BIBS Infobyte: Sep 29, 2017

Whole School:


We extend our warmest holiday greetings to the Beanstalk community and wish you all a very happy family reunion on the Mid-Autumn Festival and a very relaxing and safe Chinese National Day holiday!   We will see you all again on October 9th, 2017!


Upper East Side Campus


  1. International School Library Month UES is gearing up for the upcoming International School Library Month (ISLM) in October with the theme “ Connecting Communities and Cultures”. The teacher librarians will facilitate school wide activities focusing on learning and appreciating different kinds of communities and making a mark in our own social community.


The library will also make a Destiny library presentation ( this is the library database) to interested parents on October 16 (Monday) at 10-11 am. Parents will get the chance to see the collection of resources in our database, a chance to view the library check out of their children and be able to register to borrow books. If interested to attend the library presentation, please sign up with a PTA library volunteers.


  1. Vaccination Notice-UES campus has sent hard copies of vaccination notice to GK, G1 and G4 students as a mention that parents should take importance of it and take children to hospitals to take vaccines according to children’s age and need. Kindergarten and grade 1 students over the age of 6 should take the Adsorbed Diphtheria & Tetanus Combined Vaccine and the MMR vaccine; grade 4 students should take the Ac-group Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis Vaccine.  If you need any help, please call 51307951-85 to speak to our school nurses.
  1. Thanks to the UES PTA for all their work and dedication in organising the Mid- Autumn events for all the students and teachers throughout the week. Lots of students have worked on the paper folding, moon-festival colouring in and creative activities as well as solving the moon-festival riddles. Teachers as well as students have enjoyed the mooncake treats.  It has been a really lovely way for all the students to be involved with activities that recognise and celebrate this festival. Thank you UES PTA!!
  1. ASA Payment Reminders– a reminder letter has been sent out to parents that have not yet paid the ASA fees for Block 1. Thanks to those parents that have paid in a prompt and timely manner J
  1. Final Parent Tea and Coffee Meeting (G4 & G5)– This is a meeting for the parents of specific grade levels (G4 & G5) to discuss items that are particular to those grade levels. We explain a little more about the international curriculum and the BIBS UES bilingual model and co-teaching model. On Wednesday 11th October, after the Mid-Autumn Holiday, we invite G4 & G5 parents to the Parent Tea and Coffee Meeting; this is a good opportunity to gain some further understanding of our curriculum, systems and procedures. The meeting is in the auditorium (2F) from 09:00-11:30.
  1. Mid-Autumn Holiday We wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Holiday, this is a special time to spend with family. Enjoy this family time and travel safely if you are leaving Beijing. For those travelling out of China, have your child practice their English in real and relevant contexts.  We see the children back at UES on Monday 9th October. Happy Moon-Festival!


Shunyi Campus



Friday 29th Sep, No ASA program, School ends at 15:45, Buses Depart at 15:55

First School date after holiday: 9TH Oct, 2017

Happy and safe National and Mid-Atumn holidays.


Shunyi Campus Mid-Autumn festivial celebration.

Thank you for our ES/MSHHS Chiense department for successfully holding these fantastic activites. In ES, The Mid-autumn riddle-guessing competition will take place at 3:00pm, September 29th. On Wednsday’s assembly, MS/HS students and staff had a wonderful show for celebrating the mid-Autumn festival.In addition, Each year, PTA will organize parents to give hand-made mooncakes to our teachers as gift. This coming Friday, 3:00 pm September 29th, please come to the lobby to get your mooncakes.


BIBS-United Kingdom College Immersion

We look forward you coming and joining the “In-depth Experience Program of UK Universities” in this Christmas holiday (2017/12/17-2017/12/29). In the 12-day journey, you will have an in-depth visit and exploration of the British cities like London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, that allow you to look into the British history, culture, tradition, humanities, life and business from multiple perspectives and experience your academic life in UK ahead of time.


For more information, please see BIBS Wechat Account or contact Ms Linda and Secret.

Phone: 64560618-121 or




BIBS Elementary School, Shunyi Campus.


Another fun packed and exciting week drew to a close on Friday at the BIBS Shunyi Campus.

Elementary School Staff Sharing Session.

On Monday the Elementary staff gathered together to share their external professional development experiences with their colleagues. The topics that were covered were Loose Parts, Assessments, Concept Based Learning, Chinese in Inquiry, Making the PYP Happen and the Role of the Coordinator. Take ways were how creative students could be with loose parts, a continual assessment process was the goal of IB and the creation of assessment rubrics were essential, how we should use the concepts for the basis of planning our units especially our lines of inquiry to help drive the inquiry and attain a deeper level of critical thinking, and the IB jargon made more sense for those who did MTPYPH and our coordinator expressed the desire to be our Shepard rather than a leader or manager. This was well received by the staff and they would like it to become a monthly event.

Kindergarten Filed Trip.

On Monday 25th September the Kindergarten students went to visit the Flower Market for a field trip. The children had a good time using their 5 senses to explore the market and it’s surroundings. Students got to see the various flowers and animals that were there. They had opportunities to touch different rocks and smell the beautiful flowers. It was also a good opportunity for them to hear the water fountains and some birds in the area. We would like to thank the parents that volunteered to chaperone the students on this trip and we look forward to future field trips.

