BIBS Infobyte: Nov 3, 2017

 Whole School:

We thank every member of the Beanstalk community for another week of vibrant school activities and progress.  Please find the school updates below for your information.  Kindly note that we will be having staff professional development sessions late next week and so there will be no school for students on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th November.  We ho

pe that these professional development experiences will further benefit the development of both our teachers and students in the future.  In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.


Upper East Side Campus


  1. G5 MYP Presentation-On Wednesday, 8th November, UES is hosting an information session presented by BIBS Shunyi Middle School and High School staff. The purpose of this information session is to introduce you to the MYP courses on option at Shnuyi and the educational pathway to the DP, and also some university counselling information is mapped out.


Registration has been completed by Diana Li, Admissions officer at Shunyi. Please contact her if you have any questions. (


  1. Read-a-thon– this is a great way to encourage a child to increase their reading stamina. The library have sent out notices for a BIBS UES Read-a-thon, this is voluntary and parents can choose whether to participate or not. If participating, money is raised- either in a minute rate or a flat rate. All money is donated to the library and a charity the library is supporting this month. If you have any questions, please ask our UES librarians.


  1. Open House– this week, we launched our first Open House; these are information sessions for potential families. This week we welcomed families from our BIK campuses. In late November and early December, we will begin our admissions testing for the next school year’s G1.


  1. School Closed for Normal Classes– Next week, on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th November, BIBS is closed, as all the teachers have three days of professional development (PD). We are proud to host four PD workshops at UES- the workshops are: Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom, Inquiry Teaching & Learning, Assessment and Inquiry-based teaching in Chinese Language Classrooms we will have teaching staff from Shunyi and Dongrun join the UES teaching team during these three days.


  1. Individual Student Photos – Most of the photos that were ordered have been distributed to the children this week; there are some outstanding photos from late orders that will come in shortly.


  1. “Movember”– During the month of November, organisations around the world fundraise for male health issues. Many of the events highlight moustaches, hence ‘Movember’! The staff at BIBS UES kicked off their awareness and fundraising month by having three expert barbers come and shave them. Our UES male teachers had never looked so fresh faced!


Shunyi Campus


 BIBS-United Kingdom College Immersion

We look forward you coming and joining the “In-depth Experience Program of UK Universities” in this Christmas holiday (2017/12/17-2017/12/29). In the 12-day journey, you will have an in-depth visit and exploration of the British cities like London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, that allow you to look into the British history, culture, tradition, humanities, life and business from multiple perspectives and experience your academic life in UK ahead of time.


For more information, please see BIBS Wechat Account or contact Ms Linda and Secret.

Phone: 64560618-121 or


 Grade 6 graduation assembly

On Friday 03/11/17 grade 6 students attended a graduation assembly for all grade 5’s who completed BIBS last year. All grade 6’s attended this assembly.


 TOEFL Morning Prep Course

BIBS will continue our TOEFL Morning Pre Course on November 6th, every Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 8.15 am. In-language information about the test and test preparation, in-depth review of the four sections of the test, and skill building activities will be integrated into the class to help build up students’ real English Capabilities and test abilities. We will be based in classroom 317, and learning materials will be handed out in the class. If anyone who is interested in attending the class, please sign up.

ASA Notification

School starts the second ASA on 28th November, 2017. ASA only stands on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurdays, unlike before we have cancelled ASA on Friday.


Lecture: Teens & Parents In Transition: The Journey From Parenting a Teen To Being The Parent Of An Emerging Adult

Time:  9:00am – 10:30am, November 7, Tuesday, 2017

Venue:  MSHS Library, 2nd Floor, BIBS Shunyi Campus

Language:  English and Chinese

Registration:  Pls scan the QR code below to reserve your seat.

All parents are welcome.



Thanks to PTA

This year, the school plans to expand a series of music courses and extracurricular class items, in the future, we hope each of the young students in Shunyi are able to learn to master a musical instrument. This decision has been the strong support of PTA as in the past. After donating piano to the school, according to the music teaching plan, PTA recently donated guzheng to the school, Chinese drum, ukelele and a large number of musical instruments, thanks to PTA’s contribution and support to the school.


