BIBS Infobyte: Nov 17, 2017

 Whole School:

We congratulate our students, teachers and staff for another fruitful and fun learning week at BIBS.  We wish you a very happy and relaxing weekend.  See you all next week!


Upper East Side Campus


  1. Literacy Week-We are all excited to be heading into a week filled with fun literacy learning experiences. Across the week, students and staff will be taking time to DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), enter the daily Literacy Quiz (there is a parents daily quiz, too, so make sure you check in the lobby), Where’s Wally letter hunt, “We Read” photo sharing, to name just a few of happenings. Make sure to talk with your children to find out other happenings.


Major events are:

*Weds 23: PJs, Book, Blankie & Buddy-Come in your pyjamas, bring a book and book buddy (soft toy, and pillow or blankie) and enjoy some ‘reading for enjoyment’ time throughout the day.

*Thurs 24: Book Swap day

*Fri 25: Book Character Dress Up day


  1. Scholastic Book Orders– These will be issued over the next few days; this is a great way for parents to purchase English books for your child.  The deadline day for placing orders is Tuesday 28thNovember- please send completed order forms and the money in the supplied envelope and please remember to seal it.


  1. GK & G1 New Tricycles– In the GK and G1 classes the students and teachers are discussing and writing essential agreements about the use of these 16 new tricycles that we had arrive this week. Included in their discussions are: how to take turns, where to collect and drop off the tricycles (parking), how long can one student ride for, where can they ride and where can they not ride…..


  1. Reports Issued– We will issue the reports on Friday 24thNovember. We do not issue paper reports but parents can access these online through Managebac. Please contact Huan He if you still need access to the Managebac (


  1. ASA Block 1– Due to the school closure for PD on Thursday last week, there is a Make-Up Day for Thursday ASA next week, the 5pm school bus will operate as normal for this last class. ASA Block 2 ASA- information will be shared shortly for the new ASA classes. This will start in the two weeks before the Winter Break.


  1. Registration for SY 2018-19 for UES SiblingsPlease be informed that application forms need to be completed now for any siblings of current students that are applying for BIBS UES for next school year (start Aug. 2018).  The forms are available from the reception or online on our BIBS website. Completed forms should be handed in to the reception or admissions staff.


Shunyi Campus



Grade 3 Field trip: Beijing World Park: 8 November 2017 

The Grade 3’s visited the Beijing World Park on the 8th of November. In this unit the students investigated and learned about maps and the location and characteristics of different major places in the world. The students enjoyed this trip a lot; they walked on the Great Wall, saw the Statue of Liberty and ate their lunch under the Eiffel Tower, all in one day!


 Professional Development Bonanaza.

 Six Chinese teachers from the elementary school at the Shunyi campus went to the Upper Ease Side campus on November 9th, they attended three days of Chinese Language Training held by Ms. Yugui Li. The training was really productive.


Last week, some of us had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Inquiry here at BIBS Shunyi. The teachers collaborated with each other to come up with different activities and lessons on how to encourage students to become better inquirers. It was a great time to learn different techniques, and discover that the classroom teacher is the greatest resource. We cannot wait to put into practice what we learned during our workshop!


From Thursday to Saturday last week, all the TAs from the Shunyi campus had a productive PD at UES about making the PYP happen (in Chinese). They learned a lot about the IB PYP curriculum, constructivism and other teaching skills with Annie Chew, it was exciting and fun!


We had a great time together during our inquiry and the additional language workshop. It was an opportunity for all of us to share our practices, experiences, and to inquire more about additional language teaching and learning.  We were focused on the importance of the learner’s mother tongue to construct meaning before being able to express themselves.  We also explored on the variety of benefits kids are getting when immersed in a bilingual or multilingual environments such as developing their international cultural awareness, their open-mindedness, and all the necessary skills to understand that everyone with their differences in language can also be right.


The Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom workshop allowed participants to explore the complex and interconnected web that is the Primary Years Problem. It was an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the IB concepts they had begun implementing in the classroom prior to taking this course. Through their work and the knowledge they gleaned through MPYPHC they created personal action plans and worked on developing their future UOI plans.


 Feedback from a Participant 

This PD we participated last week really has broaden my mind, and also deepened my understanding of my teaching objectives. By sharing with other teachers, I’ve learned some new techniques of teaching. Can’t wait to put what I’ve learned into practice, and hope that can greatly benefit my students.

One thing I’ve learned with Ms. Liyugui is how to teach my grade one students more effectively, that is we have to personally show them every steps we want them to learn. Only they can master it if the process is demonstrated very clearly.

