BIBS Infobyte: Dec8, 2017

Whole School:

Please find the following school updates for your information.  Kindly note that next Friday on Dec. 15th is a half day of school before the Winter Holidays.  Please plan ahead and prepare pickup, snack and lunch accordingly for your child on this day.  In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.


Upper East Side Campus


Art Auction– UES Community taking Action, “Art to Warm the Heart”. It is exciting to see the student’s work mounted and ready for the Art Auction. Thanks to parents and teachers that have submitted their own art work for the Auction. Please, please we would appreciate more, we know there are many talented artists in our BIBS parent community!

On Wednesday 13th December, the UES community is holding an Art Auction. We are raising money for the 同⼼实验学校 Migrant School to install a new heating system that does not burn wood. Letters inviting parents and students to attend have been sent home on Thursday. This event will replace the Giving Tree community action we normally do at this time of year. Our UES Chorus, Dance Ensemble and PTA Choir will all perform at this event. Your support for this initiative and event would be gratefully appreciated.

Winter Holiday DatesThe 15th December is a half day of school before the Winter Holidays. This means buses leave at 12:00 noon or shortly after, all students collected from UES need to be collected between 12:00 and 12:20 on this day. Please be reminded that on half days we do not provide lunch; children who have a long bus journey home need to have a large snack packed for them on this day. Winter holidays are 18th December- 1st January 2018; normal classes resume on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

Holiday Travel Letters- Any families traveling overseas during December/February that require BIBS Confirmation Letters for their child need to apply for these at least one week in advance. BIBS UES responds to these requests within three-working days.

International School Assessment (ISA) Information Session for Parents (G3-G5). In May last school year, G3-G6 participated in the ISA for the first time. We received the results in June and we sent these to parents in August. UES will give a broad or general information session to parents on Wednesday 13th December 9:00-10:30 regarding this standardized testing.

We are registered for G3-G5 to participate in the ISA on 5th-8th February 2018 this school year. Parents need to make note of these dates so their child is present for the testing days.

Venue: Auditorium, Date: 2017-12-13. If you have your child’s results, please bring so you can refer to it as we do the presentation. We will not be discussing individual results.

Spring Show– This year the UES Spring Show is on Saturday 3rd March, this is the weekend immediately following the return to school after the Spring Festival/CNY Holidays. All students are expected to participate in the two Shows on the Saturday and work is now underway in planning for the show and rehearsals. Please inform your homeroom teacher if there are any issues with your child regarding absences and the Spring Show.

Lost & Found– lots of items are in the Lost & Found, please encourage your child to look for any of their lost possessions before the Winter Holidays.


Shunyi Campus


 Notice of Holiday

The Christmas holiday is from Dec.16th to Jan. 1st.  Please be noted that Dec. 15th is a half school day for students and there is no lunch for students. The school bus will leave at 12:00pm on Dec.15th. January 2nd is students’ first day back to school.


Invoice Due

Invoices for the tuition fee of second semester were sent to concerned parents last week. The payment deadline is December 10,2017. If you have any question, please contact Helen Fu in Admission Officeat




ES Sharing Session.

During our Monday ES sharing session the staff reflected on their knowledge about Assessment within the PYP. They discussed what it is we assess; Knowledge, Concepts, Attitudes, Skills and Action, the different kinds of assessments and the assessment strategies that they use within their learning environment. There was considerable discussion about how we record the development of a student’s learning and where this is kept as evidence. Further discussions took place about the portfolios and report cards. Towards the end of the gathering there was a discussion about student hand up files and the need to formulate guidelines for them.


 Teaching and Leadership Team (TLT).

The TLT met on Wednesday and discussed a number of items ranging from the current block of ASAs, the status of the policy reviews, some important communication protocols, how better to communicate with the nurses, the mapping of the National Chinese Curriculum areas of Science and Moral standards with the units of inquiry, how to help the Learning Services and Library due to their increasing workloads, progress of the Sharepoint, the need for homework guidelines and the upcoming Assessment Job-A-Like to be held on January 20th at the Shunyi Campus, to which around one hundred teachers from other schools will attend.


Spreading some Festive Cheer.

The students from various grade levels have been looking at how they can get involved in spreading some festive cheer within the outside community. They have been busy making cards and raising money to buy some small gifts for local migrant schools and foster homes. They have done a fantastic job and will make their deliveries next week.


Grade Two Field Trip.