 Thanks to Yesterday’s Open day

Dear all contributors to our open house yesterday. Thanks so much for your effort yesterday. We looked great and we did a good job. Thanks so much for your time, effort and talent.







The Elementary staff gathered together on Monday after school to share the contents of their students’ portfolios for the first unit of inquiry for this new academic year. In their grade levels they rotated around the room looking at other grade level portfolios and leaving their observations and wondering on post it notes. When the rotations were complete there was general feedback after which the individual grade levels went of by themselves to reflect and think about ways to improve the contents of the portfolios for the next unit.

Halloween at BIBS Elementary School Shunyi Campus. 

The Elementary School Student Council used Halloween as their first ‘Spirit’ event for the year. They wanted to build greater school spirit and a whole of school togetherness. The result was fantastic! Parents, teachers, students and our PTA all worked together to make this day collaborative, educational and fun. Mr. Cormack and Ms. Lynne mentored Student Council members on how to promote and organize this day.

There were grade prizes for the scariest and most creative costumes. Teachers joined in with their own costumes. Grade 4 won the best-decorated hallway. Children went treat or treating around the school after the parade, learning how to share with other students.

Thank you to the parents who joined in and a big thank you to our school PTA who donated funds for trick or treating and book prizes for our winners. There were smiles everywhere.

Grade 5 Field trip to the Beijing Zoo.

The grade 5 unit of inquiry is all about Ecosystems and how they interact with one another, adaptations for survival and how we humans have an effect on our environment. Going to the Beijing Zoo on Wednesday 1st November the grade 5’s got the chance to see animals in captivity and could compare them to animals in the wild. Students observed the way humans interact with the animals and how the animals behave. Students had great fun with this out of class learning opportunity.

Connecting our Chinese Math Curriculum to a UOI.

Currently, the trans-disciplinary theme is Sharing the Planet. In Chinese math class we have a new Unit: decimal division. Aimed at improving the students’ ability of calculation, as well as their ability to solve practical problems with division.

In UOI lessons, we are learning about the food chain, ecosystems and so on. In an ecosystem there will be energy flows between the different levels of organisms. Students can use the knowledge of decimal division they have learned to calculate the energy flow between different organisms.

Also in UOI class, we are learning about the life cycle of different animals. They have different weights at different ages. We also did some division calculations about these aspects.

Each student is designing a poster about an ecosystem, and linking it with decimal division. After finishing the poster, which is about an ecosystem & decimal division. Students will share their thinking in math class, and they will reflect that the efficiency of an energy flow in different ecosystems is different.


Open House at BIBS Shunyi.

On Thursday around 50 parents and their children visited the Shunyi Campus for an Open Day. They were greeted at the doors by the staff and taken to the MSHS Library for a welcome speech by the Head of School. After that they were given a tour of the school in small groups led by Elementary school staff with translators while their children headed of to the Elementary building to spend some time in the classrooms and the library. After the tours the parents returned to the MSHS library for speeches by the Head of School, the Elementary Principal/PYPC and the Elementary School Head of Chinese. They then listened to members of the support staff describe their roles within the school. Finally they returned to the Elementary building to collect their children and head home to ponder their future as a member of the BIBS Shunyi family.


A celebration of Learning.

On Friday the lower Elementary school met to share their learning with their peers during UOI Buddy Time. While the Upper Elementary school went to the gym to participate in the graduation ceremony for the fifth grade students from last year who are now member of the Middle School MYP. The Head of School and the Deputy Head of School welcomed the students, and then they received certificates from the Head of School and the Elementary Principal followed by a speech from two student representatives. Following on from the closing speech by the Elementary Principal, the students have some cakes to celebrate.


After school activities retain their appeal.

