BIBS Infobyte: Jan26, 2018

Whole School:

 Please find the following school updates for your information.  We look forward to all the fantastic learning fun next week.  In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.



Upper East Side Campus



 XuejiUpdate-Chaoyang Education Bureau is starting to check that all children in Beijing have the Xueji. BIBS is now required to contact all parents with children who do not hold a Xueji and advise them of the changes to Xueji requirements. The UES admissions staff is now calling all the parents in G1-G5 who are not registered at BIBS with their Xueji.

Non-Beijing Xueji– If there are any families, who are holding a non-Beijing Xueji for their child, they should inform the admissions staff of this. Admissions staff can give advice of the transfer process for moving the Xujei to Beijing. If parents have any questions they can contact admissions staff at UES.

ISA G3-G5 Trail Tests-On Tuesday (30th) and Wednesday (31st) next week, all G3-G5 students will participate in the trial tests for mathematics and reading. Information has been sent home previously in a letter.

Spring Show Big Fun Days (BFD)- we are now in the Spring Show rehearsal time when each grade comes together to join their class pieces. These are now scheduled for 1+1/2 days and per grade, this is in the morning and afternoon when we can access the cafeteria space.

Spring Show– Ticket Registration deadline is 30th January 2018. Tickets will be distributed to families immediately after the Spring Festival Holiday.

You can use the URL link below or QR code to complete the online registration.



URL Link报名链接:


QR Code扫二维码:






The deadline for registration is 4pm on 30th January.

网上申请截止日期 1月30日下午4点。



Shunyi Campus



Parent Conferences and Reports

We would like to remind all parents that we will be holding our Semester 1 Parent Conferences next Friday the 2nd February. Students will not have normal lessons but should come to school only for the appointments with their parents. MSHS students have been making their own appointments with teachers but if you would like to meet specific teachers please email and she will help to organize appointments. For ES parents a letter will go out next week from your homeroom teachers requesting for you to make a time to meet.

This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers and encourage you all to come to the school.  Reports will be available from the end of the day on the 26th January.





Some of the things that to note from this week;


  • During our staff professional development on Monday afternoon, teachers began an exploration into various methods of co-teaching. Throughout this year, teachers have been asked to implement various programs that require more than one teacher in the classroom at a time. It has been difficult, however, to know how to best distribute responsibilities or utilise teachers in each lesson. Over the next couple of weeks teachers will observe various methods and models of co-teaching and trial each approach in their classroom. It is our hope that once teachers are made aware of the possibilities, they will feel empowered and feel confident to teach as a team more effectively.
  • On Tuesday morning there was the monthly Parent Coffee/tea morning the parents were given an overview of how the IBPYP is an integrated programme, how the Chinese and International curriculums compliment each other and allow the students to attain a great understanding of the traditional concepts. The parents were given an opportunity to think about a class activity that would incorporate a number of the attributes of the Learner Profile. They also had a question and answer session.


  •   We are all very excited about the upcoming exhibition unit for the grade 5 students. The exhibition being the culmination of all the work students have done throughout their school career. Giving them and us the opportunity to celebrate their achievements. In preparation for this all the mentors, helpers and grade 5 staff have been getting ready for action. There is a logo completion underway where the students are designing their own logos. The winning logo will have the privilege to be used in all exhibition materials. With all this enthusiasm in the air we hosted our parent information evening last week. Students and parent came to share in this wonderful opportunity to learn more about what the exhibition mean for them, what role everyone has and how we can work and learn together to make this a successful event for all. Parents were engaged and asked some great questions. We are all looking forward to Next week Monday 29th Jan, when we will begin our exhibition journey with the students.


  • This week BIBS ES welcomed Australian author Sarah Brennan. Sarah shared her love of reading and writing with Grades 1 – 5. Sarah’s clever rhymes came alive through her readings of new and favorite books. Students were able to gain insights into the writing process and how she works with illustrator Harry Harrison. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to meet the author behind books we have been reading over the last month.


  • This week was a big week in Kindergarten: On Wednesday, we had a visit from a new community helper: Helicopter Pilot! Mr. Francois was a helicopter pilot for the South African Army. He talked about his responsibilities, tools, vehicles, and uniforms. On Thursday, it was the 100th Day of Kindergarten. We celebrated this by counting to 100 many times throughout the day; and continued our tradition of celebrating events with a rotation between the four teachers. On Friday, we left school and went to Be You World, were we got to experience the responsibilities that many different community helpers have.


  •  On February 9th we will be having a ‘Spring into the New Year’ celebration. This will be a joint celebration with our neighboring Kindergarten.  Students are busy with rehearsal under Chinese teachers’ leadership. The student Council and foreign teachers have greatly supported the celebration activity. The Student Council is doing the poster for the celebration, helping kindergarteners with the rehearsal, taking photo of rehearsals for each class and preparing news report. It is a great chance for kids to practice a variety of skills and also a part of ‘leadership development program’ in Shunyi campus.  The event has also gained parents’ understanding and been supported by all         parents. The final program is almost ready.  The efforts parents and students put into the preparation and the teamwork spirit they have showed during the process have made this winter warm.  We are looking forward to children’s outstanding performance in the New Year’s celebration.


Important dates;

ES Chinese Culture Week is from January 29th to February 1st, 2018.

The ES Parent-Teacher conferences will be on February 2nd 2018.

On February 9th we will be having a ‘Spring into the New Year’ celebration. This will be a joint celebration with our neighbouring Kindergarten.

School will close on February 9th at 15:45pm and reopen on February 26th at 08:00am in order for us to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year of the dog.

