BIBS Infobyte: Nov 10, 2017

Whole School:

We thank our teachers and staff for working this Thursday, Friday and Saturday to develop further on IB teaching and their expertise.  We look forward to their return next week with renewed energy and best educational practices to further benefit the development of our students in the future.  We wish you all a very happy weekend and hope you will have some fun with the golden gingko leaves in Beijing.  They are great for photos!  See you all next week!


Upper East Side Campus



  1. Professional Development (PD)-On Thursday, Friday and Saturday all the teaching staff have worked collaboratively on developing further the PYP at BIBS UES. We hope all the families have enjoyed the extended weekend ☺


  1. House T-Shirts– All children in G2-G5 with house T-shirts should wear them on Monday- we are launching our new House System at the morning assembly. Any children that do not have a House yet will find out their House on Monday. We have assigned all new students (GK, G1 and others) into Houses-siblings are always in the same House. (Houses are: Earth/Green, Fire/Red, Water/Blue, Wind/Yellow).


  1. Literacy Week– notices have been sent out to all the parents through their class wechat. We look forward to you supporting our activities during this week. We have moved the Book Character to Friday 24thNovember.


  1. Reports Issued– We will issue the reports on Friday 24thNovember. we do not issue paper reports but parents can access these online through Managebac. Please contact Huan He if you still need access to the Managebac (




Shunyi Campus


 Gift Drums

We are very pleased to announce yet another gift from the PTA; Chinese drums. This beautiful set of drums were introduced at the last Middle School-High School assembly. In addition, the PTA provided scholarships to help pay for lessons to learn to play the drums during ASAs. Over the coming months students will also begin playing the drums during their music lessons. Parents will soon get a chance to see our students playing the drums in a concert.

Privileged British Universities are coming to BIBS

BIBS makes Universities coming to You! Fifteen privileged British Universities are coming to BIBS on Nov.16th, Thursday, 2017 from 2pm to 4:40pm.  By participating, you will have the opportunity to meet with these Universities representatives and learn from them on issues like courses, scholarships, accommodation facilities, cultural activities and admission. Save the date now!


Session Two Report Cards

Dear Parents,

We wish to inform you that there will be a change to the scheduled issuance of the Session Two Report Cards and the Parent- Teacher’s Conference for the Shunyi Campus.

The new dates are as follows;  Issuance of the Session Two Report Cards will be on January 26th 2018 via e-mail and the Parent- Teacher’s conference will now be on February 2nd 2018.

Seeking your understanding and support.




Monday Sharing Session.

The Elementary School staff gathered together on Monday after school to share their learning. The Grade Five team laid out their plans for this year’s Exhibition. They have also begun to create a cyber network between schools in the Northern China region to share their experiences with others. Our Digital Support staff member shared new about some of the new technology that has been purchased to help the students and teachers with their learning, and how to use it properly. There was also a session looking at Concepts and Questions and how we can use them when creating and facilitating during a Unit of Inquiry.


ASAs for the Second Block.

This week we met with a number of outside providers for the second block of ASAs, due to start on November 28th. They have all been asked to submit proposals for their activities to us and we will compile them onto a spreadsheet before distributing them to the students.


Report Cards.

The Elementary staff has been working hard for the past two weeks compiling their reports cards for the parents of their students. Members of the Teaching and Learning Team have checked these report cards and a final check has been made by the Elementary Principal. They were send home via e-mail this afternoon to give the parents time to read them with their child before attending the three-way conference.


Three Days of Professional Development.

From Thursday November 9th to Saturday November 11th the Elementary staff have been participating in IB Professional Development. Four members attended an Inquiry and the Additional Language Teacher workshop and six members attend Making the PYP Happening in Chinese workshop at the Western Academy of Beijing and the Beijing City International School respectively. Six staff members attend an Inquiry and Language arts workshop and six members also attended Making the PYP Happen in Chinese at our sister campus, Upper East Side. There were sixteen staff members from the Shunyi campus and eight staff members from the Upper East Side campus who attended the IB Inquiry Cat 3 Workshop by Jacob Lumumba from the IBO.


Important dates;

Report Cards will be emailed out today November 10th 2017. All parents have been requested to confirm their email addresses with their homeroom teachers. There will be follow up Three Way conferences with the parents and students on November 17th 2017.

During the week commencing December 11th, which will be our Winter Festival week there will be an Elementary School Concert on the 13th and a Winter Bazzar to follow. The staff is working collaboratively to put this week together.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.




Parent Conferences 17th November

On Friday the 17th November we will be having our Parent conferences with the homeroom teach of your child. Teachers will ask students from Monday next week to make appointments. Please give you child 2 or 3 options when you can make it to see their teacher. We hope you can all come and discuss your Childs initial progress to this academic year. The meeting will be held between 8:30am and 4:30pm.



A round of applause to all our MSHS Volleyballs players for playing against the staff this week. These games help the development of the teams and are always great fun. They help us to build up our community further and we look forward to more games in more sports.

