BIBS Infobyte:Mar 2, 2018

 Whole School:


Thank you all for another vibrant and productive week at BIBS in the Chinese New Year of the Dog. Please find the following school updates for your reference. We wish you all a very happy Chinese Lantern Festival and a very relaxing weekend.



Upper East Side Campus



Spring Show– Tomorrow, is the Spring Show, please be reminded that your child needs to have had a good breakfast before coming to the theatre.

On Saturday, 3rdMarch there are two shows of the Musical Production-ALL students are in BOTH shows.The audience has been separated so that we could give out 4 tickets per family, however each BIBS student is required to participate in both shows on this day.

  • Drop off: ALL GK, G3, G5 students need to be at the theatre at 11:00 amon Saturday (back stage door-near side car park)
  • Drop Off: ALL G1, G2 & G4 students need to be at the theatre at10:30 amon Saturday (back stage door-near side car park) As they need time for make-up to be applied.
  • FOOD: The students MUST have eaten a good breakfast before arriving at 10:30/11am- we will have a small lunch break between the two shows-13:45-14:15.
  • Show1 doors openat 11:20 and the show starts at 12:00. (Tickets for G3-G5 families)
  • Show2 doors openat 13:50 and the show starts at 14:30. (Tickets for GK-G2 families)
  • The BIBS PTA Choir is presenting several songs prior to the shows at 11:35 and 14:05
  • Pick up: Will be about 16:10 for ALL students (back stage door and/or front of house doors).


Children’s Personal Items– BIBS has a school uniform, students should be wearing these each day. For additional items, like coats, children should not bring expensive items to school. All items should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. Personal belongs are the responsibility of each child.


Lost & Found– Please remind your child to check the Lost & Found area for misplaced and lost items. There are lots of snack containers, drink bottles, articles of clothing in this area.


2018-19 Intention Letter– Next week, we will be issuing the 2018-19 Intention Letter to all current students to collect the information regarding families intentions of whether their child will be enrolled at UES for next school year. This is collected at this time to plan for staffing, classroom and resource needs for next year.


G5 Step-Up Day to Shunyi Campus– This transition event is scheduled for 15thMarch. G5 parents are reminded to complete and return the confirmation slip that was issued at the bottom of the information letter.


New Parents Tea & Coffee Meeting– Admissions have contacted the parents of student that recently joined BIBS UES for this New Parent Tea & Coffee Meeting in the 2F auditorium from 09:00-11:00.


ASA Block 2– Next week, is the last week for the ASA Block 2. There are make-up days for ASA activities in the following week for Monday 12thand Thursday 15thMarch.




Shunyi Campus



School Photo Notice


BIBS will be taking two rounds of photos in the upcoming weeks for various students. The first round is for graduation photos. They will be taken onFriday, 9 March.Progression and graduation caps and gowns will be provided that day. PYP (grade 5) and MYP (grade 10) programs will have photos taken in the morning, while grade 12 students will go off campus for their traditional graduation photos before lunch and the afternoon of the 9thof March.

The second round is for class and individual photos. They will be taken onMonday, 12 March and Tuesday, 13 March.This will be for all grade levels and students throughout the Shunyi Campus.

The overall photo schedule is as follows:

Friday, 9 March– Grade 5 (PYP), Grade 10 (MYP), Grade 12 Graduation Cap/Gown Photos

Monday, 12 March– Elementary School, grades K – 5 class and individual photos

Tuesday, 13 March– Middle and High School, grades 6 -12 class and individual photos

Please ensure all students are present these days, in uniform, and ready for photographs so we can complete all students in the available times. Detailed schedules will be provided to homeroom teachers.


Chance to experience our new ASAs

Our school will hold a small ASA demo in the gym on Tuesday March 6thfrom 2:50 to 3:35 pm, which will allow our students to have access to a wealth of after class activities and know more about our school’s ASAs in advance.

We will have experienced outside ASA providers to introduce over thirty activities to our students, including football, magic, baking, chess, ballet, public speaking, robotics, kung fu, string music lessons and table tennis.

Primary school students (Kindergarten – Grade 5) will go to the gym to speak to the outside providers and observe the demo class in order. We are looking forward to seeing parents joining us.Middle school and high school students will learn more information about new block of ASAs in Wednesday’s Lunch time, March 7th.


With Warm Regards,


Linda Zhang

Students Leadership Development Centre

(+8610) 6456-0618 x 121



There will be two opportunities to attend BIBS Shunyi Campus Open House in March. The first is Wednesday, March 28th, and the second is Thursday, March 29th. If you have any friends who might to interested in sending their children to our school, please pass this information. Below Please find the sign up QR Code.







Some of the things to note from this week;


  • During the ES sharing session on Monday the staff went over the agenda for the upcoming IB Verification visit. They also made a checklist for the things that needed to be completed for the visit. Additionally,Angela Shen, Sunny Sun, Thomas Ferlisi and Graham Cormack received certificates of excellencefrom their colleagues for their outstanding contribution to the students, their colleagues and school as a whole.


  • On Tuesday morning the Parents had their coffee and tea meeting with the ES Principal. They went over the many functions of the ManageBac system. The parents were not aware of the amount of details that was being kept on the website about the continual assessment and learning of the students. They were also surprised at the learning outcomes that were covered by our specialist teachers. As a result they have asked to meet them at our next meeting.



  • The Teaching and Leadership team met on Wednesday and discussed, the WASC visit, working schedules for next year, feedback from the positive behavior/social and emotional learning meeting, the air purification system, the recent upgrade of the internet system, the team’s essential agreement and the roles of the members, share point folders and the no eating of candy proposal in school.


