BIBS Infobyte: Nov 24, 2017

Whole School:

Please find the following school updates for your information.  We look forward to all the fantastic learning fun next week.  In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.


Upper East Side Campus


  1. Reports & SLC– Today, your child’s report was posted online on your Managebac account. Earlier this week, you should have received two letters; one explaining our new report format and also a SLC letter with your appointment time for next Wednesday. Please complete the bottom of the SLC form and return to the reception at UES.


  1. Literacy Week– We have concluded our 2017 Literacy Week, it was a fantastic success in so many ways. Students and teachers searched each day for the Where’s Wally clues and book quizzes. Walking the corridors there are lots of doors decorated, lots of classes ‘dropping everything and reading’ (DEAR) when the bell rang! On Wednesday, lots and lots of students and teachers came to school in their pyjamas (PJ) and brought a mug to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate provided by the PTA. Thanks to the PTA for supporting this event! Lots of bags of books came into school, and back out again-for the Book Swap- thanks to everyone in the UES community for supporting this week, and again the PTA for helping sort the mountain of books. A special thanks to the Literacy Committee for their organisation, led by Ms Maree. …… Oh, and we ended the week with a fun Book Character Dress Up Day!


  1. ASA– On Wednesday, we sent out an email with the Block 2 ASA Brochure and the link to the online registration. Registration closes at 4pm on the Wednesday 29thNovember. Please contact Linda Zhang ( if you have any questions; we will have computers at UES that you can use to do the online registration if you need assistance or clarification.


  1. AMC8 (American Mathematics Competition)– Last week, our select team for the Mathematics ASA completed the AMC8 competition under the watchful eyes of Mr Jordan and Mr Sinclair. Well done to all these students for working extra hard on their mathematics skills for these past 10 weeks.


  1. JISAC(Junior International Athletics Conference) – Throughout the year we have BIBS Select Sports Teams training, these include: Soccer, Cross- Country, Basketball, Badminton, Handball, Gymnastics, Softball, T-Ball, Athletics-plus a few more. We compete against 10 other international schools; UES will host two competitions this school year, T-Ball and Athletics.


Students that get selected need to commit to training twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and importantly participate in the JISAC competition. The selection process involves students trying-out and displaying their skills and abilities during a designated recess time one week before the training schedule commences. Students are informed within one day if they are successful in being selected and a consent form is sent to parents.


UES is very proud of its BIBS Select Teams and all the work they do in training and the sportsmanship they display when representing BIBS at the JISAC competitions.


 Shunyi Campus


1.BIBS Shunyi Campus Enrollment Survey for Next Term2017-2018

At this time of the year the School Leadership Team are planning for the next term. Parts of parents already received survey of whether your child/children will be continuing at BIBS Shunyi Campus for the next term (2017-2018). We ask that you complete the survey and return it to homeroom teacher by Friday, 28 November 2017.


2.BIBS Shunyi Campus New Students Enrollment:

If your family has child plans to enroll our school in 2018-2019, please contact our Admission office: We will keep a place for them and follow their application.


  1. School Uniform
  1. This year our school uniform has been redesigned and greatly modified. The texture of this sportswear has been through 3 times of fabric washing technique, the safety and comfort are surely guaranteed.
  2. Due to the 19th Chinese National conferences, the control of the manufacture for all the industries in Beijing was extremely high. They strictly limited the working hours, so that was a problem can’t be solved by our own. We do hope that we can get your understanding and support regarding this issue.
  3. Our school has already taken actions for this matter, we have contacted the supplier and negotiated to enlarge their stock quantity, so as to meet the growing need.
  4. Given the fact that the stock quantity so far can not meet our current need, from the date you place an order, the manufacture and delivery will take almost a month, the time to place order is  every 5th and 20th each month. Please urge parents to place orders and register the information before that date.
  5. We have a very specific and detailed version of the uniform sizes at the front desk, please choose it as accurate as possible.
  6. The off-season of the summer school uniform, which caused by the late shipment, you can take it to the front desk and register to switch a larger size of it within 7 days after you receive the uniform. This is to minimize your loss due to late delivery.