From this Monday, I’ve been using this method to teach them how to pack their bags, I carefully demonstrated the process and told them not to forget anything. After two days of patient guidance, there are fewer cases of forgetting to bring anything to school. I believe in the future, it’ll become a habit rather than we consistently reminding them. I’ll keep learning and create the most suitable way to teach my students.


 Monday Sharing Session.

The Elementary School(ES) staff gathered together on Monday after school to share their learning. The team discussed the feedback from the Teaching and leadership team; the introduction of a Leaner profile Award for the whole school each month by the senior management team (for the month of November it is Thinker), the translation of the learning Services documentation, the updated Whole School Assessment Policy and the creation of an Assessment in the PYP document for ES. There was a discussion about the three-way conferences and the sharing of ideas about how to go about them. This was followed by an update on the Exhibition process.


Second Block of ASAs.

We are well underway to completing the schedule for our second block of ASAs. The letters went out this week to parents for them to sign up their child. The ASAs will consist of outside providers and ES staff. They range from academic to drama and sport. We are looking to build on our experiences from the first block to provide even better ASAs with a wider variety to choose and learn from as we head towards the end of semester one.


Art Exhibition Week.

The week of November 13-17 was the Elementary School Art Exhibition week.

Many works done by students from the beginning of the school year were on display. The main exposition took place in the yellow building, in the school lobby and cafeteria, with some of the artworks being displayed in the ES Library. All the grades, from Kindergarten to Grade 5, were represented during the show. Hope you didn’t miss the opportunity to see the great art pieces made by our little artists!


International Mindedness.

On Thursday the whole of the ES department worked on ways that they could communicate their understanding of the concept of International Mindedness. This was very timely as they will be on display for the parents who are attending the Three-way Conferences. There were some very creative and thought provoking creations throughout all the grade levels.


Important dates;

There will be a puppet show on Tuesday November 21st, which has been organized by the Kindergarten. It will take place in the Gym from 13:05 to 14:00.

On November 23rd there will be an Open House event for the Elementary School.

During the week commencing December 11th, which will be our Winter Festival week there will be an Elementary School Winter Concert on the 14th of December for the ES and Grade 6 and 7 students. The staff is working collaboratively to put this week together.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.




Arts Week

Arts Week will begin the first week of December. There will be lots of Arts related activities during the week and many workshops that the students can engage in.



At our Shunyi campus which teach content across subjects. Some of our students will be completing their IDU with a real life Market to sell the products they have been making. This will happen on the 13th December in the afternoon.

Grade 12

As your IB journey comes to an end please make sure you are checking on Managbac for your deadlines and also plan ahead for your exams.


 Learning Support and Counseling Week

This week, the Learning Support and Counseling Department has organized some activities for the students. The aim of the awareness week is to help the students and teachers to understand more on the differences and to promote the acceptance of all individuals.


We have different themes for each day throughout the week:

Day 1 – Understanding Differences

Day 2 – Understanding Autism

Day 3 – Understanding ADHD, Understanding and Accepting Others – Empathy

Day 4 – Understanding Dyslexia

Through the fun and imaginative activities, students and teachers got the opportunity to understand more on Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia. Students also learned that every individual has different qualities, they have their own skills and challenges, and want to be accepted and understood.

We thank you all the teachers and students that involved in this week and hope it is useful to all.


Dongrun Campus



Recently we have been receiving a number of requests to attend regular classes and observe the teachers’ lessons. Whilst I am very supportive of parent involvement in the school, parents need to understand that this needs to be coordinated at the discretion of the School leadership team. I will not be supporting random and regular visits into classrooms as this is very disruptive to the teaching and learning process and classroom environment. For all parents’ knowledge, we will arrange a time next Semester where an appropriately organized Open Classroom day can be attended by any interested parents and normal daily lessons can be observed. Your understanding and support in this matter is greatly appreciated.



The student auditions take place next week for the talent show. If there are any questions, please see Miss Tor or Mr D.



Next Wednesday and Thursday we have our very first Art festival. Parents are welcome to get involved with this event either by attending or contributing to the collection of art. Please see your homeroom teacher if you have any questions about these days.



Next Tuesday we have scheduled a day for Field Trips to make up for the lost opportunity during the month of October. Grades K-2 will be going to the Beijing Auto Museum and Grades 3&4 will go to China National Film Museum.



Recently we have been observing some wonderful class presentations from both Chinese and English classes in the weekly assemblies. Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies each week and observe students receiving awards and giving special presentations. If you have not attended an assembly, you are most welcome to attend. The assemblies are normally scheduled for Tuesday afternoons at 3:00pm in the auditorium.