraging that the belief in our campus’ educational program continues to grow each semester as do our total enrolment numbers. All parents and members of the BIBS community can be assured that a very thorough process for enrolment testing and interviews takes place here at BIBS Dongrun with every prospective student and family. It is the school’s intention that our standards of education and expectation of incoming students continues to rise for the benefit of the whole Dongrun community.



Next Wednesday, all students will be participating in a Field Trip to the Beijing Museum of Natural History. We hope that the day will be filled with interesting experiences, conversations and opportunities for our children to learn.



We are pleased to share with our community some very positive educational news regarding the support of all children in Dongrun. Through the expertise and experience of our learning support teacher / psychologist (Julieta Nava), we have commenced the implementation of learning support in the school based on scheduled observations, a teacher referral system, individual Educational Programs (IEP) for targeted students and the cooperation of teachers and parents. This program will achieve very positive outcomes over an extended period of time and form a very important part of our whole school’s educational program.