BIBS Infobyte: Dec 15, 2017

 Whole School:

We thank each and every member of the Beanstalk community for another vibrant, productive and loving week at BIBS.  We will start our annual winter holidays next week from 18th December, 2017 to 1st January 2018 and will resume our normal classes on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.  We wish you and your family joy, peace, and prosperity in the New Year.  Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all!


Upper East Side Campus

 UES Art Auction “Art to Warm the Heart”– was a huge success, thanks to all the participating artists and all the members of the UES community that donated items, attended and enjoyed the silent auction and the performances…. We have raised over 50,000RMB. Thanks so much!

Spring Show– This year the UES Spring Show is on Saturday 3rd March, this is the weekend immediately following the return to school after the Spring Festival/CNY Holidays. All students are expected to participate in the two Shows on the Saturday and work is now underway in planning for the show and rehearsals. Please inform your homeroom teacher if there are any issues with your child regarding absences and the Spring Show.

International School Assessment (ISA). UES is registered for G3-G5 to participate in the ISA on 6th-8th February 2018. Parents need to make note of these dates so their child is present for the ISA testing days. It is right before the Spring Festival/CNY Holidays.

We wish everyone happy holidays, whether staying in Beijing of traveling, stay safe, and we see you all in the New Year on the 2nd January 2018!


Shunyi Campus


The Whole School



Please be notified that we scheduled photo times for G1, G7 and G9 this week and took photos of each student from these three grades. All the photos will be used for students’ files, which will help our school manage students’ files better and more efficiently.

Friday’s ASAs

This Friday’s ASAs will be made up on February 6th, Tuesday.


 Notice of Holiday

Wish you all have a happy holiday.  January 2nd is students’ first day back to school.





 What has been happening around campus, you may ask?



On Tuesday, Kindergarten had its winter rotation. The students rotated four times between the two classrooms, each time a different teacher was leading the class. The students learned about Santa Claus, Christmas trees, they wrote letters to Santa, and made sure they were dressed for the weather. The students had a great time celebrating before the winter break.


Grade One;

On Monday, Grade One was treated to a shadow puppet show. Our current unit is about light and sound, so it was interesting for the students to see how light is used to entertain people. After the show, they made their own shadow puppets and played with them. The show was both entertaining and educational.


Grade Two;

The Grade 2 classes have been inquiring into how history and culture are significant in our lives. We have been exploring significant places, people and events. Last week, as you may recall they visited the museum to take a trip back in time and to think about how the significance of what they saw was still relevant today. We would like to encourage the students to be attentive to the cultures, significant places and even the celebrations of wherever their winter holiday takes them.


Grade Three;

Grade three and the Kindergarten students were in a collaborative mood this week. The little ones have been reading about the Gingerbread man and their older peers have been discussing structures and there importance in our lives. Thus they got together to find ways to create structures that would allow the Gingerbread man to cross over some water without getting wet. It was a whole heap of fun outside the Kindergarten when they put their structures to the test.


Grade Four;

On Wednesday the Grade four students visited the Chinese Migrant Children’s Foundation to present sixty-five of them with Christmas cards and presents. The students have been busy working out an action plan and its execution as part of their efforts on Community Service. They organized a three-day charity sales event and raised over 3,000RMB to buy the presents and the materials to make the Christmas cards. Overall, this was a very worthwhile learning experience for the students and the community.


Additionally the ES department has been collecting gifts for the Christmas Gift Tree in the Library, which were also handed over to the children at the Migrant Children’s Foundation on Wednesday.



Grade Five;

The Grade Five students took the Learner Profile for the month of Caring and decided to think about it and how they could promote it throughout the school. They thought about the things in school that made them happy or sad. They talked about feeling safe and having friends as things that make them happy and how evil jokes, teasing, fighting and bullying made them sad. They decided that they wanted to make posters to take around and place within the school to promote a caring learning environment.


Learner Profile Awards;

This month the Learner Profile award was for Caring. On Thursday our Head of School, Paul Lieblich presented this award to the following students; Amy(KA), Lisa(KB), Neville Yifan(1A), Maria(1B), Dora Wang(2A), May, Igor, Marni(2B), Cindy Wang(3A), Coco(3B), Isabella, Mathew(4A), Grade 4B, Leo(5A) and Zong Er(5B).


