BIBS Infobyte: Feb 9, 2018

Whole School:

 Chinese New Year, which is perhaps the most widely celebrated holiday in the world, is just around the corner.  To celebrate the coming of the Chinese New Year, our school will be closed in the late afternoon of February 9th and reopens on Feb. 26th, 2018.  We wish you all a happy Chinese New Year holiday and health, prosperity and happiness for the whole family in the Year of the Dog!


Upper East Side Campus


 Spring Festival/Chinese New Year– We wish everyone happy holidays, good luck and prosperity for the New Year.

CNY Day– On Friday, the students all enjoyed: The Temple Fair, Dragon Dance, Chinese Cultural Activities & Class Activities. Thanks to members of the Chinese Department for organising the day and also the parents in each class for organising the afternoon class activities. It is always a rich cultural day for everyone at UES.

Spring Show– A letter went out on Wednesday, informing parents of the activities in the last week preceding the show on the 3rdMarch. Information included drop-off times on Saturday for different grades and the pick-up time for everyone.

ISA Completed– The ISA tests were successfully completed by most of the students; despite teachers encouraging students to go back and check their work when they had time- some just wanted to rush and complete the tests. We will announce when we have the results, which are expected in mid-April.

Monday 26th February– All students & teachers return to UES after the Spring Festival Holiday.


Shunyi Campus


New year wish

To all Shunyi Parents and people in the BIBS community we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year as you welcome in the year of the Dog. We hope you get to spend time with your families and have a great new Year.

Please remember that school will reopen on February 26th at 8:00am.




Some of the things to note from this week;


  • During the ES sharing session on Monday we looked at how we could use the stations or centers approach to co-teaching. One of the groups worked on their self-appraisals, another on literacy strategies and another one on Math strategies and there was an independent group as well looking at the preparations for the CNY performance. The feedback was that this was a good way to co-teach and that it lessened the workload of the staff and also that it provided more contact time with smaller groups of students. Some felt that the time limit was too short but that it could be adapted to their collaborative lesson planning. Others felt that they could use this approach over a two day period or even four days.


  • Finally, the time that everyone was waiting for has come “EXHIBITION”. Last week our students experienced different ways to express themselves. We created a photo gallery for them with topics ranging from tattoo & body piercing to arts & artists. Visiting the 798 art district in Beijing gave them an opportunity to view professional artist and how they use their art to inspire people. Students also had the privilege to visit the planetarium and learned about the stars and how exploring space can motivate us to follow our dreams. Finally, students were able to identify their own passion and represent that passion using one of 5 mediums: painting, designing, drama, recycle materials and writing. Students learned about the 17 world issues and chose one that they are interested in. Now they are working on creating their Central Ideas and lines of inquiry. During the next 8 weeks’ students will create their project around their passion.            


  • Due to the great success of their last field trip about the workplace roles that people play in our communities the kindergarten students visited a maps venue on Thursday to inquire into how communities and the services that can be found in them have changed over time. Yet again this was another wonderful opportunity for the children to learn about the people in their communities and the roles they play.


  • As a show of appreciation for all the work that the ayi’s, bus drivers, maintenance and catering staff do for our school community, donations were collected from the Teachers and Admissions staff over the past two weeks, so that we could present each with a Hongbao on Wednesday for Chinese New Year.


  • We ended our first semester of the new academic year with our Chinese New Y ear Performance. This was quite a task and our Chinese colleagues put a lot of effort into this with the support of their overseas co-teachers. It turned out to be an exceptional event. Our younger learners from the kindergarten next door joined us for this very special occasion.

Wishing you all a wonderful Chinese New Year break and a fruitful and enjoyable year of the dog.


Important dates;

On February 27th there will be a Parent Coffee/tea morning to explain how we use ManageBac to record and assess the learning that is taking place in the school and also information about the upcoming visit from the IB. This will be held in the MSHS canteen from 08:30-09:30am.

On March 5th and 6th the IB PYP verification visit will be taking place at the Shunyi Campus.

From March 5th to 9th it will be the ES Literacy Week.

On March 12th, Chinese-Canadian author/illustrator Trevor Lai will visit BIBS.

From March 19th to 23rd will be the ES Numeracy Week.

The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.





Personal Project

The Personal Project Exhibition is the end Product of the MYP program. We will be having our final exhibition on the 8th March after the holidays. Students have done a huge amount of work on these projects and we invite all parents to view what they have done. For parents in lower grades it is a good chance to see what you children are working towards.

The procedure for the submission of work


Dear parents,

Thank you for attending the parent teacher conferences on the 2nd February. We have had feedback from multiple teachers that during the conferences parents were asking about the submission of work and what happens when students miss a submission date. In response to this we would like to summarize what the procedure for the submission of work is.

Students when given a summative assessment will have the task posted on managebac. If it is applicable a dropbox for work will be generated and students will be expected to submit the work before the submission date and time. If the work is not submitted then the a teacher will email the parent with a new submission date and if the assessment is still not submitted then the student will receive a NA. The NA may affect the students overall MYP grade at the end of the year and could cause the student to not achieve a passing grade. If this is the case in 2 or more subjects the student may be asked to repeat the year.

An e-mail has been sent to all parents with a translated copy of the submission of work protocol for your future reference and I hope this clarifies the situation. if you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with either Mr. Terry Linton (MYP coordinator) or Mr. James Sutcliffe (DP Coordinator) care of


The MSHS curriculum coordinators


 Dongrun Campus



This week we had a special focus on Chinese New Year celebrations as a whole school during our weekly assembly helping our children to learn about the traditional festival meaning and then on Thursday afternoon, students participated in a wonderful set of activities that focused on traditional Chinese activities to celebrate and learn more about Chinese customs and the Spring Festival. The activities were a great success as the children thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. We are very proud of the strong Chinese emphasis on learning about traditional Chinese culture, customs and festivals in our campus. It is one of the strengths of our well-balanced education at Dongrun!


Thank you to all parents that have registered and paid for the next ASA block that will commence on the first Tuesday after the Chinese New Year break. We hope that all children will enjoy the varied and interesting activities over the coming months. As a reminder, the finishing time after ASA and bus departures will be at approximately 5:00pm on Tuesday to Friday. There is no ASA on Monday afternoon.


All parents are requested to support the school leadership and make a significant effort to improve their efforts to send their child in school uniform after the Chinese New Year break. As a school we are looking to improve in this area and parents are advised that there will be increased monitoring by staff throughout the remainder of this semester. In simple terms, students are to wear their full school uniform each and every day.


On behalf of all staff members, we would like to wish every family a very happy and prosperous new year. May the Year of the Dog be filled with great success, new opportunities, prosperity, happiness, peace and contentment. May the special celebrations with your families be richly rewarding and memorable for all the right reasons.

If you are travelling outside of Beijing to a home town and/or overseas, we hope you have safe travels and return with new energy, health and willingness to start again. School for all students and staff will resume on Monday, February 26. Happy New Year!