Tis the Season for University Offers

Editor’s Note:

Dear all, welcome to 2018!  We would like to share with you today an update from Dr. Gerald Anthony, CAS, our High School/Middle School Guidance Counselor, on efforts and progress we’ve made so far in connecting our students to top universities worldwide.   Thank you, Ms. Diana Li from Shunyi Admission Office, for keeping us well informed.  Thank you, Dr. Gerald Anthony and team, for all your hard work and for bringing us the good news in the new year!

Tis the Season for University Offers

As we enter the holiday season, we are also beginning to enter the peak of a different season of importance – the university admission season.  In the upcoming months until late May, students across the world will be receiving admission offers and apologies from universities all around the globe.  You may wonder how our very own BIBS grade 12 students are currently doing at the moment. What about this year’s grade 12 students?

The news is that the offers are just beginning to come in for the Class of 2018.  Thus far there have been over USD$52,000 granted in scholarships and offers to universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The current universities include Berklee College of Music, University of South Hampton, University of East Anglia, University of Edinburgh and Blue Mountains International Hotel and Management School.  A good start for less than 25% of the graduating class.  Interviews are in place over the break, and auditions have been completed.  We look forward to what 2018 will offer for our grade 12 students as both offers and scholarships continue to increase.

Berklee College of Music:Ranked 1st  in music area in 2016 College Factual of US universities;It is the Alma mater of lots of famous artist such as Leehom Wang.

The University of Edinburgh: Ranked 6th of 2018 UK the Times; Ranked 19th  in QS world famous universities in 2016/17;Rank as Top 4 in 2014REF research,right after University of Oxford,University College London and University of Cambridge.

University of Southampton:Ranked 10th in 2016/17 US News & World Report. It is one of the top 1% of research universities in the world.University of East Anglia:The University of East Anglia ranked 12th  in 2018 UK Complete University Guide, 12th  in the UK in 2018 Times. Marketing, Economics, and Business ranked 10th in the UK, ranked 8th in the research strength of REF UKU, and ranked 3rd in communications and media.

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School:BMIHMS is Australia’s oldest full-time hotel management school, with its worldwide reputation for quality education and training in professional fields. It is the rank one international hotel management school in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.What are the advantages to having a BIBS University Counselor? 

At BIBS, there are university counselors that are responsible for guiding students through their respective post-secondary pathway.  The counselor has a continuous trusted dialogue with students, parents, and universities to find the best match for all involved starting at grade 6.  The process begins with self-discovery and ends with post-secondary placement all at no additional cost to anyone.


To understand the advantage of a counselor versus going through private sectors, look at a realistic scenario that everyone could understand.  If you were to get advice on where to relocate your family to for two or more years, who would you ask – someone who knows your family or someone who knows a market?  Parents know the child very well can offer great advice on where they think their child can be successful.  Agents know the market well enough to know exactly which schools your child will be accepted into.  Both are advantages, but wouldn’t it be great if you could have the best of each?  This is exactly what a school university counselor is –   Individuals familiar with the family, student and the market.

Are there benefits for growing up from primary year up to G12 at BIBS?


There are many benefits to remain in BIBS from primary to G12.  Generally speaking, there are volumes of research on student mobility.  An article published in in Education Week’s August 2016 issued stated that students that switch schools multiple times have measurable effects that can include lower school engagement, poorer grades in reading, math, higher risk of dropping out of high school and falling behind their peers substantially in academics.  If often switching schools, many enhancements of the school can be negated such as smaller class sizes, language development, and highly trained teachers.


BIBS is a full-through K-12 school that offers love, care, and support to all students.  Each program in the IB continuum is built off each other and all the unique boutique services of language support, learning support, counseling, university guidance, and pastoral care bring stability and the environment to excel both socially and academically.

How IB system help student to be more competitive and popular to university admission officers?


Universities globally value the IB continuum, equating the cross-discipline and content to a university course load in quantity and quality.  The percentage of students that achieve the highest marks in IB has constantly remained around 8%, as other curriculums are double and more than triple translating to low rigor for university application readers.  As families listen to universities and select the high-rigor of the IB continuum and Diploma Programme in particular, the market continues to respond to demand with the number of IBO schools increasing exponentially making the three-pronged knowledge base of university counselors more and more valuable.