Winter Concert;

The winter concert took place on Thursday afternoon. The ES Grades four and five, and the MS Grades six and seven put on the performances. The programme was varied to cater for all tastes. It included some songs from well known movies, a couple of dance items, some piano solo’s, an accordion player and of course a few Christmas carols. It was a smash hit with the ES audience and a wonderful way to begin our winter break from school.



Reading aloud is the single most important thing parents can do to help young children prepare to learn. But reading aloud and encouraging a love of reading shouldn’t stop when your child starts school. Reading with your child – in any language – helps build vocabulary and knowledge, and sparks inquiry. Older children know that reading is important when they see their parents reading for pleasure. Whether you are staying warm at home in Beijing or traveling far this holiday, share a moment of reading with your child. Research shows that just 15 minutes a day is enough! If you spot your child reading, snap a photo and send it to our librarian Ms. Heather so she can add it to our “Got caught reading” display in the library.


Winter is here and primary students have been focusing on winter-related projects. Kindergarteners and first graders just finished painting their Happy Snowmen. Second graders drew baby Penguins and a snowy polar night, while third graders experimented with watercolor painting techniques while creating winter landscapes.  Upper elementary students focused on a non-objective design. Fifth graders finished their modular sculptures this week. They worked hard by practicing their designing, communicating and critiquing skills. Everyone is ready for the holidays!



As we approach the end of the first half of the year, I would like to reflect on what happened in the PE lessons in this first half as well as tell parents what is in store for the second half of the year in the PE lessons. Unit 1 and 2 went very smoothly where students really experienced a lot of different activities where they learned how to move out of their own comfort zones and learned how to work with their peers together as a team. We are busy with Unit 3 at the moment that will end 3 weeks after the Christmas holidays. The swimming lessons also continued well, apart from minor things that needed to be fixed in the pool area. The swimming pool is up and running and the swimming program during the PE lessons will continue until the end of the year. The School Swimming Team will also commence training after the Christmas holidays as we are aiming to prepare for the International School Swimming Competition that will take place in Beijing in March 2018. Another event to look forward to is the Sports Day that will take place in April 2018. We will then end the year with a Water Fun Day in the last week of school before the Summer Holidays. On behalf of the BIBS Shunyi Elementary PE staff I wish every BIBS family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The SLC have been busy planning for the New Year. ASSEMBLIES – We have been working through a design process, looking at ways in which we can improve Elementary Assemblies in the New Year. We want to make our assemblies run more quickly and smoothly, as well as being more interactive and fun for both students and staff.

SPIRIT DAYS – SLC have decided on themes for various ‘Spirit’ Days to be held throughout the year. The ideas we have come up with are Super Hero Day, Crazy Sock and Hair Day, and Culture Day – subject to Principal approval.

If you have any ideas for a ‘Spirit Day’ please let your SLC representative know.

Student Council will be involved in the Spring Festival: We will start planning after this holiday.

SLC HATS AND BADGES – We are very close to finalizing our hat and badge design. This hat and badge will make the SLC easily identifiable on the playground for other students.

Student Council wishes everyone a safe, happy and festive holiday.


Important dates;

School resumes on Tuesday January 2nd 2018.

The ES ASA programme will also resume on Tuesday January 2nd 2018.

BIBS ES will be hosting a PYP Assessment Job – A – Like on January 20th 2018.

ES Parents Coffee/Tea morning about the Learner Profile, Attitudes and the Assessment and language Policy will be on January 23rd 2018.

The ES Semester one report cards will be issued via e-mail on January 26th 2018.

The ES Parent-Teacher conferences will be on February 2nd 2018.

Wishing everyone a wonderful festive season and an exciting and fun packed 2018.

 From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.





 DP exams

Dear parents,

At the end of each semester our G11 and G12 students sit mock diploma exams. This semester the exams will be from the 2nd of January to the 5thJanuary. These exams test the students upon the content they have learnt and the skills they have developed in their diploma subjects. The results from these exams will make up a big percentage of students final grades for the semester.

