BIBS Infobyte: Jan19, 2018

Whole School:

Please find the following school updates for your information.  We look forward to all the fantastic learning fun next week.  In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.


Upper East Side Campus


Spring Show Tickets– Next week, we will send out an infobyte to the UES parents with a QR code for registration for the Spring Show on the 3rd March at the 21st Century Theatre. The time for the parents of UE (G3-G5) is 12:00, and the time for parents of LE (GK-G2) is 14:30. Parents with children in both LE & UE may choose which show to register. Families may register for up to four (4) tickets. We will allocate the tickets from the 1F (1st floor) front towards the back and then to the 2F (2nd floor). Tickets will be assigned ‘first come first served’ by the registration order received. We do not take telephone, drop-in, email or wechat registrations- ONLY online registrations.

G5 Parent Exhibition Information Session– 16:15- 17:00 next Thursday on Jan. 25th in the 2F Auditorium. This meeting is to share the purpose and criteria of the G5 Exhibition. Parents will be informed about how they can help and support their child through the process of this culminating PYP event. All G5 parents are invited to attend.

Flu and Cold Season-We are experiencing much colder weather currently. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for outside playtime, and also in the classroom. Children should cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and must regularly wash and dry their hands. Any child displaying flu symptoms should remain at home until clear of the illness.

Reading Assessment– Over the past two weeks, the homeroom teachers have been released by EAL or substitute teachers to carry-out the mid-year reading assessments across the whole UES campus, we do this three times an academic year.

Windy Weather Days (WWD) or March Madness (MM)- these are often names we give to times when the students seem to be particularly ‘high’ and we have far more incidents of: poor, bad, aggressive, silly, inappropriate behavior. It is clearly not March, and definitely not many windy days, and we can’t even blame bad AQI this year, but we are definitely recently seeing an increase of inappropriate student behavior at recess time. We ask the parents to partner with us and remind their children of what UES considers good or appropriate behavior. Please also remind your child to see one of the duty teachers if they have a concern or problem on the playground at recess time, not just to go to the nurse or homeroom teacher.

 Special Chinese New Year Day at UES– Parents, please be advised that we will celebrate CNY at UES on February 9th with our Temple Fair, Dragon Dance and much more…..Thanks to the parents who are coordinating the afternoon program.

ASA Payment for Block Two-Once again, thanks to all those parents that have paid the AS fees in a timely manner.



Shunyi Campus





Some of the things that to note from this week;

  • This week in Kindergarten, we had a special guest: Mr. Yang from the maintenance department. Every member in a community has a job to do and Mr. Yang came to show us the tools he uses to do his job. The students enjoyed talking with Mr. Yang about his job and exploring the different tools he uses everyday. A big thanks to Mr. Yang.
  • Heather our ES Librarian was in Hong Kong at the 21st Century Regional Librarian’s workshop. This is a key event in the Librarian calendar and we are so proud that we were able to send Heather to it to learn more about the functionalities of a library and to connect with Librarians from around the Globe.
  • On Tuesday night the Grade Five teaching staff accompanied by Ping from Grade Two as their translator made a presentation to the parents about the up-coming Exhibition on April 25th and 26th. They emphasized the importance of not answering their child’s questions but to seek to guide them towards searching for the answers by themselves, as it is their exhibition journey that will be the final assessment.
  • On Thursday there was an open day in the afternoon for the ES. Four of our talented teachers guided the prospective parents around the school to let them see what was taking place in our learning centers. The parents were also given presentations on the PYP within our school and the support network that is available for their child. In addition they were given information about the extra-curricular activities available at the school.
  • On Saturday the ES will host an Assessment Job Alike for fourteen schools from within the Northern China PYP Network. There will be more than 160 teachers from homeroom to specialists attending. This will be a wonderful opportunity for all the participants to share their approaches to teaching and learning and to make friendships that will not only do the same but also provide support in our life long learning journeys.


Important dates;


ES Parents Coffee/Tea morning about the Learner Profile, Attitudes and the Assessment and language Policy will be on January 23rd 2018.

The author Sarah Brennan will be visiting the school on January 25th 2018.

The Kindergarten Assembly is on January 26th at 13:15 in the gym.

The ES Semester one report cards will be issued via e-mail on January 26th 2018.

ES Chinese Culture Week is from January 29th to February 1st, 2018.

The ES Parent-Teacher conferences will be on February 2nd 2018.

On February 9th we will be having a ‘Spring into the New Year’ celebration. This will be a joint celebration with our neighbouring Kindergarten.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.






Personal Project

The exhibition takes place on the 8th March and our grade 10 students have been preparing extensively for this. We are hoping everyone in our community can come and see what our students have achieved on the 8th March after the Chinese new year. This is a huge task that is the completion of students MYP Journey.


Science Week    

Next week in the MSHS will be our Science week. We will have lots of activities throughout the week to celebrate Science in which students will take part.


Service Action

Lots of trips went out last week in our very active service action program. Students are now reflecting on the process and evaluating the success of their trips. There will be one final trip to complete the projects later this year.



Dongrun Campus




Thank you to all parents who attended this week’s parent /teacher interviews. These interviews are vitally important to ensure quality and ongoing support for each individual child’s educational journey. If you have not already done so, we encourage all parents to talk with their child regarding how they can continue to grow in their learning and take their next steps. A parent needs to ensure that a positive message is given to a child for them to take new steps and make changes in their learning journey.


Congratulations to all children who performed in the Grand Final today. We are so proud of you all! It was a fantastic show and we all hope that these talents will continue to grow within each of the finalists! Special thanks to Miss Tor and Mr. D and all the talent show helpers for putting on this great event for our students.


Next week all parents will receive information about the next ASA block in their class Wechat groups. We look forward to commencing the 2nd block of after school activities on the first Monday after Chinese New Year. Payments for all ASA will be required before the Chinese New Year holiday!


Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our 2nd evening parent workshop that was previously mentioned at the PTA to occur this week. Details of the next evening workshop will be released in the Wechat groups next week.


This year the annual performing arts Production will take place on Friday, April 27. Plans for this special event are currently taking place now with announcements regarding the exciting theme to be released soon.


It is time to save the date also for our 3rd annual family sports carnival event. The carnival will take place on Friday, May 11. Preparations are underway now to make it the biggest and best sports carnival we have hosted to date. More details will be released in the coming weeks.


The next PTA Meeting will be on Tuesday, January 30 at 2:00pm in the Community room.