Our first block of ASAs has been a great success. Our gratitude goes out to all the Elementary staff for putting their ASAs together and delivering them with such passion. This first block will come to an end on November 24th thus we have begun to plan for the second block which is due to commence on November 28th. The second block will be a combination of Elementary staff and outside providers, which we will let you know about in due course.


Congratulations to our “A Green Future’ postcard winners.

Angela Guo, Gr 4B, Second prize and Viki Huang, Gr 5, complementary prize.



Important dates;

All of the Elementary School staff will be participating in appropriate Professional Development workshops from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th November 2017.

Report Cards will be emailed out on November 10th 2017. All parents have been requested to confirm their email addresses with their homeroom teachers. There will be follow up Three Way conferences with the parents and students on November 17th 2017.

During the week commencing December 11th, which will be our Winter Festival week there will be an Elementary School Concert on the 13th and a Winter Bazzar. The staff is working collaboratively to put this week together.


From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.



Our girls and boys Volleyball team will be playing the staff next Wednesday after school to help them prepare for games with other schools. Please come and support our students in the gym.


Professional Days

Our staff will be undertaking Professional development next Thursday and Friday the 9th and 10th of November. BIBS believes in the constant training and development of our teachers to make sure they continue to improve their teaching for your children. This is a reminder that students will not be in school on these days.


Dear Parents,

I’d like to introduce you to the second monthly BIBS DP Core infobyte. The DP Core as I’m sure everyone knows covers the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Activity and Service. The purpose of this monthly update is to keep the BIBS community informed about all the wonderful wide ranging work students are doing in the Core and how parents can help.

The DP TOK students have begun work on their TOK essay. Each student must submit for external assessment an essay on any one of the six titles prescribed by the IB for each examination session. The titles ask generic questions about knowledge and are cross-disciplinary in nature. They may be answered with reference to any part or parts of the TOK course, to specific disciplines, or with reference to opinions gained about knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. The essay is assessed using global impression marking. The essay contributes 67% of the final mark along with the presentation which contributes 33% of the final mark. The deadline for the first draft of the TOK essay is Friday 24th November.

The Extended Essay final draft is due on November the 15th. Students must then prepare for a final reflection session with their supervisors called the viva voce. Students have been working hard on their extended essays and have had lots of support from their extended essay supervisors. The extended essay offers students great preparation and experience for essay writing in higher education.

All grade 12 students have received a CAS audit on their progress within the programme. Students have been engaged in a wide range of experiences and projects and the DP Core coordinator has given every student personalised feedback on how to progress and pass the programme.

Grade 11 and 12 students have been taking lead roles within their Service Action CAS Projects delegating roles to MYP students within their groups. The needs assessment visits begin next week and students are keen to satisfy the service strand of CAS and also their CAS project.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or queries about the DP Core programme in school then please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Dongrun Campus




Next Saturday at 2:00pm there will be an IPC Parent presentation open to all interested parents. The presentation will aim to explain what the IPC is and how it works in the classroom.



Parents are reminded to write their child’s name on all uniform items and outer layers of clothing such as coats that are regularly taken off during the day. There is also a growing pile of unclaimed clothing items in the office.



A reminder that there will be three days of staff professional development (one of these days is a Saturday) and so there will be no school for students on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th November. On the Saturday at 2:00pm, there will be an IPC presentation for parents to attend and find out more about how the IPC works in our English classrooms.



Do you have friends or know someone whose children would benefit from all the educational programs on offer in our campus and all the positive aspects of a small, personal feel that is available for everyone at Dongrun? Tell your friends about our school and invite them to the Dongrun Open Day on November 22nd.



In January, next year we will be having a talent show. It will be a very special and exciting event for all students to get involved in. This is the first announcement to advise that auditions for the talent show are coming up towards the end of this month, so start practicing your act now. Detailed information and advertising posters will arrive soon.



November 7 – Assembly (3A English class presentation)

November 9-10 – NO SCHOOL

November 14 – Assembly (3B Chinese presentation)

November 22-23 – Dongrun Art Festival

November 24 – Open Day