BIBS Infobyte: Feb 2, 2018

Whole School:

Thank you all for another vibrant and productive week at BIBS. Please find the following school updates for your reference.  We look forward to all the fantastic learning fun next week.  We wish you all a very happy weekend.


 Upper East Side Campus


Used Clothes– Spring Festival is a time to clean the cupboards and buy new clothes for all the family. Please remember we have a donation box for migrant workers families at UES for clean used clothing and toys etc. We would really appreciate it if you donated items to it at this.

ISA Testing– We successfully completed the ISA trial tests for Mathematics and Reading for G3, G4 & G5 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Parents are reminded to read the letter previously distributed which gave information about the test days for next week and reminders about charged iPads, and children having a good sleep the night before and good breakfast on the two days of the testing.

Portable Chargers– all parents are reminded that students are expected to bring their iPads to school each day charged. During ISA Testing, if a student is anxious about the charge level of their iPad and/or external keyboard a portable charger can be brought in for these two days only.


 Shunyi Campus


ASA and bus time

Next week we will have make up sessions for the two Friday ASA sessions that have been missed. Tuesday and Wednesday  will run Friday sessions. Buses will leave at normal time on these two days. On Thursday and Friday the school buses will leave at 3:40.

Happy Chinese New Year

Our staff at Shunyi would like to wish all our parents and students a Happy Chinese New Year for the upcoming holiday period. We hope you can spend time with your families and enjoy the time together.


Parent Conferences

We would like to thank all the parents who turned up for the parent Conference on the 2nd February. We are all part of a team in your Childs education and we appreciate you engaging with staff to help support your children.






Some of the things that to note from this week;


  • The ES sharing session on Monday was led by Thomas and Jonathan and they continued to encourage co-teaching by exploring different approaches, this time with the provocation of discussing what an inquiry cycles is….what the inquiry cycle is that they use….and why we use an inquiry cycle. There was a lot of debate and sharing of ideas and thoughts taking place that have continued throughout the week.


  • Another Big Week in Kindergarten. This week rehearsals for the Spring Festival play are well underway. We also had another community helper come. A doctor, Bob’s Mom, came to school dressed in her uniform and talked about the tools she uses to do her job and the hospital she works at. The students asked questions about how she helps the community.


  • On Tuesday our exhibition explorers went to the UCCA and the 798 Art District to expand upon their theme about how we express ourselves. The kids had a ball and brought back some wonderful artwork. On Thursday they went to the Planetarium to seek inspiration from the stars. They also took a look at some of the photos taken by their research mentors. The result has been a wealth of activity and some wonderful thoughts about how they would like to use their passion for specific things in life to develop their exhibition journey.


  • Friday saw our Parent Teacher conferences for the 2017-2018 academic year. Despite the impending Chinese New Year holidays there was a fantastic turnout from the ES parents. It was pleasing to hear that they weren’t only interested in the knowledge aspect of learning but also the other attributes of the IB PYP learner profile. All in all there was some wonderful feedback and suggestions from the parents.


  • On Friday night after the Parent Teacher conferences we had a Chinese New Year celebration in the school MSHS canteen to express our appreciation to our Chinese colleagues for their wonderful efforts this year and embrace their culture of celebrating the Lunar New Year.


  • The second block of ASAs on the whole have been a great success but there is room for improvement so we will be asking the ASA providers to complete proposals for the third block which we will review and implement or not as the case maybe. We plan to start the third block of ASAs around March 13th and end around June 1st 2018.


Important dates;

On February 9th we will be having a ‘Spring into the New Year’ celebration. This will be a joint celebration with our neighbouring Kindergarten.

School will close on February 9th at 15:45pm and reopen on February 26th at 08:00am in order for us to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year of the dog.

On February 27th there will be a Parent Coffee/tea morning to explain how we use ManageBac to record and assess the learning that is taking place in the school and also information about the upcoming visit from the IB. This will be held in the MSHS canteen from 08:30-09:30am.

On March 5th and 6th the IB PYP verification visit will be taking place at the Shunyi Campus.

From March 5th to 9th it will be the ES Literacy Week.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.





Personal Project Exhibition

The Personal Project Exhibition is the end Product of the MYP program. We will be having our final exhibition on the 8th March after the holidays. Students have done a huge amount of work on these projects and we invite all parents to view what they have done. For parents in lower grades it is a good chance to see what you children are working towards.


Good news from the class of 2018

 The Class of 2018 is beginning to receive their regular decision admission decisions.  We would like to congratulate Yuci (Yuzi) Dai who has been accepted into Carleton University.  She has selected to study Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies with Honours.  Yuci has also been selected to be a recipient of a CAD$4,000 scholarship.  Carleton University is ranked #19 of overall universities in Canada.

The Class of 2018 has its first international relations major acceptance.  Congratulations to Jiayou (Leon) Lin for his outstanding achievement of being accepted into Seton Hall University in New Jersey, United States.  He has been accepted into the Diplomacy and International Relations Program.  He has also been granted the University Scholarship in the amount of US$92,000 and the Summer Scholarship for the amount US$4,500, totaling US$96,500 in scholarships.  Seton Hall is currently ranked in the top 60 law programs in the United States.



Dongrun Campus




Next week we will have a class-based focus on Chinese New Year celebrations as well as a set of whole school traditional activities on Thursday afternoon to celebrate and learn more about Chinese customs and the Spring Festival.

The last day of school will be next Friday before a two week holiday break occurs. School will resume for all staff and students on Monday, February 26.



This week we welcomed Julieta Nava, a fully trained psychologist and experienced Learning Support teacher. Julieta will be with us for the remainder for the semester and will be involved in specific projects working with a targeted number of students. We are thankful to UES Principal, Felicity Hewett for making her short-term stint with us possible.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Zhao Hong Wei as the Homeroom teacher for G2A replacing Grace Gui. She will commence after the Chinese New Year break and will be a great addition to our Chinese teaching staff team as she has many 16 years of successful teaching experience.


All parents are asked to help the school staff by not walking in and throughout the school building or school grounds without permission. Parents must wait for the security guards to approve the access and then wait to see teachers in the front office. After this occurs, a teacher will then take the parent to a preferred location within the school building to have a meeting. Our security guards have been instructed to not allow access to the school without permission. Please support them as they seek to keep our school a safe and secure place.

We also strongly urge all parents to never take students home without gaining the proper permission and communication from other parents. This particularly applies in the situation even when a child says it is ok and has been organized. A child’s word must never replace a parent’s permission. It is the responsibility of each parent to ensure this understanding is adhered to for the safety and benefit of all families.



Parents are asked to support the school staff and leadership by reminding their children to abide by the school rules and follow teacher instructions on all occasions. We believe that a well-disciplined and behaved student will be capable of producing greater academic gains. We are committed to ensuring the teaching and learning environment in our school is settled, disciplined and conducive to learning. To achieve this, we need the ongoing support and commitment of all students, parents and staff. This expectation will be placed on all individuals over the course of time even when it is close to holidays.