BIBS Infobyte: Dec 1, 2017

 Whole School:

Please find the following school updates for your information.  We look forward to the fantastic learning fun next week.  In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy weekend.


Upper East Side Campus


1.Written Reports & SLC Day– Thanks to all the parents and family members that attended the SLC on Wednesday. The SLC combined with the published written report should give a clear indication of your child’s achievements and progress. Thanks to the parents that participated in the New Report Feedback Survey. The next written reports are published in March 2018 and in the following week SLC are again scheduled。


  1. Art Auction- UES Community taking Action, “Art to Warm the Heart”. On Wednesday 13thDecember, the UES community are holding an Art Auction. We are raising money for the 同心实验学校Migrant School to install a new heating system that does not burn wood. Letters inviting parents and students to attend have been sent home on Thursday. This event will replace the Giving Tree community action we normally do at this time of year. Our UES Chorus, Dance Ensemble and PTA Choir will all perform at this event. Your support for this initiative and event would be gratefully appreciated.


  1. Winter Holiday Dates– The 15thDecember is a half day of school before the Winter Holidays. This means buses leave at 12:00 noon or shortly after, all students collected from UES need to be collected between 12:00 and 12:20 on this day. Please be reminded that on half days we do not provide lunch; children who have a long bus journey home need to have a large snack packed for them on this day. Winter holidays are 18thDecember- 1st January 2018; normal classes resume on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.


  1. Holiday Travel Letters- Any families traveling overseas during December/February that require BIBS Confirmation Letters for their child need to apply for these at least one week in advance. BIBS UES responds to these requests within three-working days.


  1. International School Assessment (ISA) Information Session for Parents (G3-G5).In May last school year, G3-G6 participated in the ISA for the first time. We received the results in June and we sent these to parents in August. UES will give a broad or general information session to parents on Wednesday 15thDecember 9:00-10:30 regarding this standardized testing. We are registered for G3-G5 to participate in the ISA in February this school year. Venue: Auditorium, Date: 13thDecember, Time: 09:00-10:30, Invitation to: Any interested parents G3-G5


  1. Yesterday ends Movember-UES Community Action for Men’s Cancer/Health Issue Awareness.

We’ve had a great month for “Movember”! Firstly, we’d like to say a huge, warm, “thank you” to our wonderful parents and students. Together, we have raised over 28,000 RMB for our designated charity, Roundabout and that number is still growing! Students have taken part in a moustache design activity, have bought our Movember wristbands and they have donated money while doing this. Many students also took place in our read-a-thon. They have been working really hard on their reading to gain sponsors, which has made a big contribution to our total and given them hours of good reading! Our lovely teachers have also shown their support by growing moustaches (gentlemen) and getting moustache manicures (ladies). We’re really grateful for all of the support this event has received and we are really pleased to be able to help those who are in need with the money we have raised. “Thank you BIBS UES!”



Shunyi Campus


 BIBS Shunyi Campus Enrollment Survey for Next Term2017-2018

At this time of the year the School Leadership Team is planning for the next term. BIBS Shunyi campus will send survey letter home next Monday, Dec. 4th, on whether your child/children will be continuing at BIBS Shunyi Campus for the next term (2017-2018). We hope that you could complete the survey and return it to homeroom teacher by Friday, Dec. 8th, 2017. Thanks for your cooperation.

 Notice of Holiday

 The Christmas holiday is from Dec.16th to Jan. 1st.  Please be noted that Dec. 15th is a half school day for students and there is no lunch for students. The school bus will leave at 12:00pm on Dec.15th. January 2nd is students’ first day back to school.




ES Sharing Session.

During our ES sharing session on Monday the members of the Teaching and Leadership Team shared their discussions from their meeting the previous week. They also focused on the need to enhance the level of communication between staff and parents. After a discussion there were some important guidelines agreed upon. Following this, there was a general discussion on house keeping matters before the study groups headed off to continue their research papers as ‘Teachers as Researchers’.


Parent Coffee/Tea Morning.

This was a poorly attended event this month. However for those who attended they shared their views on the Leaner profiles and attained a better grasp of how they are interconnected into all the learning that takes place throughout the year. They were also encouraged to come to their children’s classes and observe the fun and exciting activities that are evolving in the classroom. In addition, we sought to increase the number of parents getting involved in the learning in the classroom through sharing their experiences and reading books.

The next Parent Coffee/Tea morning will be on Tuesday January 23rd 2018. This event will review the Learner Profiles and introduce the Attitudes, and how they are encouraged and assessed throughout the year.


ES Book Fair.

On Monday and Tuesday Obido visited the whole school to have a Book Fair. They were kept very busy with lots of students and staff taking the time to drop by their stalls to take a peek at the books on display. The homeroom teachers also arranged for their students to visit the book fair with appropriate supervision. From the feedback it would seem that we have hosted another very well liked book event. Thanks to all those who made this possible.


Our second block of ASAs began this week.

Our second block of ASAs began this week with both staff and outside providers. There has been a great deal of interest expressed in them and the students are excited about what they will learn during this block. The activities range fro further the students knowledge academically and expanding the skills both socially and athletically as well.


Kindergarten hosts a special assembly.

This Unit (How We Express Ourselves), Kindergarten has been working on how and why stories are created and shared. As a culminating project to encourage action, our students have written plays. These plays are reminiscent of fairy tales and have moments of magic, transformation, and good always wins over evil. The plays incorporate good story elements: characters, setting, problem, solution, and a strong beginning, middle, end. The students created their own costumes and props. They performed the plays twice (once for only parents, and once for the whole Elementary School). We are so proud of the hard work the Kindergarteners have been doing.