Grade Five; “Changes influence the way humans grow, develop and interact”

We have had a great time learning about Puberty over the last two weeks. In small groups we researched about the changes that occur in boys and girls during puberty. We then presented these to our class. We learnt about many different emotions and what we can do if we feel really angry. Using our knowledge of emotions, we also created our own simile poem to describe our feelings. We also learned about how to keep a healthy body as well as healthy and unhealthy social relationships between our friends, family and our community.


Sports for all.


Junior Elementary School:

The students had the opportunity to move in their own space reacting to different media eg. a whistle, music, videos and flash cards. They have the opportunity to show free movement and specific movements. In the next unit they will have the opportunity to move over, under, around and in between certain objects and equipment.

Senior Elementary School:

The students had the opportunity to engage in different cardio-vascular and muscle fitness exercises. The aim is to improve their fitness levels in both categories. They have been encouraged not to stop exercising when they get tired. In the next unit they will have the opportunity to improve their skills in the Invasion Games Unit that involves a lot of teamwork and communication.

Assembly Time.

This week the SLC organized another great assembly for Elementary School. Grade 4 shared their knowledge on the factors of living a healthy life. The shared their learning about the physical, emotional, exercise and food choices that we make which determine whether we live a healthy life or not as the case maybe. They talked about how they were going to change their daily routines in order for them to have a better life.

Parents are very welcome to attend assemblies. Our next assembly will be;

Friday 27th October – 1.15pm to 14:00 – GRADE 2 Focus.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations.

On the afternoon, of September 29, the children of the Shunyi Elementary school experienced two wonderful celebrations.

One was a birthday celebration during the assembly for the motherland’s birthday on October 1st.The Chinese teachers and children sang birthday songs, blew candles, ate cakes and shared in the joy of the occasion. They blessed the motherland.

Another celebration was that all the teachers and children participated in traditional celebrations for the Mid-Autumn festival. They had wonderful performances, traditional games and puzzles. They were very happy.

Finally, wishing you a happy holiday!

The BIBS Shunyi Campus Elementary School team.




Student Council

This week we had our Student Council elections. We had 4 excellent candidates who gave speeches in assembly on Wednesday. All candidates showed confidence and maturity and their speeches were well received by their peers. We congratulate all candidates on their efforts and we are please to announce that Ashley Yu will by our new Student Council president. We thank Mike Qian for all his work last year and we hope for another great year this year under Ashley’s leadership.


Upcoming subject specific meetings

After the success of our mathematics parent meeting the middle school is continuing with our subject specific meetings. Individuals and Societies is scheduled for October 10th at 10:00am in our school library. Integrated Sciences is scheduled for October 24th. The meetings are where we share our planning documents and where our teachers introduce the topics that they are going to be teaching. Please come and join with us.


Camp Update

Camps for Grade 6 is moving forward with our local arrangement. Planning for camps for Grades 7-10 to Yangshuo is continuing. Students can still sign up.


DP Core Update


Dear Parents,

I’d like to introduce you to the monthly DP Core update. The DP Core as I’m sure everyone knows covers the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Activity and Service. The purpose of this monthly update is to keep the BIBS community informed about all the wonderful wide ranging work students are doing in the Core and how parents can help.


On Friday 15th September parents of Grade 11 and 12 students were invited to a DP core morning meeting. This session was designed to inform parents of the importance of the DP core and the structures we have in place at BIBS to facilitate student success. The parents who attended were positive about the presentation and wanted to engage productively with the school in supporting students through the DP Core. The presentation was then forwarded to all G11 and 12 parents.


So far this semester Grade 11 DP students have been introduced to the DP Core and have begun using their ASAs and Service Action experiences as methods to achieve their CAS learning outcomes. Grade 11 students have also taken on a leadership role in their Service Action groups and are planning for the needs assessment days are underway.


Grade 12 students have submitted the first draft of their Extended Essays and have completed the second reflection session with their supervisors. The final draft is due on November 15th. As well as maintaining their CAS commitments, Grade 12 are making preparations for their TOK essay. To do this they must decide which of the six prescribed questions they will undertake and it is expected that they spend the October holiday making this decision.


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or queries about the DP Core programme in school then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Justin Smith

DP Core coordinator


Dongrun Campus



I would like to wish all families a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I hope all families are able to spend some quality time as a family and enjoy a very happy time together celebrating. All the staff hope each student and family is able to have a break and rest together and return after the holiday ready for more exciting events and experiences at Dongrun.


  1. PTA

On Tuesday the PTA elected their President and Vice Presidents positions. Congratualtions to the following parents and we wish them all the very best.

PTA president: Ling Jin (mom of Xuanming Zhang)

PTA vice presidents: Nian Wang(mom of Yixuan Feng), Shijing Zhou(mom of Yichen Chen), Fan Ping(mom of Xiaoqi Wei), Hong Liang(mom of Jiaheng Wu).



We are very pleased to let all parents know that we have redesigned a room on the 1st floor next to the library and created a community room. The room has a many lounge chairs, has freshly painted walls and will be used for special functions, meetings, morning teas, PTA meetings. The next time you are at school feel free to have a look for yourself.



As part of our School’s ongoing commitment to learn about Chinese culture, today we held a very special Mid Autumn Festival Celebration at Dongrun. There was a painting activity, Story-telling from parents, Moon cake Cooking, Drama re-enactments and ‘moon gazing’. Special thanks to the Parents who attended today and helped out.



October 2-6 – School Holidays

October 10 – School Assembly

October 13 – Practice Emergency Evacuation drill

October 17 – School Assembly

October 25 – Evening Parent Seminar