  1. School Letter

As Christmas holiday is approaching, students need more confirmation letters to make travel arrangement.In order to deal with this situation more efficiently so as not to delay yourtrip, please call us or come to the school front desk now. After three working days you can get it from front desk . Front Desk Phone:010-6456 0618


  1. Notice of Holiday

 The Christmas holiday is from Dec.16th to Jan. 1st.  Please be noted that Dec. 15th is a half school day for students and there is no lunch for students. The school bus will leave at 12:00pm on Dec.15th. January 2nd is students’ first day back to school.




ES Monday Meeting.

 At our regular Monday gathering of the ES staff we discussed the recent report card format, how the three-way conferences went and made some recommendations about how to improve both. It was decided that Report Card Guidelines should be established to ensure continuity through the ES. We also discussed the lunchtime schedule in response to student, teacher and parents feedback. It was agreed that as of November 27th there would be a new schedule whereby the students would be allowed thirty minutes to eat their lunch and that those who finish earlier could go out to play while administration staff supervised the slower eaters. The teachers returned their comments on the assessment in the PYP document which will be edited by our PYP Coordinator and distributed to the staff again for their final approval before going to the Senior Management Team for their approval. The staff took part in suggesting provocations for their colleagues new units of inquiry before heading off to continue with their Teachers as Researchers study group work.


Grade One Field Trip to the Chinese Characters Museum.


 On Tuesday, Grade 1 visited a museum and it was fun! We learned more about how the Chinese characters have changed through time and why. There were interactive activities, which we enjoyed participating in. For our final activity, we took part in an ancient activity of making Chinese characters, which was a great way to remind us of our culture and traditions.

 What a musical bunch we are!

KG & Grade 1 are inquiring about other types of music such as African music in order to get more creative ideas towards the day when they will create their own music and write simple musical notes.

Grade 2 & 3 are busy refreshing their minds on how the voice works. They are also working on their class song, instrumentation and movements.

Grade 4 & 5 are in the middle of writing their own composition. They have created a theme and are busy completing their composition.


Puppet Show

 In the afternoon of 21st November, we invited Chinese Puppet Troupe to come to our school and gave our kids a marvelous performance. Our kid loved it and the show lasted about 50 minutes. Our students learned about the character in the show, and about the principles revealed within the show. We do hope they can fall into love with story through our various teaching methods.


The PYP Teaching and Leadership team.

 On Wednesday after school the Teaching and Leadership team met with the PYP Coordinator/Elementary School Principal and the Head of School. They discussed the recently revised Assessment in the PYP and Learning Services documents. They were updated on developments within the school regarding the shared server, staffing, timetables, Chinese National Curriculum mapping, the second block of ASAs and the means of communicating with parents. It was agreed that the current protocol on overall communication within ES would be reviewed. The Numeracy Coordinator led a discussion on the way forward with regards to the Numeracy curriculum and it was decided that we needed to define what we meant by co-teaching/team teaching. It was also felt that the school was moving towards adopting the Chinese National Math Curriculum but that some additions would be needed. The recently updated Language Policy was distributed for feedback from the team before it was sent to all the ES staff for their feedback.


 ES Open day at Shunyi.

 Around forty-nine parents and twelve children attended the ES Shunyi Open day. Members of the ES teaching staff gave the parents guided tours of the school after a wonderful performance by the G2B students led by their Homeroom Teacher Maria Van Eeden. The children were given a taste of what it would be like to attend the school by members of the Chinese teaching staff supported by staff from administration. The parents listened to speeches by the Head of School, Elementary School Principal, Head of ES Chinese and two students from Secondary School. They were then provided with the relevant processes and documentation about becoming a member of the BIBS Shunyi family.


 Assembly Time.

 Grade Two shared their learning about their previous unit. Both classes presented in their own style. Grade 2B recited poems and sang songs about healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. Grade 2A also had the pleasure of announcing that Mr. John and Mr. Paul were persuaded to make improvements to the equipment for the playground and have approved and allocated funds to do so. Students received Learner Profile and Attitudes awards from their teachers. The Student Council supported the arrangement and organization of the event.

(The next ES assembly will be on January 5th 2018.)

Busy with PE and staying healthy.

The PE department is always committed to improving their students’ well-being. The next units will be focused on movement to music for the Junior Elementary. Teamwork and cooperation and to work efficiently and effectively towards achieving desired goals will be the focus of the Senior Elementary School. The swimming programme will continue as normal. See you all in PE!

 School Book Fair.