We strongly recommend that students begin revision for these exams as soon as possible. Revision can take many forms and students need to tailor it to their particular learning needs. Though students need to remember that Active revision is much more effective than passive revision. Passive revision is associated with such activities as reading notes, and copying material. Active revision is concerned with using and organizing material.


We ask parents that they please engage with students during the exams and support them through what can be a stressful period. This support can be anything from ensuring that the student has a revision timetable and is following it, to asking them what mnemonics they have created to remember key points.

If you have any questions about the structure of the exams or how to help with student’s revision then please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself at

U’19 Basketball BASE Tournament @ Keystone

The U19 Boys Basketball team faced 3 tough opponents on Saturday, December 9th and they fought hard against all of them. They won their 1st game, and battled courageously in their 2nd and 3rdgames but weren’t quite able to pull out victories on those matches. We have a young team and the boys are learning more about playing as a team each day, their hard work is paying off and they are building a solid Basketball program here at BIBS.


IDU Market

On Wednesday Dec.13th, year 8 students held a Silk Road Market in the gym. This event is a natural result from their current interdisciplinary unit Trade on the Silk Road between I&S and Math. In I&S class, students have inquired into the silk road cities and commodities, while in Math class, students worked on the cost and profit. In the Silk Road Market, year 8 students each put up a display board to introduce their chosen commodity and racked their brains to sell their commodity for the best price. The rest of the MSHS community visited the market as buyers with a goal to purchase their assigned list of commodities for the cheapest price. This event manifested the charm of interdisciplinary units in MYP where different perspectives are integrated to generate more authentic learning experience.


DP Core Updates

Dear Parents.

Recently DP students have been working on several important tasks in the core. Grade 12 students have handed in the final draft of their extended essays and are completing the final Viva Voce reflection with their extended essay supervisors. DP students will have their essays sent off to the IBO for external standardization. This is the first set of extended essays BIBS is sending off and we are very proud of our DP students efforts.

Grade 11 students have completed their extended essay proposal forms and selected teachers to be their supervisors. They have begun the process and have received tips from grade 12 students on how to proceed. Grade 11 students receive assistance from the DP Core coordinator during the Core ASA on Thursday on how to complete their extended essay proposal forms. The extended essay is a completely open inquiry based activity that is directed by student interest.

Grade 12 students are drafting their TOK essays. TOK is a course about critical thinking and inquiring into the process of knowing, rather than about learning a specific body of knowledge. The IBO releases 6 prescribed essay titles and students select which one they wish to work on. These essays will also be sent away to the IBO for external standardization.

CAS students have been using Service Action and Arts week to complete CAS activities and achieve the CAS learning outcomes. They use time in the Core ASA on Thursdays to compile evidence for achieving the CAS learning outcomes and submit reflections on ManageBac. In the New year the CAS coordinator will complete a CAS audit of each grade 11 students progress through the CAS programme. Parents will be informed of their child’s progress.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or queries about the DP Core programme in school then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards,

Justin Smith

DP Core coordinator



Dongrun Campus




At this time of the year, I trust that all of our families are able to enjoy some quality time together, enjoy some Christmas cheer and experience a peaceful rest. If you are travelling, stay safe and enjoy the break. All students and staff will return after the Winter holiday on January 2 at the usual school start time.



All parents are advised that next Semester the Executive staff and teachers will be monitoring the standard of uniform very closely. All students will be expected to wear their full school uniform each day. Parents are asked to support the school by requiring their child to attend in uniform.



If your child has a school library book at home, please ensure that it is returned immediately after the Winter Holiday. As a reminder, Library books can be borrowed each week and children can borrow up to 2 books at a time.



The Semi Final for the talent show will take place during school hours on Friday January 5. All semi-finalists are encouraged to practice their performance during the holiday break.



Semester 2 commences on January 15 and there is a lot to look forward to, including the Annual Music Production, Evening Parent Seminars, Chinese New Year Celebrations and the 3rd annual Family Sports Carnival to name just a few of the great community events.

The Principal and staff wish all families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will see you all in a few weeks.