BIBS Infobyte:Mar 9, 2018  

 Whole School:


After the solar term of Jing Zhe (Awakening of Insects) on March 5th, spring is already in the air. In addition to spring, we would also like to welcome Mr. James Sheridan, our new Headmaster of BIBS Shunyi Campus. We look forward to working with him as well as all other members of the BIBS community towards a brilliant future ahead.



Upper East Side Campus



‘One Old-One Child’ Insurance-Please check the email “致本市城乡居民基本医疗保险参保人的一封信” in Chinese to confirm the money be deducted. If you have handed in all the paper but still not received the email, please contact school before March 15th. If your child has Beijing Hukou and wants to apply for this insurance now, please also contact us before March 15th. TEL: 51307951-260


Accident Insurance Notice-All parents are advised that BIBS UES does not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents wishing to have this type of accident insurance cover will need to contact their own insurance provider. With this in mind, all families can be assured that the staff and school is committed to providing and maintaining a high level of care and supervision to all students but parents should understand that accidents can and sometimes do happen to children in life and it is also possible for this to occur whilst the student is at school


Fundraising– Thanks to the UES community for your donations for fundraising for children with HIV or who have been orphaned due to parents dying from HIV. Red Ribbon donations at the Spring Show raised 15,000RMB. We are continuing to collect donations at the reception in the large red box for another week or two.


Mathematics Week– Next week, we celebrate Mathematics Week at UES. There are a number of activities throughout the week: Quiz Knockout at Assembly, mathematics quizzes, guessing games, puzzles and mathematical trails planned. Pi Day- on Wed. 3.14 ….. is a day for learning about CIRCLES: circumferences, diameters and radius’ of circles, the number Pi, area of circles and importantly “Pi ≠Pie” but we have LOTS of both on Wednesday!Don’t forget on Pi Day (3.14) students & teachers can wear their “Pi-jamas”on this day!



Shunyi Campus



Dear Parents & Friends,

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for the very warm welcome that I have received at BIBS. Much of my time has been spent settling in, but I am beginning to get to know everyone slowly and the kindness shown to me has made this transition so much easier.

It is exciting to be part of such a successful and developing school. I hope that my experience will be a support for everyone as we move on to great things. The staff are clearly dedicated to supporting your children and I can already see the signs that are uniquely present in an IB school. I am encouraged to see children with a confidence and a self-belief that comes that the IB programme delivers.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming weeks.

Best wishes



James Sheridan


 Final block of ASA

On Tuesday 13th March our final block of ASA’s will begin. We have many activities available for students to extend their studies and hobbies outside the classroom. As a result buses will again leave at 4:40.








This has been a very exciting and at the same time exhausting week within the ES at Shunyi. On Monday and Tuesday we had Jennifer and Ben from the IB at our school for the verification visit. The ES staff worked hard to prepare for it and the support from all our colleagues and students in the whole school was exemplarily. They shared their exit report with us and highlighted the following:

  • the willingness of the staff to embrace the PYP,
  • the parental involvement is exceptional,
  • our unique bilingualism approach,
  • the involvement of the staff in the decision making and development of the school,
  • the level of cross school collaboration between the three IB programmes,
  • the encouraging and supportive nature of staff during the meetings
  • the Chinese staffs level of knowledge of the PYP, their thirst to know more and their eagerness to get involved in the UOIs.
  • the frankness of the staff during the meetings,
  • the advanced level of development of the exhibition,
  • the positive role of the ES Teaching and Leadership Team was mentioned many times.
  • the library for its books and the librarians involvement in the UOIs

It was also Literacy Week at the Shunyi Campus. There was a whole lot of fun things taking place:


  • Every Day:
  • DEAR. The whole Primary school should “Drop Everything And Read” at 9:15 – 9:25 every day. No instruction. No talking, just reading.
  • Reading Log: During the week, when students visit the library, Ms. Heather will launch the school wide reading log.
  • Collecting books for the book swap.

Monday: Continuous Reading Chair

Tuesday: Spelling Bee

Wednesday: Pajama Party

Thursday: More Spelling Bee time

Friday: Favorite Character Dress up day, Guest Reading and Book Swap.

Over the weekend four of our EAL ES colleagues attended a workshop at Harrow International School about EAL Excellence. They had a wonderful time and are eager to share their learning with their colleagues in the coming days and weeks.

Exhibition continues to move along at a fast speed with numerous sharing sessions and mentor meeting to help guide the students towards the completion of their exhibition journey. This week they visited the Personal Project Exhibition by the Grade Ten students, listened to the passion of music by MSHS students and had their graduation photo session on Friday.

