BIBS Infobyte: Oct 13, 2017

Whole School:

 We would like to congratulate all students, parents and teachers for an excellent week after a long National Day holiday.  It is wonderful to see such a spirit of togetherness and enthusiasm at our school.  Please find the following school updates for your information.  We wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend!

 Upper East Side Campus

  1. Autumn passing, cooler days!Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for both inside and outside temperatures and weather conditions. Dressing your child with layers is the best way for them to adjust to temperatures at this changeable time. Please make sure any pieces of clothing that may be removed are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

2.Migrant Workers Donation Box As families start to change their clothing for this change in season, please be reminded that at UES we have a large donation box for used and clean clothing, this is located outside the back doors. All donations are gratefully appreciated.

3.Library Information PresentationOn Monday, Oct. 16th at 10-11 am- Parents are invited to the Library Information session hosted by our librarians. This is a time to learn about the role of the library and the librarians in a PYP school and to also learn briefly how to use the online library information system. Anyone is welcome ☺

4.International Dress Up Day– To coincide with United Nations day on Tuesday 24 October, UES are celebrating our cultural diversity with an international dress up day. Buddy classes have decided on a country that they will focus on. During Buddy time over the next two Fridays, classes will be discovering features of their chosen country and culture, as well as preparing items for the day. Homeroom teachers will send a WeChat message to parents informing what the students will need for their dress up.

5.ASA Fee payments thanks again to all those parents that have paid the Block One ASA Fees.

6.Fee Payment Parents are reminded that we do not issue published reports to any family with outstanding fees. Fees include: Semester/Annual Tuition Fees & Bus, Lunch or ASA Fees.

7.Written Reports Issued the first written reports will be issued on Friday 24th November; these reports are published in soft copy only on our Managebac information system. All parents need to have an active log-in to access their child’s reports.  If you do not have an active log-in please contact Huan He for assistance. (

  1. Days for PDBIBS UES is closed for normal classes on the 8th& 9th November as the teaching staff are all engaged in professional development during these days either at UES or other IB schools in Beijing.


Shunyi Campus


BIBS-United Kingdom College Immersion

We look forward you coming and joining the “In-depth Experience Program of UK Universities” in this Christmas holiday (2017/12/17-2017/12/27). In the 11-day journey, you will have an in-depth visit and exploration of the British cities like London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, that allow you to look into the British history, culture, tradition, humanities, life and business from multiple perspectives and experience your academic life in UK ahead of time.

For more information, please see BIBS Wechat Account or contact Ms Linda and Secret.

Phone: 64560618-121 or





Elementary School Sharing Session.

On Monday the Elementary School staff met for a collaborative sharing session. First up on the agenda was the time line for the interim report cards. As proposal was shared with the staff and they were given time to think about it and asked to be ready to share their views at next Monday’s sharing session, which will focus on the final draft for them. This was followed by a presentation from the Numeracy Coordinator about the process and progress thus far with the mapping of the PYP Math Scope and Sequence to the Chinese National Math Curriculum. After the presentation the staff were asked to think about connections that could be made with their units of inquiry in their respective grade levels. To close the session the new units of inquiry outlines were posted on the wall and the staff were asked to go around them making suggestions on provocations that could be used to initiate student led inquiry.

Kung Fu Panda is coming to town.

Panda Book Award books for 2017-2018 have arrived at the Elementary School library. Chosen each year by international school librarians across Asia, they represent some of the best books published in English over the last two years. Students can vote for their favorite books in February 2018. Books are being prepared now and will be ready for checkout from Monday. Picture books (E) can be borrowed for three days and chapter books (F) for one week.

Our Scholastic book orders arrived this week so the students will have a whole lot of fun reading in the coming days at school and at home.

Making a whole lot of noise and having fun in music class.

In music class we are busy doing provocations then students will be embarking on new units:

  • K -Gr1  ‘I am a composer’ We will inquire & explore. creating our own melody/tune using various instruments.
  • Gr 2-3  ‘Let us Sing’. Students will inquire and explore singing including voice production, singing in tune, group singing and songs from other cultures.
  • Gr 4-5 ‘Let’s take notes’  An inquiry into reading and writing music notes and composing our own tune/melody.


Having fun in the Art class.

A lot of things have been happening in the Art Room. It feels like autumn/fall outside, so it is natural that seasons will be the main topic for our current art projects. Kindergarteners already started to paint their autumn/fall trees. First and second graders will be busy with creating autumn still lives, drawing pumpkins, squashes and fall leaves. The upper elementary are getting ready for landscape painting, while exploring color mixing and experimenting with wet-on-wet watercolor technique.

Another important thing is that the entries of postcard designs for A GREEN FUTURE Environmental Postcard Design Competition, upon which fourth and fifth graders have been working during the past three weeks, were finally submitted to the Beijing Little Star magazine. We wish good luck to all our participants and waiting for the results.

Unit of Inquiry Buddy Time.