On February 27th there will be a Parent Coffee/tea morning to explain how we use ManageBac to record and assess the learning that is taking place in the school and also information about the upcoming visit from the IB. This will be held in the MSHS canteen from 08:30-09:30am.

On March 5th and 6th the IB PYP verification visit will be taking place at the Shunyi Campus.

From March 5th to 9th it will be the ES Literacy Week.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.





Chinese Celebration

We will have our Chinese celebration for the middle school high school on the 30th January in our school gym. We invite parents to attend the performances which will take place from 1:00pm to 2:25pm.


BASE Update

BIBS Shunyi Campus are part of the Beijing Area Sport Exchange (BASE) which includes several other international schools. There are three meetings every school year to set up fixtures and to state the school’s intention of participating in tournaments. ASA’s are designed to form the teams that are then entered with participants exhibiting IB attributes, such as being principled, dedicated and sportsmanship during practises and friendlies. Last semester BIBS has participated in:

  • U’19 Volleyball
  • Hosted U’11 Table Tennis
  • U’19 Badminton
  • U’19 Basketball

The upcoming Tournaments for this semester are:

  • BASE U16 Basketball Boys              Beijing Royal School           Saturday April 14th
  • BASE U16 Football                            Huija                                    Saturday May 5th
  • BASE U/19 Girls Soccer 5 A SIDE      BIBS                          Saturday May 12th

(Date To Be Confirmed)

  • BASE U’11 Soccer Boys 7 A SIDE      Daystar                                   Saturday May 19th

Students are encouraged to sign up to the ASA’s if they would like an opportunity to participate.

For any more information please look at the website or contact Philippa Sheward: .


Basketball match

The U19 Boys basketball team played courageously against the tough HIS Knights, they fought hard and played their best, Junior Rodrigues, Jack Zhao and Harry Xu lead the boys in scoring, but were unable to pull out the victory, the game ended in a score of….

Knights- 28

Titans- 21


GINAsia 2018

 Last weekend three students, Michelle Courtois and Mike Qian grade 10 and Annaliese Grey grade 11, attended the GINAsia 2018 conference to deliver their workshop E-Waste: What is it? to international school students from across Asia. Besides running a successful workshop, they were able to attend other student led workshops, listen to leaders in speak on the issues facing the world today, and collaborate with other international students representing 32 schools from 11 different countries to help discuss ways to make our world a better place. Further information will be presented in an article through our school Wechat.


SAT  and PSAT  in BIBS

 On May 5, 2018 BIBS-Shunyi, as an SAT testing Center will hold its first SAT examination. All BIBS students, both foreign and Chinese nationals are eligible to take the SAT and SAT subject test at BIBS if they are a currently enrolled BIBS student for any school-registered exams.

For the 2017 – 2018 academic year, BIBS is registered for two more College Board exams.  The next exam, the PSAT 10 is on March 2, 2018.  This exam is followed by the SAT on May 5, 2018.

All exams must be registered by the school one year in advance.  The tentative schedule for the 2018 – 2019 school year for all BIBS students to take SAT and SAT Subject exams is as follows:


October 6, 2018

November 3, 2018

December 1, 2018

March 9, 2019

May 4, 2019

All SAT and SAT subject exams can be registered and paid at the College Board website ( using the BIBS Test Center Code: 694395. All registrations will be checked by College Board and the BIBS Test Centre Administrator for authenticity.  If there are students wishing to take any PSAT exams, please enroll with the university counselor in A219.  Dates for PSAT exams will be announced at the start of the next academic year.

SAT is a standardized test used for American university entry.  This test is used by most American universities as part of the admission application.  The test is divided into 3 sections of Reading, Writing/Language, and Math with an optional, but highly recommended essay section.


Dongrun Campus



The Principal wishes to advise all parents of a number of staff changes that will occur after the Chinese New Year. Chris Cooper will finish as an English teacher with BIBS on February 9 and will return to the UK. He will be replaced by Sucdi Galbeti after the Chinese New Year break. Sucdi is a trained teacher from Canada and has many years of experience in both Canadian schools and international schools. She is currently teaching at BIBS Wanda Kindergarten and will be an excellent replacement for Chris in Grade K.


Grace Gui, Homeroom teacher for Class 2A has submitted her resignation to take up another position here in Beijing and a suitably qualified replacement is currently being sourced for her class and will commence after the Chinese New Year.


Kristin Xu will also finish with us due to personal and family reasons. She will finish at the end of the first week after Chinese New Year and will be replaced by a suitably trained and experienced Chinese Language teacher. We wish each of these teachers all the best in their future careers and thank them for their contributions to our school and community.



Information regarding the next block of ASA is being released via class Wechat groups this week and payments for all ASA will be required before the Chinese New Year holiday! The 2nd block of ASA will commence on the first Monday after Chinese New Year.



The next Evening Parent Workshop will take place on Wednesday March 7 at 7:00pm. Parents that attend will enjoy hearing from a qualified and experienced Psychologist working for BIBS on an educational topic relevant to many parents. Further details about the workshop will be released closer to the date.



It is time to save the date also for our 3rd annual family sports carnival event. The carnival will take place on Friday, May 11. Preparations are underway now to make it the biggest and best sports carnival we have hosted to date.



We are continuing to experience very cold temperatures at the moment and so children need to be sent with very warm clothing to school. Daily monitoring of the temperature as well as air quality continues to occur to determine if it is suitable for outside play. Even if it is not suitable for outside play the children will still need their warm layers of clothing when they go to the dining hall at lunchtime and for bus travel.



The next PTA Meeting will be on next Tuesday, January 30 at 2:00pm in the Community room. Grace Gui will be presenting information to the PTA regarding our Chinese Homerooms and curriculum