Winter Holiday is coming soon and what better way to relax than with a new book? Next Monday and Tuesday, November 27th-28th, our lobby will fill with a great selection of English and Chinese books for readers from kindergarten through high school. Presented by Obido, the book fair will be open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM both Monday and Tuesday. Please see ES librarian Ms. Heather if you need additional information.

Important dates:

 The commencement of the second block of ASAs will begin on Tuesday November 28th.

 There will be a Parents Coffee and Tea morning on November 28th in the main canteen during which Paul and John will update the parents on the recent developments within the school and

November 27th and 28th is the ES Book fair in the ES Library.

On December 1st the Kindergarten will present their poems and stories that they have created during their current unit of inquiry in the main gym form 13:05-14;00 all parents are welcome.

During the week commencing December 11th, which will be our Winter Festival week there will be an Elementary School Winter Concert on the 14th of December for the ES and Grade 6 and 7 students. The staff is working collaboratively to put this week together.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.




Obido Book Fair – November 27th and 28th 8.30am-4.30pm

On Monday and Tuesday next week Obido will be holding a book fair in the foyer of the MSHS building. They will have a range of books available for all ages, elementary, so please come browse and find some exciting new books buy and take home with you!


Infobyte for Arts Week 2017

Get ready for Arts Week Dec 4-8!

CREATE-ivity: What is Art?

is this year’s theme for Arts Week. All week MSHS students at BIBS Shunyi campus will be asked to look for evidence of art and creativity all around them— not just in their Arts classes but in their academic classes, communities and their own lives.

Featured art activities:

MSHS Art Exhibition

Lunch time performances in Drama Room and Library

Monday Dec 4:

We start kick off this exciting week with an Arts Assembly during P3

Wednesday Dec 6:

All students partake in Arts focused workshops involving all aspects of our learning community: teachers, students and parents will share and teach each other creative and fun projects

Friday Dec 8

We end the week with our annual student run talent show: BIBS Got Talent!

Organized by our Student Representative Council and judged by a jury made up of principals, teachers and students

Thank you BIBS learning community of Administration, Teachers, Students and Parents for helping to make this another great week of creative learning!


ISTA International Theatre Festival


During Arts Week from December 4th to December 8th, the final parent meetings will be held to get information about the international Theatre festival for MS students from April 26th to May 2nd in Indonesia.  30 students will work with students from other international schools in workshops led by professional artists.   The organization is called ISTA.  It is internationally recognized by the IB and is the only organization authorized to train teachers to deliver the IB Theatre program.  There are over 250 international schools throughout the world that are members.  This is BIBS’ first year as a member.  The DP students already took part in a festival right here in Beijing and the 9th and 10th graders recently returned from a festival in Bangkok, Thailand.  Both were a complete success and thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

There are four meetings.  You need only attend one;

December 6th at 10 am and 4 pm.

December 7th at 12 pm and 4 pm.

In the meeting, the logistics, prices and a student made video of the experience will be shared.  You can look at the website to see information about the festival and photos showing the students in action.  The website is

There are limited spaces remaining due to students already enrolling.  Please don’t miss out on this great opportunity for your child.  If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please contact

I look forward to seeing you there!


Dongrun Campus



The student auditions started this week for the talent show. Teachers have reported that there are some Very talented students and have been impressed with the auditions so far. If there are any questions about auditions, please see Miss Tor or Mr D.



This Wednesday and Thursday we held our very first Art festival. A lot of fun and fantastic art activities were enjoyed by one and all. We thank all parents who were able to come and help with the activities and organisation as well as those who came to participate with their children. There were a lot of happy children learning new skills and thoroughly enjoying the activities. Special thanks belongs to our Art teachers, Ms. Echo and Ms. Eva and also Ms. Evelyn for their hard work in pulling this special event together.



Last Tuesday we went on two Field Trips to make up for the lost opportunity during the month of October. Grades K-2 went to the Beijing Auto Museum and Grades 3&4 went to the China National Film Museum. All reports suggest an enjoyable and worthwhile experience was had by all students.



The monthly PTA meeting will be held next Tuesday at 2:00pm in the Community Room. Ms. Jaine Dutton, our Head of English Dept will attend the meeting with Mr Gray to talk about Dongrun’s English program and answer parent questions about our curriculum and teaching. Please see your class PTA representative for more information regarding the outcomes of the meeting.