Table Tennis Tournament

Our table tennis player will represent BIBS in the U19 table tennis tournament ,held at St Paul’s American School on Saturday 18th November 2017. They have been working very hard on improving their ability and I look forward to hearing about their continuing improvement. We wish all the best to our table tennis team and have fun in the game.


This round of ASA’s we are adding even more by getting external providers to offer a wider range of activities more information about this will be given next week. Sign ups will happen in 2 weeks time and begin on the 28th November. All current ASA’s will continue until this date.



On Friday the 10th of November Reports will be able to be read in Managebac for your child. This is an initial report which focuses on how you student is settling into the new grade and for some new school. In some subjects criteria may not yet have been assessed so the final grade will show as N/a this is nothing to worry about as in all subjects there are multiple opportunities to hit this criteria over the year. In our semester 1 reports there is a more academic focus where all students will have opportunities to reach all the criteria in all subject. This will be discussed with your homeroom teachers during our parent conferences on Friday the 17th November.

BIBS University Speaker Series – November

This month, BIBS – Shunyi has several universities coming to interact with our students.  By the request of our expat families, Australian Catholic University has rescheduled their visit to 15 November, followed by the BIBS University Fair on 16 November.  The BIBS fair will include various universities from Europe focusing on the United Kingdom.  The month concludes with a visit from a third continent, North America.  On 22 November, University of Tennessee will be visiting the campus.

There are many exciting events in university counseling this month, not to mention the university homeroom curriculum has begun for grade 12 and 11 on Wednesday.  Please contact the university counselor for details and reservations.

Active Parenting Certification Available

BIBS, Shunyi Campus is looking to support not only our students, but also our parents.  If there is enough interest, BIBS – Shunyi Campus will provide a 6-week parent certification course for new parents or for more experienced parents that would be interested in learning more about parenting strategies and mindsets.  Because this is a certified course, and can only be taught by certified trainers, there will be a course book and assignments.

If you are interested in attending this Active Parenting Certification Course, please e-mail the counseling department’s Active Parenting Certified Trainer at 20 November.  Please provide participating parent(s) name, your child’s name, and three times of availability Monday – Friday in the correspondence.

Congratulations to our BIBS debate team

Last Saturday, our BIBS debate team participated in the second “BaiHui”Cup Chinese debate competition, which was organized by Dulwich College and KaiWen academy. After the guidance and all the hard work our teachers and students dedicated into this event, they went to the Dulwich College at Saturday confidently.

Louise Guan was the group leader, and the competition was very much exciting. We sent two teams at a different grade level. For the junior high school, our participants were Franda Wang, Jessica Jiang, and Lucy Wu, Summer Wang and Joyce Wang were their leader teacher. For senior high school, our participants were Steven Wang, George Shi, and Jasmine Guan, Icarus Wang and Sandy Yang were their leader teacher.

During the debate, our BIBS participants displayed their professional debate skills, plausible logic, and substantial storage of knowledge. They use the power of Chinese language conquered the stage, there were rounds of applause and ovation among the whole stadium.

BIBS contestants came the the top of all the participants. Both the judges and audiences were amazed and astounded by the marvelous performances of us.

This was a cheerful event, their performance was a great embodiment of the IB concepts. As IB learners, they are the pioneer of Chinese and Chinese literature.


Learner Profile Trait Awards – October

During the pastoral assembly held on 8 November, seven students were recognized for their demonstration of the October learner profile trait above and beyond expectations.  The learner profile trait of ‘reflective’ was celebrated.  Linda Yang, Gloria Gao, Jason Wang, Jerry Guo, Scarlett Yu, George Shi, and Alice Lam each received a certificate recognizing their efforts.  Please congratulate our recipients.


Dongrun Campus




This Saturday at 2:00pm there will be an IPC Parent presentation open to all interested parents. The presentation will aim to explain what the IPC is and how it works in the classroom.


Over the past two days the teaching staff have been involved in professional development. A focus on English curriculum development, researching best practice in specialist subjects, development of school assessment and reporting processes, the integration of Chinese and English subjects and curriculum, teaching program reviews and planning took place. The staff were very engaged over the course of the three days and as a staff group we value the support of our families to enable valuable time such as this each year.


The student sign-up details for the talent show are required by the end of next Wednesday 15th November. See the advertising posters around the school and wechat reminders sent this week for more information about the talent show.


Final details of the Art festival coming up in 2 weeks and how your child can get involved will be released next week via the class Wechat groups. This event will hopefully showcase more talent amongst our students. Parents  are able to get involved with this event either by attending or contributing to the collection of art.


On Monday November 13, between 9:00-11:00am, the leadership team from BIBS Shunyi campus will be coming to give an informative presentation of the Middle School and High School program on offer at our Shunyi campus.


November 14 – Assembly (3B Chinese presentation)

November 22-23 – Dongrun Art Festival

November 24 – Open Day