On Friday the Grade Two students visited the Capital Museum as part of their unit of inquiry about ‘History and cultures are significant in our lives’. They went to take a look at how people have expressed themselves through time, particularly how their cultures have been promoted and how they have changed through the ages. The students had a wonderful time browsing through the exhibitions and learning about past cultures with their classmates. On the trip back to school there was a whole lot of chatting going on about what they had seen and how they felt about this wonderful learning experience. Next week they will reflect on this experience and think about how to move forward with their inquires.


Christmas Parade.

The students from the Elementary School had a bundle of fun sharing their Festive creations with their peers in the lower and upper school respectively. They made some wonderful snowflakes, candleholders, and cards, etc. They visited each other’s classrooms to share how they made them and help their fellow learners learn how to make them as well. While moving from classroom to classroom they could be heard singing some wonderful festive songs as well.



Important dates;

During the week commencing December 11th, which will be our Winter Festival week there will be an Elementary School Winter Concert on the 14th of December for the ES and Grade 6 and 7 students. The staff is working collaboratively to put this week together.


School will close on Friday December 15th at lunchtime (12:00pm) for the Winter Break. We will return to school on January 2nd 2018.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.





Sports Update

Last weekend Cassie, Kevin, Oscar, Alex, Nick, Zane and William participated and represented BIBS in the BASE U’16 Badminton tournament hosted at Huijia.  They demonstrated excellent MYP attributes and attitudes as well as good sportsmanship towards the other schools. Unfortunately none of our students made it to the final in the girl’s singles, boy’s singles or boy’s doubles. But a massive congratulations for your participation and an enjoyable day out!


This weekend, Saturday 9th December, is the BASE U19’ Boy’s Basketball tournament hosted at Keystone Academy. We invite parents of the participating students and anyone else who is interested in joining and supporting our representatives.  They had a practise game last week against Hope International School to which it was a very tense game with BIBS being defeated by 9 points. Come on BIBS and good luck for Saturday!!!

PHE Department




After the Christmas holiday we require all students to be in full uniform at all times.


School Shirt

Grey or Black Trousers

Black Shoes

Bibs Hoodie or plain black or grey Jumper/Sweater



School Shirt

School Skirt or blue/black skirt or black trousers

Black Shoes

Bibs Hoodie or plain black or grey Jumper/Sweater


We would like parents to make sure over the holidays that students have the uniform that is required especially the school shoes.


 Arts Week

We had a very successful arts week this week which finished with our talent show. Well done to all the students involved and the teachers who organized the activities. We look forward to more subject themed weeks in the near future.




Dongrun Campus



On behalf of all Dongrun staff, I would like to thank and congratulate all students for their hard work over the past months in the lead up to this winter holiday break. There have been many wonderful experiences and achievements for our school and there are many people I need to thank for this reality. Rather than failing to mention a valued member of our school community, I would simply and sincerely like to thank all members of staff and each family within our community for their contributions and support over recent months. Your support, commitment and encouragement is greatly appreciated. I hope everyone enjoys a well-deserved break and time with their family. If you are travelling, stay safe and enjoy this precious time with your family at this special time of the year.



All parents are advised that the Student Report writing process has commenced and once they have been completed by the teachers and the editing process has been finalized, the reports will be printed and handed out after the Winter Holiday.



Parents are reminded that the Winter Holiday starts next Friday. Next Friday will be a half day and all students will finish at 12:00pm. There is no lunch on this last day for students do parents are advised to pack a snack for the students to eat if there is a long bus ride home. The buses will leave at 12:10pm. All students who are not leaving on the school buses must also be collected by 12:10pm


REMINDER: All students and staff will return after the Winter holiday on January 2 at the usual school start time.



The ASA program for this semester has now finished, which means that the school bus will depart next week from Monday to Thursday at 3:50pm and on the last day it will leave at 12:10pm



Parents are welcome to attend the final school assembly for this calendar year which will have a Christmas theme and celebrate with us in a traditional Christmas carols sing-a-long with the staff and students as part of an exit point for the English classes IPC unit on Let’s Celebrate. Our choir will also help lead us in the singing as they did so beautifully at their recent public performance in the Conrad Hotel.



We are thrilled to see so many English books arrive this week from Scholastic Book Club.  A big thank you to the English Department staff for organizing these books for our children. The holiday break will be a perfect opportunity to share and foster the love of reading by taking the time to explore some of these books together. Happy reading!