On Friday the students had a chance to mix with their older or younger peers and reflect on the unit of inquiry they had just completed and also predict what they might be studying next. There has been considerable development in the inquiry skills of most students and their confidence levels while communicating, sharing and interacting with others has seen immense growth.

Important Dates:

Report Cards will be emailed out on November 10th 2017. All parents have been requested to confirm their email addresses with their homeroom teachers. There will be follow up Three Way conferences with the parents and students on November 17th 2017.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.


Science Subject Group meeting

There is a meeting on October 24th at 10:00am in the library for parents showcasing our Science Programme at BIBS. This meeting allows parents to find out more about our programme. The meeting will have a general introduction of the Science teachers. This will then follow with curriculum information. Meeting will last approximately one hour.

Session 1 reports 

Session 1 reports are to be released electronically and available for download starting November 10th. This is a progress report that focuses more on the pastoral side of your children’s academic life. Included this year are scores that reflect the current achievement of your children. The students have been interviewed by their homeroom teachers. The students have also written a detailed reflection. Three way conferences are scheduled for November 17th and we invite you to come into the school with your children to discuss progress and future goals with the homeroom teachers. Some interpreters are available, however should you require one, it may be best if you can provide for yourself.

Infobyte for G10 parents morning on diploma choices

Dear parents you are invited to attend a morning meeting on October 26th at 10:00 in the library. This is regarding the Diploma subject choices for the 2018/2019 Academic year.  The meeting is aimed at G10 parents but those parents who have child in other grades of the MYP are more than welcome to attend. The meeting is scheduled for an hour with a question and answer at the end.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Differences between the IB Diploma programme and the BIBS high school Diploma
  • Introduction to each of the Subject groups in the IB Diploma
  • Introduction to each of the courses we offer at BIBS.
  • Introduction by our university counsellor on the application process
  • Question and answer period.

Thank you for your interest and see you at the meeting. Contact James Sutcliffe or for more information.

Learner Profile Award

Congratulations to our Learner Profile Award winners for the month of September.  On 11 October, 2017 nine students were recognized for their demonstration of Open-Mindedness – valuing individual uniqueness and perspective and appreciating other’s alternative uniqueness and perspectives, one of the 10 valued learner profile attributes of an IB Learner.  The recognized students were David Xu, Alice Lam, Rui M.S. Rodrigues, Jose Mondlane, Madeline Gray, Franda Wang, Fiona Xu, Gloria Gao, and Cris Mu.  Congratulations to the elected students.   The month of October will highlight the learner profile trait – reflective.

Warwick University Visit

On 11 October 2017, Warwick University, one of U.K. consistently top universities in the top 10 paid a visit to Beanstalk International Bilingual School, Shunyi Campus.  Ms. Jackee Ma, Asia Regional Representative gave a brief presentation and answered grade 11 and 12 students’ questions about the school, college process, dual-majors and entry requirements.

Our University Speaker Series continues on Monday, 30 October at 2pm with University of British Columbia (UBC).  This event is followed by an off-site invitation by Nanyang Technological University (NTU)- Singapore on 5 November.  If you are interested in either of these events, please come see your guidance counselor team in A219.


Dongrun Campus



Today all staff and students participated in an organized practice of our current emergency evacuation procedures. I am pleased to report that the staff and students managed their responsibilities very well and overall a successful practice was held. As a result of this drill, we also hope to take the observations made during the drill to consider further improvements to our practices and policy, as our ongoing commitment to the members of our school is to continually maintain and improve safety standards.


On Wednesday October 25 at 6:30-8:00pm there will be a Parent Seminar here in the School. The seminar will be the first of four to be hosted at the school this year. The first topic will be titled ‘Positive Discipline for Children’ and we have invited a local speaker and expert on the subject with much experience in speaking to various audiences on this topic. Admission is free and light refreshments will be provided. Unfortunately, no child minding will be available and children are not permitted to attend. All parents are asked to arrange their own child supervision. Attendance is limited to the first 60 parents and it will be on the first come first served basis. Please register your interest at the School Reception.


The International Deep Learning Week is coming to Dongrun on Oct 30 – Nov3. The main idea of this week will be to encourage students to learn more about new cultures, countries and people. The activities will take place during timetabled English lessons. The teachers will not necessarily teach content knowledge but will be facilitating inquiry-based learning and encouraging students to discover and investigate for themselves new information and they will not be limited to how ‘deep’ their learning can go. The week will involve 4 days of ‘deep learning’ and 1 day of showcasing/presenting their discoveries.


On the 22nd and 23rd November we will be having our first ever art festival in our school. The art festival will be designed to showcase the talents and skills of our students and members of our community. I wish to officially invite any parent to be involved in the festival by attending the festival, contributing handmade artworks, demonstrating art techniques, but most of all encouraging their children to be involved in the festival. This will be an exciting event that we hope will become an annual event for our school. There will be more details and advertising released closer to the dates.


October 13 – Practice Emergency Evacuation drill

October 17 – School Assembly

October 25 – Evening Parent Seminar

October 26 – October Field Trip – details to be advised

October 30 – November 3 – International Deep Learning Week