Monthly attributes of the IB learner profile awards.

This month we focused on the ‘Thinker’ Learner Profile and the awardees were; Michelle   (5B), Dancy (5A), Angela (4B), Sherry and Lewis (4A), Annie, Coco and Brian (3B), Eric Du (3A), Neil (2B), Bowen (2A), Jessie X and Ethan (1B), Steven Su (1A), Hunter and Tiko (KB) and Aruna (KA). Congratulations one and all…great job!


Gifts on the Christmas Tree.

Christmas is a time for giving. In the spirit of this, our elementary school is organizing a Christmas tree for our library that will have gift tags hanging from its branches. Each gift tag has an age on it and whether it is for a boy or a girl.

The intention is for students, parents and staff to take as many gift tags as they want and to buy a Chinese storybook that is appropriate for a child that age.

Please have the books gift-wrapped, the gift tag attached and placed back under the Christmas tree in the library by December 12. We can then arrange to have these gifts taken to those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

We really encourage everyone to participate in this opportunity to brighten a child’s day and celebrate the Christmas spirit.

Important dates

During the week commencing December 11th, which will be our Winter Festival week there will be an Elementary School Winter Concert on the 14th of December for the ES and Grade 6 and 7 students. The staff is working collaboratively to put this week together.

School will close on Friday December 15th at lunchtime (12:00) for the Winter Break. We will return to school on January 2nd 2018.

From the BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.





 MS/HS block 2 Swimming

The swimming pool has reopened over the past two weeks.  The Elementary School lessons have resumed where each class has one lesson a week.  The MS/HS block 2 will commence after the December holiday as alternative PHE units of work were created. This is to avoid disruption and confusion with students and teachers. Miss Philippa will send an email and add it to info byte prior to when MS/HS swimming lessons will begin again in January. Any questions/ queries please contact school to arrange an appointment.


Block 2 students to swim:

* 7.2 and 7.3

* 8.1 , 8.2 and 8.3

* 9.2


Kind regards,

PHE Department


Class of 2018 Update

The Class of 2018 is busy in submitting and continuing with their university applications.  We should all wish two of our seniors Waiyan (Alice) Lam and David Xu that have been with Beanstalk since primary school and completed their own application process with the assistance of the Beanstalk University Counseling Team good luck.  Alice has obtained three interviews from top UK Occupational Therapy programs of University of South Hampton, University of Essex, and Brunel University.  David has also obtained music auditions from Berklee College of Music and British and Irish Modern Music Institute.


BIBS University Speaker Series


The BIBS University Speaker Series concluded the month of November with two university visits.  On 22 November, the University of Tennessee made a visit to the Shunyi campus to explain the world class programs in environmental science and biomedical engineering.  On 28 November, Australian Catholic University came to explain their highly intensive practicum heavy undergraduate programs in nursing and teaching.  December will have PSAT optional testing for grades 6 -8 before the winter break.


Theatre festival

Dear Parents with students in Grades 6 – 8, this is the last chance to learn about the incredible opportunity to send your child to a Theatre festival in Singapore and Indonesia at the end of April.  BIBS students will have the opportunity to work with students from other international students in Asia.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will give your child and educational and social experience that they won’t forget.  The meetings are: December 6th at 10 am and 4 pm and December 7th at 12 pm and 4 pm in the room 230 near the High school library. You need to attend only one meeting.  Spaces are already filling up.  Final registration closes on Wednesday, December 13th.



Dongrun Campus



Recently we have been experiencing a drop in daily temperatures and the impact of the weather has been quite noticeable amongst our students. It should go without saying but all parents are advised to send their child with sufficient layers and warm clothing each day. A large jacket (with your child’s name written on the inside) is highly recommended. Even though the weather is getting cold there will continue to be a daily exercise program take place when the air quality permits and it is not excessively cold. Parents are welcome to submit a request to their child’s homeroom teacher for their child to not participate in the daily exercise activities for reasons of recent illnesses. IN this case students who are not well enough will be supervised indoors during the exercise program. Parents can be assured that we will continue to offer a high level of care in our decisions concerning the daily exercise programs and whether or not they take place.



Thanks to all students who have participated in our auditions over the past two weeks for the talent show. If there are any questions about the talent show, please see Miss Tor or Mr D.



Last night our school choir performed in public at the Conrad Hotel for the third year in a row at the hotel’s festive Christmas celebration and ceremony. The children were absolutely beautifully and were a wonderful credit to both their families and the school. Congratulations to all students.



Parents are reminded once again to NOT use the school Wechat class groups after 7:00pm each night of the week out of courtesy to all other parents and to the teachers. Any messages or questions for teachers and/or teacher assistants (either directly or in Wechat groups), need to be provided during the day and not after 7:00pm each night or on the weekend. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated. Emergencies are obviously excluded from this requirement, however it needs to stated that a homework question is not an emergency.



All parents are advised that the Student Report writing process has commenced this week and once they have been completed by the teachers and the editing process has been finalized, the reports will be printed and handed out after the Winter Holiday.


  1. ASA

The Monday and Wednesday ASA has finished for the semester this week. Next Thursday and Friday there will still be ASA to make up for the recent teachers’ training days. So, next Monday and Wednesday we will not have ASA, but Thursday and Friday we will still have ASA. This means that the school bus will depart next week from Monday to Wednesday at 3:50pm and then on Thursday and Friday at 4:50pm.