BIBS Infobyte: Jan12, 2018

Whole School:

 Please find the following school updates for your information.  We look forward to all the fantastic learning fun next week.  In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.


Upper East Side Campus


 Cold Weather– We are experiencing much colder weather currently. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for outside playtime, and also in the classroom. Children should cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and must regularly wash and dry their hands. Any child displaying flu symptoms should remain at home until clear of the illness.

If it Snows– Please be advised if we have snow, the ASA buses are likely to be delayed- so parents should remain in contact with their child’s bus ayi.

ISA Information for G3-G5– Today we have sent home with all G3-G5 students ISA information regarding the upcoming ISA tests. The trial tests are on 30th-31st January and the actual tests are on 6th and 7th February.

Spring Show– Costumes are arriving, props and staging designs are well under way and we will soon be organizing tickets orders. Please be reminded that all students should be at both Shows on March 3rd. Parents must be informing homeroom teachers if they have other arrangements for this day.

Special Chinese New Year Day at UES– Parents, please be advised that we will celebrate CNY at UES on February 9th with our Temple Fair, Dragon Dance and much more…..


  Shunyi Campus



There is a flu strain currently around Beijing which a lot of people have been getting and it is very contagious. If you child starts to show symptoms of the Flu please make sure they see a doctor to get the correct medicine. Our nurses are constantly monitoring students and thank you in advance for your support.


Old-style Uniform Sale

This week, with the huge support of Kathy Shi, And the actively participation of Chairman of PTA、executive committee members as well as volunteer parents, the old-style school uniform are selling all around our school. The income will be used for community construction including buying books and music instruments for student. Next week, on-site sale will be change to one-line sale. Please pay attention to PTA Chat-group for more information.




Some of the things that to note from this week;


  • Many of the students have been involved in Summative assessments tasks. These have been in the form of presentations, discussions, creations and surveys.
  • Due to the fact that during this ASA block the students will not have been in school on two of the Fridays it has been decided that there will be make up ASAs on February 5th and 6th for the Friday ASAs only.
  • Following on from a meeting with the swimming pool staff and coaches, it has been agreed that if there is to be any cancellation of the swimming ASAs on Monday and Friday then the school will be notified by 12:30pm and the parents will have been notified by 13:00pm.
  • Next week will be the ES Global Citizens Week from Monday 15th to Friday 19th. The students will be learning more about two countries from two different continents.
  • This month on January 25th, we are happy to host a visit from Australian author Sarah Brennan.Sarah lives in Hong Kong and has a special interest in Chinese culture. She writes books about the Chinese zodiac animals, told in rhyme, as well as other stories. She will be reading aloud from her books and sharing about why she became a writer for students in Grades 2 – 5. All of her books are available for check out in our ES library and will also be available for purchase on the 25th.
  • On Thursday the Grade One students went to the Sony Explorer Science Museum at Chaoyang Park to bring together their learning about light and sound, and to provide them with provocations about their new unit on using resources.
  • On Friday there was the Grade One Assembly, what a busy class they are. They presented their new discoveries to their peers and talked about their trip to the park.


Important dates;


Grade Five Exhibition meeting with parents on January 16th 2018.

BIBS ES Open House for prospective parents will be on January 18th 2018

BIBS ES Shunyi Campus will be hosting a PYP Assessment Job – A – Like on January 20th 2018.

ES Parents Coffee/Tea morning about the Learner Profile, Attitudes and the Assessment and language Policy will be on January 23rd 2018.

The author Sarah Brennan will be visiting the school on January 25th 2018.

The Kindergarten Assembly is on January 26th at 13:15 in the gym.

The ES Semester one report cards will be issued via e-mail on January 26th 2018.

BIBS Shunyi Campus, Spring Baazar will be on January 27th 2018.

ES Chinese Culture Week is from January 29th to February 1st, 2018.

The ES Parent-Teacher conferences will be on February 2nd 2018.


 From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.





Semester one reports will be available on Managebac on the 26th January. We will then have Parent Conferences on the 2nd February to allow parents to discuss their Childs progress with their subject teachers. Appointment sheets will be handed out next week and we hope all parents can join us to support their children learning. Students should come with parents to the meetings and there will be no classes on this day.


Service Action

This week many of our groups went out on their service action trips. For some groups this was their first trip and for many it was there second. All the groups enjoyed their work in the community and this is something we push within our school to raise awareness of issues around them to the students. There will be one final trip later in the year and the students have already started planning for these trips.


Swimming Classes Notice

Dear Parents,

Your son/daughter will begin swimming classes as part of their PE program on Monday 15th January during their double PE lesson. It will run for 6 weeks until 9th March.






Swimming is a requirement by the Chinese Government for all students and is compulsory. 

Please ensure your son/daughter has the correct equipment with them to complete the lesson; ie: Appropriate swimsuit; cap; goggles; slippers to walk from the change room to the pool; towel.

Any queries please email Miss Philippa at

Kind regards,

PHE Department


Dongrun Campus



At the halfway point of the 2017/18 academic year, I want to take a brief moment and thank all the staff for the wonderful effort in helping us to get to this point. There has been an incredible amount of work take place behind the scenes amongst the teaching and non-teaching staff to gain the progress in education that we have achieved to date. In the same manner that it takes an incredible effort to start movement from a standing position for any sort of large machinery or form of transportation, it also takes a large effort for a School of our size to do the same. Progress can seem slow, but there is a famous Western that says “slow and steady wins the race” that I think is very true in our case. The whole school can rest assured that there is a very committed staff team at this campus who work very hard in the best interests of each student and their associated family. I look forward to working with this staff team throughout the remainder of this year and I encourage all parents to continue to show your strong support of their efforts on a regular basis.



We wish to advise all parents that Mrs. Ruby Wang has recently submitted her resignation for personal family reasons to the Principal and will finish her time as a teacher at Dongrun Campus next Friday January 19th. We wish to thank Ruby for all of her contributions and efforts to make this school a better place. She leaves our campus having made a positive difference in the lives of many students and their associated families. We wish her all the very best in the future. Grade 2B Homeroom responsibilities will now be taken care of by Ms. Joyce Shi 师岩. Joyce has significant teaching experience both at Dongrun Campus and in other schools within the Haidian District. We are very confident that her caring and committed ways as a teaching professional will continue to serve the students of Grade 2B exceptionally well.



Congratulations to all Semi-finalist who participated last week and also to those who made it through to the Grand Final of the Talent Show. This is a final reminder that the Grand Final will take place on Friday, January 19 at 2:00pm. All parents are welcome to attend the Show. We wish all the contestants the best as they prepare for next week’s Grand Final.



All Student Reports will be handed out during at the parent teacher interviews next week. I want to encourage all parents to take the necessary time to sit down with their child and read the reports with their child. I encourage every parent to focus each child’s attention on their effort and areas they have improved in and how they can keep improving. Always remember that although grades and scores are important, they are not more important than effort and attitude towards learning.



This week, all children in Grades 1 – 4 participated in Chinese Language and Mathematics examinations. Our teachers have been keen to help children learn the importance of good preparation for exams and how to perform their best during the exams. The teachers have reported that all students who sat for these examinations were settled and gave their best effort.



Next week is the first week of Semester 2 and one of the best ways to commence the semester is to reflect on the last semester and then look forward to the weeks and months ahead. On Monday to Wednesday, we will be having Parent/ Teacher Interviews. A timetable of available timeslots has been sent home via Wechat and we sincerely hope all families will be able to make time for these interviews for the benefit of their child’s ongoing learning journey.