On Friday the Grade Two Students, Parents and Staff went to visit the Mother and children museum to help them make some real life connections with their unit of inquiry aboutFamilies are always evolving and each has a unique history. From the feedback it seems to have been a wonderful time for everybody and the students have some great ideas they wish to share and develop with us all.

The DVDs for the CNY performance at the Shunyi Campus will be ready for viewing next week. If you did not order one and would like to have a copy the homeroom teachers have already sent the necessary form home so please complete it and return it to school by March 22nd2018.


Important dates;

From March 9thto 11thour students will be competing in the swimming gala at the International School of Beijing.

On March 12ththe other ES students and staff will have their photos taken for the same reason.

On March 12thChinese-Canadian author/illustrator Trevor Lai will visit BIBS.

On March 13ththe third block of ASAs will start.

On March 15ththere will be a step up presentation for the Grade Five parents.

From March 19thto 23rdwill be the ES Numeracy Week.

On March 24ththere will be another International School Fair in Beijing, which will be attended by representatives from the school.

On March 20ththe ES Parent Coffee/tea morning (08:30-09:30) will introduce the specialist teachers who will talk about what they do in class and answer questions.

March 24thto 28this the IB’s Asia and Pacific region’s annual conference in Singapore. Four members of the senior management team will be representing the school at this conference.

The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.






Personal Project

Personal Project Exhibition was again a huge success and again the quality of the projects has been raised by our talented students. Congratulations to all students and to Miss Nicolette and her team of teachers who supported the students.


Step Up Day

Next Thursday we have invited Grade 5 students from UES and Shunyi to join us for an experience as a middle school student. Our students will spend the day taking Middle School lessons in different subjects that will be new to them when they join next year.



Some of our grade 10 will be traveling to the Model United Nations at International Schools of China (MUNiSC) In Qingdao, Wednesday – Saturday, 14-17 March. These students will serve as delegates representing designated countries, and will coordinate with their fellow delegates to propose, debate, revise, and vote on solutions to a range of issues drawn from current world developments. In the course of doing so they will increase their awareness of global affairs while developing their skills of conflict resolution, cooperation, writing, debate, and more.


Mark your calendars

We are thrilled to welcome the entire BIBS learning community to our first ever opening reception for the visual arts exhibition of Gr 12 diploma candidates on:



Lobby of MSHS Shunyi Campus

These students have worked very hard over the past two years researching visual culture from different historical time periods and places around the world whilst experimenting with various art mediums. To this end they have created their own original works of art. We welcome you to come see the culmination of their two year journey and congratulate them on their hard efforts.



Math Week

March 12 to 15 BIBS MSHS is Celebrating all things Mathematical.

Events include daily problem solving, guessing and estimating competition and a mathematics game show.

Grade 8 students will be showcasing their games of chance in our annual probability games carnival.

Something new this year is grade 7 will be raising money for Charity through the Silent Auction. Grade 7’s will bring in either home-made items or items they no longer need to auction off to the community.

There may also be PIES! March 14 aka 3.14 is Pi Day, so please come and enjoy the festivities on Wednesday afternoon.

One of the Aims of mathematics is to enjoy mathematics, develop curiosity and begin to appreciate its elegance and power. We hope our mathematics week can work towards achieving that aim!





Dongrun Campus





We would like to wish all of the women in our Dongrun school community a very happy International Women’s Day for yesterday. Women play a very important role in our school community and are greatly appreciated. It really doesn’t matter what the role or who they are – they are all special and valued in our school!



Next week all children will receive information from our school nurse about a health check-up that will be taking place on Thursday, 22ndMarch.



Recently, our Admissions staff gave all families an enrolment survey to complete. The surveys are now due and the information will help with essential planning for the next school year. All parents are asked to return these surveys to the Admissions staff in our front office as soon as possible.



The next Evening Parent Workshop will take place on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00pm. Parents that attend will enjoy hearing from our own very qualified and experienced Psychologist, Julieta Nava.



On Friday, April 27 all children will be involved in our annual performing arts concert. There will singing, dancing and drama in both Chinese and English. Rehearsals are underway and we are really looking forward to seeing the performances. All performances will be connected to the theme of children’s animations and cartoons and will be on show in the 21st Century Theatre.



Don’t forget to save the date for our 3rdannual family sports carnival event. The carnival will take place on Friday, May 11. Preparations are already underway to make it a sports carnival that all will enjoy and remember.



If any parent needs to gain access to the School during the day to speak with a teacher or visit for any other reason, they must wait for the security guard to grant access and then wait in the front office until a staff member meets them.



It is highly preferable that mobile phones are left at home and not taken to school. If there is a genuine need for communication on the way to and from school, the phone must be turned off during the day and left in the bag. Mobile phones must not be used during the day. Also, iPads or other tablets should be left at home unless a teacher has granted specific permission for use during specific learning situations.