  • This month was the Principal’s awards for the Learner Profile of the Communicator;Bowen(KA), Vivian(KB), Hailey(1A), Max Ren(1B), Daniel(2A), Mari Jones(2B), Elijah Li(2B), Kathy Kang(3A), Flower(3B), Lucas(3B), Ocean(3B), Wendy(4A), Tim(4A), Kevin Sun(4B), Bobo(5A) and Coco(5B).



  • The Grade Five exhibition is in full swing with the students staring to form their unit of inquiry. They have had a visit from The Deaf association in Beijing and a visit from the Grade 9 and ten students about expressing their passion for music. The Grade Five staff and the student mentors have also had a meeting to discuss their roles during the exhibition and possible activities with the students. They have also been discussing the promotional materials and the final celebration arrangements.


  • The students had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with there activities over the CNY break and share there summative assessment tasks with each during the Friday UOI buddy time.


  • On Friday 2ndand Saturday 3rdJane Lourie, Mel Williams, Rayleen Madrid and Annechea Ennes will be attending an EAL Collaborative Teaching workshop at Harrow International School in Beijing.


Important dates;

On March 5thand 6ththe IB PYP verification visit will be taking place at the Shunyi Campus.


From March 5thto 9thit will be the ES Literacy Week.


On March 9ththe Grade Five students will have their photos taken for the year Book. On March 12ththe other ES students and staff will have their photos taken for the same reason.

On March 12thChinese-Canadian author/illustrator Trevor Lai will visit BIBS.

On March 13ththe third block of ASAs will start.

On March 15ththere will be a step up presentation for the Grade Five parents.

From March 19thto 23rdwill be the ES Numeracy Week.

On March 24ththere will be another International School Fair in Beijing, which will be attended by representatives from the school.

On March 20ththe ES Parent Coffee/tea morning (08:30-09:30) will introduce the specialist teachers who will talk about what they do in class and answer questions.March 24thto 28this the IB’s Asia and Pacific region’s annual conference in Singapore. Four members of the senior management team will be representing the school at this conference.



The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.






Personal Project Exhibition Invitation


Dear Parent,

We are cordially to invite you to attend our Celebration of Learning Series, The Personal Project Exhibition on March 8th. All MSHS parents are especially welcome.


The Personal Project Exhibition is an opportunity for our Grade 10 students to exhibit their project and explain the learning process to the school community. We welcome your support in visiting the exhibition and discussing the students’ work with them as you visit each booth. Our students are proud to share their learning experience about what their goal was, what they learned, how they might have done differently with hindsight.


Project Highlight of 2018:


  • African ball gown
  • Cook “Asian”
  • CeeShan App – Giving Back to the Community Never Felt So Easy
  • Rúnda Cheanannais – Jewellery collection
  • Chinese Shadow Play
  • Behind The Scene
  • Known Tunes, Unknown Possibilities


Date: March 8th

Time 9:00 to 15:30

Location: Gymnasium, BIBS Shunyi Campus

We look forward to seeing you then and celebrating the achievements of our Grade 10 students.



BIBS MSHS Community


BIBS Sports Day

Dear parents/guardians,This year sports day has been moved forward due to the heat of last year. It will take place on Friday 30th March at 9.30am at the Shunyi Campus. Your child will be participating for their house team; Fire, Wind, Water or Earth to win the trophy. We will also be looking for the team exhibiting the best sportsmanship throughout the sports week and sports day. We invite you to save the date and join us for this exciting day.


PHE Department


Kind regards,

Philippa Sheward



Internet Usage 

In an effort to improve the speed of the internet at the campus we have implemented passwords for all users which limits the number of devices you can connect with to the internet. We have also begun to use software to monitor internet traffic to reduce the amount traffic being used for any sites that are not of educational use. We hope this will allow all users a faster experience when using the internet at the school.



Dongrun Campus 


We welcome all families back after Chinese New Year. There is much to look forward to in the life of our school with many events and it is important to remain up to date via this info byte each week and the class Wechat groups for details of various events.


The 2nd block of ASA commenced this week on Tuesday and it would seem that all children enjoyed their activities. If parents have any questions regarding this program they should direct their query to Kelley Han who is overseeing the ASA program.


The next Evening Parent Workshop has now been scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00pm. Parents that attend will enjoy hearing from our own very qualified and experienced Psychologist, Julieta Nava. She will be presenting to parents on a number of relevant educational topics.




Don’t forget to save the date for our 3rd annual family sports carnival event. The carnival will take place on Friday, May 11. Preparations are already underway to make it a sports carnival that all will enjoy and remember.



All parents are reminded to respect the guidelines for using the class Wechat groups and be mindful of the time messages are sent to teachers and other parents. We ask that all parents not use the groups after 7:00pm on weekdays and not during the weekend. This allows our teachers the essential time to rest and be ready to be the best they can be in the classroom for all children, as well as the chance to enjoy their own family and personal time.


As of next Monday, we will be changing the time of the weekly assemblies to Monday at 3:00pm in order to gain a more consistent access and use of the school auditorium. Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies each week. Next week Grade 4 will be presenting an item, followed by Grade 2B the following week.


If any parent needs to gain access to the School during the day to speak with a teacher or visit for any other reason, they must wait for the security guard to grant access and then wait in the front office until a staff member meets them.


From this week, our children in Grades 3 and 4 will gain the benefit of working with an expert in Chinese Calligraphy who graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and was the recipient of a number of scholarships. He will be developing their calligraphy writing skills with smaller writing utensils such as pens.